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Live Like a Local at Qbic Eco Hotel

September 29, 2016 in Everything Else

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Qbic Eco Hotel


Check out the Qbic Eco Hotel in London’s up and coming Aldgate East, just minutes from the myriad attractions of Brick Lane.  It’s funkadelic, super friendly and a complete antedote to all those homogenised, impersonal hotels we have stayed in with imperious check in desks and zero atmosphere. The Qbic London, is the younger sister to Qbic Amsterdam,  and it comes with bags of personality and super duper,  sustainable cred. There’s the lobby that looks like the wackiest art gallery – to the eco pod bedrooms put together like Lego from recycled materials and one off pieces of furniture made from reclaimed flotsam and jetsam.  The entire hotel has been cleverly upcycled from an old seventies office block. It’s like a cross between Mad Max and The Flinstones  – you will either fall in love with the sheer wackiest or want to  leave immediately and check into somewhere more quintessentially British. You have been warned.

A Eco Hotel That is at the Heart of the Community


Did we mention how  super comfortable the beds are?  In fact, they are so comfortable, we really didn’t want to leave our room. The duvet is so crisp and fluffy that it is the closest thing you will get to hanging out on a cloud.  But we did, because the hotel restaurant is rather good! It’s like eating at mum and dad’s only better.  The chef serves well-executed, seasonal food, with prettiness on the plate, great prices and some interesting local, artisan beers and wines.  To that you can add local music nights, art openings and charity events to help end homelessness in London.

It all adds up to a hotel that really does feel properly part of local community.  We think Qbic represents the future of hotels – it’s all about super sustainability, recycling, zero waste and an authentic experience.  Today, it isn’t enough to offer a great room, people want to check in and live just like a local and help locals too.


What we loved most about the Qbic – The fabulous upcycled bed and all the ergonomic gadgets from lights to the coffee holder;  the adorable restaurant, which feels more like a sitting room, and encourages the idea of lounging and the instant sense of belonging when we arrived tired, hungry and in need of comfort food and kind words.

What we didn’t like so much –  The slightly hefty prices for this part of London and the tea and coffee station – it’s a long, long way down the corridor at midnight in Doris Day pjs –  

For More info or to book a room visit  –    Qbic London Eco Hotel  


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