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Lucy Cooke’s Adorable, Mindful Sloth Book

April 12, 2018 in EH Spy

Lucy Cook’s Adorable, Mindful Sloth Book

There are times when delightful little miracles make my day. Today was such a day. The postman delivered Lucy Cooke’s magical, too cute to put down, new mindfulness book on the art of how to slow down – Life in the Sloth Lane – Slow Down and Smell the Hibiscus. The book is small, beautifully presented and cute enough to pack in a handbag or take on holiday and it would make the most wonderful, considered, special gift.

Sloths As Mindfulness Pets for the Imagination

It is teeming with wise and iconic quotations from: Winston Churchill, Andy Warhol and Rumi and many more on how to live well, illustrated by outrageously winning pictures of sloths hanging out in hammocks or enjoying sloth gymnastics, slothfully of course! My only concern is to stress that sloths belong in the rainforest, not in our homes. They are pets for the imagination.

Sloths Love to Swim

There are also plenty of fascinating insights on sloths and what makes them tick. Did you know that sloths like to swim and that their only foodie indulgence is to nibble hibiscus flowers, one petal at a time. To a sloth, the flower is like exquisite sloth chocolate! Talk about slow food.

I adore sloths, rather like Lucy who is a zoologist, presenter and expert on the cuddlesome, charismatic stars of the slow lane. To me they are straight out of Lewis Carole’s Alice-in-Wonderland. I once saw a sloth slinking through the rainforest on an interview with Daryl Hannah. We were both hypnotized by the sloth’s stately, almost decadent waltz through the canopy.

Quotations to Live By

I will leave you with this quotation from Life in the Sloth Lane – ‘The Universe is Full of Magical Things Waiting for Our Wits to Grow Sharper’ – Eden Philpotts. So, if a sloth magically appears before you, it would be polite to show he or she the way to the nearest tree to hug, so they relax, and hang upside down!

Life in the Sloth Lane is published by Workmen and costs £9.99. Buy It Now

About Lucy Cooke –  Lucy is a British filmmaker, presenter and zoologist who has been called the “Steven Spielberg of sloth filmmaking” (The Atlantic). She is the woman behind Animal Planet’s Meet the Sloths, the bestseller The Power of Sloth and is the founder of the Sloth Appreciation society. Visit her website here  www.slothville.com  @mslucycooke @WorkmanPub

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