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Ethical Hedonist October Hotlist

October 18, 2018 in Arts & Entertainment


The Tree Conference

The work of artist Natalia Rak

Can we save the environment before it’s too late? The Tree Conference 2018 certainly thinks so and is full of practical and inspiring ways in which we can work together to preserve and renew our trees and forests.

Taking place at the Merlin Theatre in Frome on Sunday 21 October (10am-5pm), The Tree Conference 2018 will renew its efforts to support the reforestation of our planet, regenerate habitats for wildlife, and halt deforestation.

Speakers at The Tree Conference include Isabella Tree, bestselling author of Wilding; Peter Macfayden, author of Flatpack Democracy; Ayana Young, host of the For the Wild podcast; and Miriam Cisnoros, world expert on the Rights of Nature.

Author Isabella Tree

The Conference will also be attended by forestry experts from the Royal Forestry Society, conservationists from the Woodland Trust, food sovereignty representatives from the Gaia Foundation, global reforestation activists from TreeSisters, forest-defender filmmakers from If Not Us Then Who?, leaders from local tree planting projects and millenial podcasters.


Our personal pick is Dr Martin Bidartondo, a scientist who has previously worked at the University of California, Berkeley, Imperial College and Kew Gardens. Scientific observations are at the heart of gaining a firm understanding of climate change, and Martin’s talk will focus on his environmental studies and findings over the last ten years. He will be discussing the effects of excess nitrogen pollution on soil fungi and tree health, and it promises to be an interesting and informative talk for all levels.

People Who Love Trees

A woodland grove

Andy Egan, CEO of International Tree Foundation, who will be talking at the event, says: “The inaugural conference in 2017 was a truly inspiring event bringing together a diverse group of people who love trees and appreciate their importance for the wellbeing of all life on Earth. The 2018 event will be a great opportunity to learn new things about trees, to be inspired by the efforts of tree defenders, and to create new collaborative initiatives to increase awareness and restore tree cover.”

Tickets for The Tree Conference on Sunday 21 October are selling fast, so book your ticket soon to secure your seat!


To get a feel for the conference, have a look at this short video which has some great clips from last year’s event: https://youtu.be/NhsmJcyAGCA

Winter Antique and Fine Arts Fair

The Winter FIne Art and Antiques Fair London

This November, we’re particularly excited for all of the fine art and antique fairs happening all over London. It’s the perfect chance to start stocking up on some special and unique Christmas presents (or just to spoil yourself, of course!)

Robilant +Voena, LAW Winter 18, Santi di Tito, Ritratto di Francesca Gambereschi Baldovinetti
  • London Art Week is held twice a year, and showcases the best pre-contemporary art, from Ancient works of art to post-Impressionist paintings. The event is suited for both seasoned collectors and casual art enthusiasts, with dealers on hand to provide expertise.


The winter event will be from 12-8pm on Thursday 29th November to 7th December. There are also talks and events on. Have a look at  London Art Week  to find out more.

Ongpin, Stephen Ongpin Fine Arts, LAW Winter 18, Erte, Sports dHiver A Cover Illustration for Harpers Bazaar Magazine
  • Known as one of the world’s leading auctioneers, Summers Place Auctions are known for the diverse and unique pieces they offer. They hold an annual Evolution sale, including taxidermy, natural history, and fossils. Previous pieces include a 150 million-year-old Diplodocus, which was sold in 2013 for a whopping £500,000 to the Danish Natural History Museum. This year’s event will be held on Tuesday 20th November at 1 pm. More details can be found at Summer Place Auctions 


  • A new independent art fair called Connect has just started up, run by art dealers and promising an eclectic range which will connect directly to the art buyer. Galleries will be focusing on 19th century to contemporary art and will be open from 29th January – 2nd February 2019, at Mall Galleries, St James’s, London.

Check out more details here:  Connect Art Fair 

  • The Book Collector is a literary journal for bibliophiles, set up by Ian Fleming in year he wrote Casino Royale. The current issue is a special Polar issue, including an interview with Titus Oates’s great-nephew, as well as articles on Frankenstein and the arctic narratives of John Murray. It really seems a worthy and inspiring resource to support, not to mention the fact that the Spring 2019 issue will be a celebration of female writers and collectors. A year’s subscription costs just £60, for which you receive four printed issues and digital access to every single issue since 1952.


A subscription can be purchased by heading to the website: The Book Collector

  • The Afridi Gallery focus on carpets and textiles, furniture, lighting, pictures, and photography. Next year they will be holding two exhibitions focusing on textile art by two well-known female textile designers, this exhibition will focus on the art element of their work.

Halloween Fun at ZSL London Zoo

  • And finally, if you’re looking for some half-term events to keep your kids busy, head straight to the ZSL London Zoo!  The resident lions are getting excited with their own spicy pumpkin leaves to play and lounge around in! Gruesome Nature Live is an interactive musical show, with original songs and lots of educational and grisly fun animal facts, themed for Halloween. Guaranteed to enthral your kids, and make them laugh, learn and groan in equal measure! It is on every day from 20th-28th October, and the ticket is free with Zoo entry.


For more information have a look at their website:   London ZSL Zoo  

Written and compiled by Intern Alex Klein.


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