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Organic, Sustainable Brands – Let’s Collaborate!

March 21, 2018 in Advertise Here

Sustainable Brands! Let’s Collaborate.

Napoleon Bonaparte once declared, “Imagination rules the world.” To that I would add that beautiful, magnetic storytelling makes the world go round, and I and my talented team are in the business of writing and creating extraordinary stories in print, video, film and social media campaigns focused on organic, circular and sustainable ideas and the unfolding greenage revolution. A new age where organic, circular economy, Fairtrade, Made in Britain, country of origin and sustainable luxury brands rule the roost and become mainstream.

Ethical hedonist Creative is Open!

Today, I would like to declare that the Ethical Hedonist creative content division is open for business and we would love to hear from you. How can we help you tell your incredible stories of slow, sustainable luxury, passion, reinvention, philanthropy and green and sexy glamour and allure better than anyone else?  Who has a brilliant story they would love me to articulate with the skills of a leading journalist who has been read and admired by millions in The Times, Sunday Times, Country Life, The Independent, ES, Red, Orient Express and The Lady.   Yes, that’s right, in case the penny hasn’t dropped yet, I don’t preach. Why peach or cajole, when you can captivate, inform, educate and inspire people to make changes and shop sustainably and organically?

Even more exiting, we are reinventing advertising. We prefer to create high quality, handcrafted sponsored features, which we conceive just for you. That means every feature we create is portable and after it appears on Ethical Hedonist, you are free to use it across all your own marketing channels, and indefinitely if you wish, with a perpetual license.

What Can I Do for You Organic Brand?

Just imagine what I can do for your organic and sustainable brand as a feature writer, with a one of a kind creative imagination, used to dreaming up interviews and features with the great and the good – from Sir David Attenborough – to the stars of Downton Abbey, Iman, Sex and the City, Keira Knightley and Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel.

So who wants to sponsor the next twitter hour in April?  For the whole of April we will include a news feature story with every sponsored twitter hour. Get in touch today and let’s lead an Ethical Hedonist revolution.

Every piece of brand storytelling we undertake helps to fund this independent sustainable magazine. It also helps us to grow and flourish, expand our editorials and run undergraduate placements and mentoring and create jobs for ethical media because real, ethical journalism really does matter.

During the past three years, we have collaborated and worked with some very exciting organic, sustainable and Fair-trade brands including:   Viridian Nutrition, ABTA-Travelife, Shared Interest for Fair-trade Fortnight,  Evergreen Insurance, Inlight Organic, Celtic and Co, Gunda Hafner Artisan Luxury Fashion, Weleda, Pukka Herbs, Lending Works, Tabitha James Kraan Hair Organics, Wearth Sustainable Department Store, Herbatint and Charnwood Stoves. You could be next and I will leave you with one of my favourite testimonials  (You will find more in the testimonials section at the bottom of the homepage).


Gunda Hafner, Artisan, Slow Luxury Fashion.

“Pure coincidence that I happened to find Alison Jane.  A very lovely and fantastically talented writer. She radiates good energy and knows how to bring it across. I like people who are as passionate about what they are doing as I am. No one better to write about our brand than her.
Alison Jane enthusiastically engages into creating a more sustainable environment and manages to attract
people who think alike. An excellent ability to make change happen. She also managed to get my brand into the focus of the audience I’d like to address. “


Contact us Today

To discuss your content storytelling, twitter hours and social media requirements email us  – ethicalhedonsitmagazine@gmail.com


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Alison Jane Reid

Alison Jane Reid - Journalist, Editor & Emerald Princess of Slow, Sustainable Luxury Living - 18 year track record interviewing real icons for: The Times, The Lady, You, The Mirror and Country Life. Now leading her alluring fairtrade, emerald revolution - Don’t Miss Out - Have you joined The Ethical Hedonist set?

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