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Slow Fashion Night Out @crowdfunderuk

April 4, 2017 in Features

Letter from the Editor

 Slow Fashion Night Out on @crowdfunderuk

Journalist and Editor, Alison Jane Reid, with actress, Jenny Agutter. Hair Colour By ColourHerbe

Journalist and Editor, Alison Jane Reid, with actress, Jenny Agutter, wearing little black organic dresses by Atelier Tammam.  Hair and Makeup by Vickie Ellis. Picture Alexandria Hall –  http://www.a-h.photography


Slow Fashion Night Out

Stop Press! As part of our crowdfunding campaign, launched today with our media partner @Team4Nature300  this Friday 7th April , we are offering the ultimate reward, for slow, sustainable, and ethical fashion lovers – a Gala Night of Slow Fashion Debate, networking and a marketplace, with the key players in the ethical fashion arena. We also have just three spaces for brands to get involved.  Take a look at the campaign and rewards now.  This fashion night will help me and the Ethical Hedonist team focus on delivering more well-crafted fashion journalism, storytelling and films on the stars of the sustainable fashion movement around the globe throughout 2017 and beyond. I was one of the first journalists to champion and talk about the idea of ethical fashion back in 2005!

Pledge now to secure your place and let’s make fashion history!

Take a look at our campaign page now, and watch social media for updates and the launch time –  Ethical Hedonist Campaign –  #1001 Sustainable Stories #media4nature  #LetsMakeaMagazine #greenissexy

It isn’t easy deciding to be being an ethical and sustainable rebel period; let alone an ethical journalist. Setting up Ethical Hedonist Magazine has been the hardest, most challenging, crazy and rewarding adventure of my career so far. Don’t go into journalism if you want a quiet, uneventful life. Working on a national newspaper is every bit as mad and as exciting as Hold the Front Page, and worse. But even in the hardest, most challenging times, it is a privilege to be writing about the news,  icons and ethical heroes of our world.

You are Doing What?! The Reaction to Launching Ethical Hedonist Magazine in 2012

When I first mentioned to my peers back in late 2012 that I was preparing to start  an ethical magazine, the universal chorus, was generally one of horror and confusion, ‘but are you still writing for The Times, The Lady and Country Life’? Went the universal chorus. ‘Not unless they are also paying me to eat’, I said right back, as the digital massacre of the media unfolded.


AJR Wearing L Saha at Rosewood Market

AJR Wearing L Saha at Rosewood Market – Picture By Sam Lane

Slow Fashion @crowdfunderuk

Now it’s time to focus on the big features I want to write for Ethical Hedonist and our growing global audience, and this is where I need your help. I would like to write and research a major piece on the birth of slow fashion. I would like to look at the roots behind the slow fashion movement, who the stars are, the resurgence of artisan fashion skills around the globe, the innovations from up cycling to peace silk and examine what the future holds. The feature would also include interviews and stories with some of the key stars of slow fashion and the icons embracing ethical fashion on the green carpet. We will also research and compile a comprehensive and exciting slow fashion directory, including accessories.

My Slow Fashion Journalist Pedigree, Sienna Miller and People Tree

Jenny Agutter, Star of Call the Midwife with Creative Director, Lucy Tammam and Journalist Alison Jane Reid at London Fashion Week

Jenny Agutter, Star of Call the Midwife with Creative Director, Lucy Tammam and Journalist Alison Jane Reid at London Fashion Week – Picture Alexandria Hall.


Writing About Fashion Revolution

I first put forward the idea of how fashion could become more sustainable in a series of articles for Sue Peart at You Magazine back in 2004 and 2005. My first interview was with Sienna Miller, and a little known fair-trade fashion label called People Tree – look where they are now. Sienna told the world to buy organic knickers and start a knicker revolution! And that is exactly what started to happen when we were inundated with calls on Monday morning!

Rock n Roll Royalty and Upcycled Couture

The second feature united the daughters of rock stars with the early pioneers of ethical fashion and I directed the fashion shoots at a remarkably photogenic, waste-recycling centre on the fringes of London. It’s surprising how good an up cycled evening gown can look in front of colourful bales of recycled newspapers. Both features garnered considerable impact and People Tree was invited to sell in Top Shop.

Now more than a decade later, there are so many gifted fashion designers entering the sustainable fashion arena, and I can’t wait to tell more of your stories.

Finally, some more good news.

Three years on, we have just reached over 28,000 ethical, organic and nature loving followers on twitter and it was a great morale boost to our little team to recently get a tweet from Triodos, the ethical bank.  The Ethical Hedonist was twice voted into the top 100 Ethical Opinion Formers on Social Media in 2016.

More Ethical Media for Nature and the Planet –  Launching this Friday @crowdfunderuk

Now all aboard for an ethical media for nature and the planet revolution! Alison Jane – Editor-in-Chief

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