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Guillaume Rivaud, Actor and WWF Activist

September 4, 2017 in Arts & Entertainment

Guillaume Rivaud – It’s An Ethical Hedonist Life

Guillaume Rivaud is an actor, artist and campaigner for WWF and Greenpeace. He recently appeared in Poldark as the Vicomte de Sombreuil and he plays King Arthur in the crowd funded independent film, Mordred.

How did you become a champion for nature and planet earth?

1) I have always had this passion to make our planet great again. Inside, I’m still a teenager. I guess it’s in my DNA . I haven’t been given the gifts to get specialised in this field. I’m not a scientist. I’m not a marine biologist or a wildlife ranger.  What I am though is a relentless and passionate man, with a gift to make things happen via communicating to the general public about what’s going on in the natural world, and to fight for the earth, endangered species and talk about climate change.

Luckily, I’ve been blessed by the universe on how to engage people as an actor and activist. It is these qualities that give me the ability to reach out to people and inspire the public to get involved in climate action and the protection of endangered species before it is too late. I do this to empower the scientists and the marine biologists to do what they got to do . Over the past 14 years, I’ve recruited over 16,000 members, raised over £1M via direct membership sales and over £10M via ongoing membership sales and I’m proud of this achievement. The show must go on though, and many more people need to be inspired and more money needs to be raised to highlight the issues we face on this fragile planet earth.

Which living or dead person do you most admire?

2) There are many people I admire a lot but I would have loved to have met the legendary wildlife warrior Steve Irwin, AKA the crocodile hunter . This man’s passion and enthusiasm for the natural world was and still is a huge source of inspiration to me. I’m an eccentric. I’m quirky as he was, so the two of us would have formed a very dynamic team somehow. I was very sad and distraught when he passed away, but his memory lives on and I know his kids are doing great in Australia.

How Ethical Hedonist are You at Home and in Life?

3) I’m trying to be as eco-friendly as I possibly can in my daily life.  I wish I could have a calmer mind though, at times, but my mind is always busy and I can’t rest and work hard every day too. I listen to motivational speeches and coaches on a daily basis which keeps me focussed even when life decides to beat you down.

Who is You Favourite Movie Goddess?

4) Difficult question . I guess my favourite movie franchise is Halloween and I love the two original Halloween films from John Carpenter. Jamie Lee Curtis was terrific in the first  two films including Halloween 2 – so I’ll go for Jamie Lee.

Organic Chocolate or French Cheese and Wine?

5) French cheese and wine

Favourite Place On Planet Earth?

6) My homeland France  – so beautiful, so diverse , so romantic .

How Did You Play King Arthur in the Film Mordred?

7) I play King Arthur in Mordred the movie . It was one of the greatest challenges I’ve undertaken in my whole life. I gave up eight months of my life to this project . It took me a whole five months to learn something like 400-500 lines and countless monologues . I went to rehearsals twice a week which was a two hour drive from where I live in the south west of England. I had to learn to fight with a sword and take part in choreographed battle scenes. It was a very draining experience at times.  I spent a minimum of two hours a day and sometimes up to five hours a day on top of everything else I do, learning new lines and repeating the lines I learned previously. I did this religiously every single day for five months . I wanted to be ready . I didn’t want to fail and there was no room for failure. Once I had all the lines committed to memory, then I could then go further and I began to study Arthur.  Not only the fighter, but also the man. I researched his character, read books , watched videos , visited cool places in Cornwall and I submerged myself into the character fully for a few months . When the three weeks of the film shoot came in June 2016 , I was ready. I knew how to play Arthur. I knew how to improvise and I had all my lines cemented in my memory . I nailed every scene , day in day out for 3 weeks . After shooting my last scene I felt like a gigantic weight lifting off my shoulders and a immense pride of what I just achieved. I never thought I could do it, but deep inside my heart I knew I smashed it. I gave everything I had and couldn’t have done anymore . I hope you will enjoy watching it when it comes out and that you will appreciate the way I play Arthur , not just the warrior but the man, the husband, the father and the friend .

Countryside or City?

8) The countryside for sure .

What Can’t You Live Without?

9) I need my family , in particular my daughter who is my life . Everything I do, I do it for her .
I also need my music. I love music .

Favorite Poldark Scene?

10) My scenes ! Mixing it up with the very best in the business . These moments will always stay in my mind and heart forever . To work on Poldark with such a remarkable and super talented cast and crew was like a dream come true .

What Would You Do If You Weren’t An Actor?

11)  I’m already doing some top stuff raising money for the biggest environmental groups in the world when I’m not filming . I would have loved to play an instrument though and play music as a living . That would have been wonderful; but I’m glad of my own gifts and the way I can entertain and inspire people daily via my work as an actor and charity fundraiser .

What would You Do If You Were Prime Minister for a Day?

12) Many things. I’ll feed the poor . I’ll help and fund the NHS and nurses . I’ll help the elderly . I’ll help children who are growing up in violent homes . I’ll tax the rich . I’ll try to implement laws to tackle climate change , preserve the environment, save wildlife . I would be a busy man and this would be a packed 24 hours for me but I would make things happen .

What Era Would You Most Like to Live In?

13) We currently live in a great era . We have everything we could need in the western world and technology is at the forefront helping people like me to push boundaries. This life is full of opportunities but it’s all about hard work and pure grind . Hard work always get rewarded in the end . On the romantic side , it would be great to be transported back about 150 years ago in a beautiful house in the south of France,  in the Provence surrounded by miles of lavender fields . That would be magical .

What Inspired You to Act?

14) I did two years of theatre between the age of 14 to 16 whilst in France.  I loved it,  but somehow instead of carrying on, my life went a different way but acting was always in me . After watching Poldark 1,  I promised myself to get into the series no matter what . As you know I managed to do just that . So it took me nearly 30 years to get back into the game !

Best Green Tip?

15) If you can’t be practical then join a wildlife conservation group like WWF or environmental pressure group like Greenpeace ASAP . They’ll do the work and your financial support will help these two magnificent groups to fight to make our planet great again.

Where Are You Going Next for WWF UK?

16) Next is a show this coming week end for W4W on behalf of Greenpeace on the Lizzard in Cornwall .

If You Were An Animal What Would You Be?

17) Probably an Eagle .

Favourite Film of All Time?

18) Interstellar

Are You Optimistic That We Will Become a Super Sustainable Planet Earth?

19) Its so hard … But as long as groups like Greenpeace and WWF are around fighting for us and the planet then YES , we can, of course, stay very optimistic. We must fight this big battle for our kids sake .

Who Do You Think Has Been the Most Influential In Inspiring a New Age of Environmentalism?

20) Sir David Attenborough

What is Your Idea of the Perfect Eco Holiday Adventure?

21) Rain forests , coral reefs, arctic circle all in 1 big holiday of a lifetime!

Interview Researched, Written and Edited by Alison Jane Reid. Copyright Ethical Hedonist 2017.

Pictures Courtesy of Guillaume Rivaud and the BBC.

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