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Crowdfunding, Trump, Man Boxes, Flower Power!

January 14, 2017 in EH Spy


Letter From the Editor

Hello Ethical Hedonists!

 Crowd Funding, Goat Socks, Flower Power and Shakespeare  – Get a Sneak Peak of our  Forthcoming Crowd Funding Campaign Now and sign up to our newsletter for the launch date.

I know I should pretend I love January, despite the greyness, the tax man, the interminable cold, and the threat of thunder snow, which makes it absolute necessary to wear Norah Batty socks at all times, even with a little black dress… to prevent the dreaded chilblains. Anyone know what I am deficient in? Currently, I’m wearing my amazing goat socks in dusky pink.  No, they are not a fashion statement!

Let’s abolish January and skip straight to February. Then I could wear this practical and pretty, sustainably made, flower power Harriet dress, from Monsoon, a British High Street fashion brand that has led the way in being a global brand with ethics and fairtrade in its DNA. It would be good to see the British Fashion Council do more to showcase the remarkable flowering of emerging, Made in Britain, sustainable luxury fashion talent. My predictions for future fashion stars include:   Polosophia    House of Tammam     Ama Ella Lingerie

January is a trying month. It feels like the end, not the beginning, so laugher is the order of the day. Go and warm your heart with the RSC production of Shakespeare’s underrated comedy of love, longing and learning – Loves Labours Lost at The Theatre Royal, Haymarket. Read our scintillating review.

EH Crowd Funding, Trump and Our Ethical Media Revolution!

So, I’m in hibernation mode, and planning our ethical media revolution! And thank you to Donald Trump for making ethical media more popular! We are almost ready to launch our crowd-funding campaign to you all. The dream?  Together with our media partner, Team4Nature, we are ready to expand ethical hedonist, bring you lots of exciting features and filmed interviews with green icons, plus nature, conservation and ethical fashion reporting on our YouTube channel. We will also launch a foundation to up-cycle journalists, photo journalists and film makers from 16-95- because age has absolutely nothing to do with talent!

Take a sneak peak at our forthcoming campaign here –  Ethical Hedonist Crowdfunder.co.uk Sneak Peak and get set to snap up my heart-warming Linda McCartney Memoir as a crowd-funding reward!

Go mad! Please tweet to us, share, leave a comment about which reward you want and sign up to our newsletter, so we can email you before we go live, and tell you when to pledge. We hope you love the rewards – from the perfect, witty EH T-shirt to a keepsake book of my three interviews with Sir David Attenborough; or snap up a business reward and ask EH to tell the story of your sustainable brand. If you want to suggest a great reward, email us here – ethicalhedonistmagazine@gmailcom

The Ethical Hedonist Emporium

I love inspiring friends and family and even complete strangers to go organic and natural and really nurture their health and wellbeing. That’s why we set up the EH Shop.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how I could make our shop even more Ethical Hedonist and more indispensable to you all and help raise vital operating revenue for the magazine. Then an idea began to take root, just before Christmas. I wanted to put together a Man Box of organic treats for my beloved, who needs converting to EH Organic Man! Like a lot of men, he absolutely hates change. In fact, he is deeply suspicious of any attempts to part him from his chemical skincare, which doesn’t sort out his dry skin, his blocked sinuses or the cracks on his heels, which look as impressive as the Devils Causeway! He suffers from itchy skin; forages at least three colds in winter, which he then gives to me; has sudden, uncontrollable sneezing fits, which, after a little detective work, I firmly attribute to an overpowering, squeezy air freshener in his loo! Something has to give.

EH Alpha Man Box –  Man under organic conversion!

So, the EH Alpha Man Box was born, and secretly, I think he rather likes it. My beloved’s box contains – Pukka Man Plus, with Maca, Ginger and Turmeric; Pukka Active Oil 35 to keep his joints supple after tennis; Breathe Easy by Odylique to unblock his nose; the one and only, Inlight, Eau de Philae, Egyptian Cologne, aftershave soother and pillow spray, to leave him smelling like a pharaoh; ultra rich balm to soothe parched, super dry skin and a selection of Supreme Matcha Green Tea and Turmeric Gold Tea sachets to give him a daily dose of antioxidants. I must be doing something right. He now swaps instant coffee for Pukka green tea and has started buying more organic produce without me even asking! EH Alpha Male Man Box with all of the above, including first class postage in the UK, £175.00, plus postage.  Or let us customise a box starting from £25.00 plus postage. Visit our Shop Here

Bespoke Boxes for Stress, Ageless Beauty, Sport and Hormones

Now, you can have exactly what my man has, or you can ask us to create your very own bespoke box, according to your needs or hearts desires – send us an email – ethicalhedonistmagazine@gmil.com or via the shop contact form, and girls, we haven’t forgotten you. We can currently create boxes for – ageless skin, stress relief, first aid, the rose skincare collection, hormones, young skin, sensitive types and a rather special luxury sleep box, with our organic silk pillowcases in ivory and midnight blue. Or set us a challenge, and we will see what we can do. What are you waiting for? Christmas in January? Now there’s a thought.

Remember, every purchase from our magazine shop helps to fund this independent ethical magazine, free of vested interests.

Love AJ and the EH Team xx

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Photo from The RSC Production of Loves Labours Lost By Manuel Harlan. Copyright 2017. No Reproduction without permission.

Picture of AJ with Do Book at Rosewood by Photographer Sam Lane

Photos of AJ and The Ethical Hedonist Shop Pop Up By Intern Elisabetta Landoni. Copyright Ethical Hedonist 2017. All Rights Reserved.






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