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Deliciously Organic Quinoa with Goats Cheese, Beetroot and Kale

April 10, 2019 in Organic & Biodynamic Food
Deliciously Organic Quinoa with Goats Cheese, Beetroot and Kale
Deliciously Organic Quinoa with sheep’s cheese, beetroot and kale

Cooking deliciously organic suppers, such as organic quinoa with fluffy, lemony goats or sheep’s cheese, beetroot, and kale doesn’t have to be a chore or expensive. It can be a delightful meditation. Come along with me as I show you how to make utterly yummy, nutritious, fast or slow healthy, sustainable organic food. I taught myself to cook at university, and you can too. I want to make it easy for you to ditch shop bought processed food and ingredients with a plethora of additives including processed sugar, wheat, hydrogenated fats, and obscure fillers and transform your health, wellbeing and improve your mental health too. Simple home cooking from scratch is calming, fun and a great way to unwind at the end of a busy day.

A Deliciously Organic Feast for the Senses

It’s time to be able to say I made my food and it is an organic feast for your eyes and your tastebuds, and to take charge of what goes into your body as food as medicine fuel.

Today I want to share a mid-week organic supper recipe I came up with when I was feeling tired and wanted to eat within twenty minutes and feed my heart and senses with jewel bright colours, tastes, and contrasting textures. I think food should look like a piece of culinary art. It should be beautiful, colourful and make your mouth water.

Fresh organic kale in a glass jar. Picture by Vince Lee
Fresh organic kale in a glass jar. Picture by Vince Lee

Organic Ingredients

Organic white or wholegrain quinoa – allow 100 grammes per person – I love Hodmedod’s wholegrain quinoa. This is quinoa with bags of taste, texture, personality, and nuttiness! I adore it. It’s grown in the Uk too.

Half a medium sized raw organic beetroot, cut into pretty, bite size pieces

A small round of soft, fluffy, organic goats or sheep’s cheese from the delightful Bergerie farm. You can also use plant-based cheese or add chopped brazil nuts instead.

Bone Broth is Food as Medicine for the Gut Biome

Bone broth made from organic chicken stock or vegetable stock – approx 200 mls, treat the quinoa like risotto, and add a little stock at a time and only add more when all the liquid is absorbed. Check the texture, you are aiming for fluffy, soft grains, like couscous. Turn the heat off for the last 5 minutes, put the lid on and let it steam cook to perfection.

A handful of flaked organic almonds

A handful of fresh parsley and or snipped chives to serve – grow your own in a window box!

Wonderfully fluffy organic sheep's cheese from Bergerie, available at Able and Cole
Wonderfully fluffy organic goat and sheep’s cheese from Bergerie, available at Able and Cole

Method – How to Prepare Deliciously Organic Quinoa

The trick to preparing fluffy, slightly nutty organic quinoa is to pre-soak it in cold water for about 15-20 minutes, rinse it, and then steam it very gently in a small amount of vegetable or bone broth in a medium-size shallow pan. This takes about 20 minutes. Don’t let it boil! It will turn to mush.

Dice the Raw Beetroot into Pretty Pink Jewels

While the quinoa is steaming, wash the organic kale and raw beetroot. Pat dry on a tea towel and cut the raw beetroot into small, pretty, bite-sized shapes, then tear the kale into pieces that will easily fit into your quinoa pan. When the quinoa is ready, toss in the beetroot and swirl it around so that it colours the fluffy grains pink, then add the kale and gently stir fry for two minutes until it is soft yet still bright emerald in colour.

Fork Through the Fluffiest Organic, Grass-fed Goats or Sheep’s Cheese

Turn off the heat, add a dollop of grass-fed butter or organic coconut fat and fork through the fluffiest organic goats cheese you can lay your hands on. Garnish with flaked almonds and chopped parsley. (If you are on a plant-based diet, you can add chopped brazil nuts and vegan soft cheese). Presto, your deliciously organic supper for one or two people is ready!

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    Mmmm, what a fantastic combination of ingredients! I cannot wait to try this at home. But I think I would use spinach instead of kale as kale is something I don’t buy very often.

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