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Charnwood Stoves: Wood Burning Stoves

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Charnwood Stoves, manufactured by AJ Wells & Sons, are a fantastic example of quality British products with a commitment to environmental and sustainable values.  Their range of wood burning stoves offer a sustainable, and beautiful way of heating your home. Founded in 1972, AJ Wells continues to be a private, family owned company, with now a third generation of the family working within the business. As the oldest British manufacturer of wood burning stoves, AJ Wells maintain an ethos of excellence, beautiful design and sustainability, making them one of Ethical Hedonist’s favourites!


A wood burning stove conjures up images of warmth, glowing flames and iconic, classic designs. Alongside their aesthetic value, wood burning stoves offer a genuine sustainable alternative to other fuel types. Wood is the most environmentally friendly fuel as it is classed as CO2 neutral and is renewable and can be sourced locally.  Charnwood’s ranges provide a variety of ways to harness the power of wood as a fuel. The quality of Charnwood’s stoves is embedded in their construction. A combined use of cast iron, plate steel and ceramic glass is used to ensure maximum effectiveness and quality. And of course, this efficiency means that the stoves use less fuel, ensuring sustainability. Charnwood also standout as champions of brilliant design, ensuring their stoves enhance a home through their beauty aswel as their heat. We love the variety of ranges; from their classic Country range, to a more contemporary style Tor collection, there is an option  to suit, and enhance every home. An interesting example is the new Cove range, debuting this Autumn.  Charnwood have done what they do best, updated a classic design with a luxurious renovation,  adding, for example, new optional convection panels. Charnwood were recognised for their commitment to eco-friendly, fantastic design by being selected by the Prince’s Foundation to appear in the Prince’s House at the Ideal Home Show 2013.

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What makes Charnwood extra special is the commitment to ethical values throughout the whole process, from the essential product design to their commitment to ethical trading standards. As a family company, AJ Wells centers on excellent service. They remain based on the Isle of Wight, providing local employment to over 160 employees. Moreover, a clear commitment to buying British materials and keeping as much production in house as possible make Charnwood a stable and genuine producer of quality products. These are a great example of why Made in Britain means brilliant.


Excitingly, AJ Wells has also created a fair trade range of accessories, called Bodj, which beautifully complement the Charnwood stoves as great features for any home. Bodj also encapsulates why we consider AJ Wells such a fantastic ethical company. Inspired by a trip to Cambodia, AJ Wells decided to support  a  local village enterprise selling terracotta tiles. Now, Bodj has expanded into basketware and iron, with continued monitored fair trade practice and a dedication to preserving Cambodian local cultures and techniques.

Bodj Accessories

From start to finish, in every area, Charnwood and AJ Wells represent the values Ethical Hedonist seeks to pursue and support. Offering luxurious, elegant and excellent quality products with an ethical and eco heart, this manufacturer makes us proud to be British.