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Chewton Glen Hotel and Spa

Combining luxury, glamour and indulgence with a serious commitment to a green and organic lifestlye might seem like a challenge. However, the 5 star Chewton Glen Hotel has managed to do just that, becoming a beautiful, luxurious destination which continues to champion organic, local, produce and encourage an eco-friendly experience. In this sense, Chewton Glen is a pioneer, showing that is possible to be an award winning, world-class luxury hotel with a green conscience. No doubt the beautiful New Forest countryside surrounding the hotel reminds and inspires the staff of the importance of the natural environment. Their clear ‘Green Policy’ extends throughout all elements of the hotel, in their holistic spa treatments, use of organic, seasonal ingredients in the award-winning Vetiver restaurant and beyond. Most inspiring are the new  Treehouses, which offer a completely unique experience combining luxury with nature.  These Treehouses, secluded away from the main hotel to give a real sense of tranquillity, rise on stilts above the ground, giving guests a panoramic view and feeling of complete immersion in the forest landscape.  The huge windows and natural décor is meant to encourage sense of letting nature into the rooms, really highlighting the beauty of the surrounding environment to any visitors. Certainly one of the most elegant ways to experience England’s countryside

Chewton Glen’s authenctic luxury and green commitment really come together in the  Vetiver Restaurant. Awarded a ‘Three Star Sustainability Champion’ accolade, the seasonal meanus filled with local produce offer great food with a green conscience. Plus the addition of ingredients from their own organic kitchen garden makes this food that extra bit special. Chewton Glen also has the bonus of  one of Britain’s favourite Spas to help make one’s stay extra-special and relaxing.  Again, the Spa continues to champion the green lifestyle, with the use of holistic treatments and programmes which make the most of the natural environment. They offer numerous Detox and Well-being  retreats, such as the 5-day ‘Detox in the Trees’ which sounds exquisite.

This pioneering hotel manages to be both effortlessly glamourous and environmentally friendly. A place to truly celebrate and appreciate the majesty of Britain’s landscapes in style and elegance.