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Competition: Design for Nature!

May 3, 2018 in Competitions

Calling all our nature mad readers who just happen to be awesome artists, designers and creatives too! Here’s a nature competition you won’t want to miss. Spreadshirt – the site that lets you create and sell you artistic work is running a global design contest and the theme is Nature.  Wow! What an opportunity to put mother nature on the global stage. Start dreaming and re-imagining nature in all it’s beauty, colour, variety and ingenuity. There’s a prize o £500 for the winning entry.

Feeling inspired already? Think you have the winning design to capture the entire planet? The global contest is now open and entries must be submitted by the 16th May. More information can be found here.

The Prize Money

Now, it is not just about creative glory and recognition. Spreadshirt is offering cash prizes for the top three designs – the 1st place prize winner will earn £500, the 2nd place winner will receive £250 and the 3rd place winner will earn £100. Contestants must create a Spreadshirt account; then simply upload their designs to the Spreadshirt Marketplace and tag each design with the keyword “naturecontest” to ensure they are properly entered into the competition.

Once submissions are closed, Spreadshirt’s expert jury will choose the top ten designs. Then, global voters will have the chance to cast their favourite design to determine the top three winners via Facebook between 25th and 28th May.

Global Bragging Rights

Contestants should feel free to use additional keywords relating to their designs to demonstrate whatever best suits the design. Due to the international reach, it is recommended that participants use English for a broader understanding, share their original designs on social media channels to create a buzz, and refrain from the use of copyright protected images. Imaginative designs will still resonate on the Spreadshirt platform even if they are not included in the top ten. The most spirited creative’s have a great opportunity to get noticed and earn some global bragging rights!

Last month’s Vintage theme produced some awesome designs and the top three winners are here –   Vintage Competition Winners  

Find the May design contest here:  Spreadshirt Nature Design Competition 

Picture Credits –  Blue skies and grass – Frantzou Fleurine, Unsplash, Tulips and dark leaves by Benny Jackson, Unsplash.


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