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Why Birch Juice is the Wow Beauty Ingredient Scientifically Proven to Make You Look Younger

June 27, 2016 in Featured


Why Birch Juice is the Wow Beauty Ingredient Scientifically Proven to Make You Look Younger

Madara Ultimate Face Lift Day Cream

Madara  Time Miracle Ultimate Day Serum

There was a time when organic anti-ageing skincare really was the Cinderella beauty option. It was primitive, unattractive and didn’t give the desired results.  Not anymore. Now the buzz in beauty is all about clean skincare and there are a handful of exquisite luxury brands that offer highly effective results. Madara Organic Skincare  is leading the charge, with its pristine ,organic anti-ageing range, based on a marriage of hardy Baltic plants and the science of ageing. These plants have to survive a harsh winter climate and they have developed clever ways to adapt to their environment which also work wonders on mature or damaged skin. Madara is also a sensory joy – everything smells like a verdant, wildflower meadow.

Scientifically validated organic skincare is the future of beauty – and  Spring is a very special time in the Northern countries of Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Russia and parts of China. This is when the birch juice harvest takes place, as the precious water filtered through wood and rich in organic acids, minerals and vitamins is gently extracted from unpolluted woodlands, using a tapping method which has been used for hundreds of years.

 Birch juice extraction is one of the great rituals of spring.

Birch juice extraction is one of the great rituals of spring.

Organic birch juice is a traditional elixir of life, used for centuries as spring tonic

The resulting vitamin rich water is prized for its scientifically proven ability to boost the immune system and rejuvenate cells.  It is used in special spring tonics to cleanse and strengthen the body after the long winter months and now you can add state of the art, award-winning, anti-ageing organic skincare.  Birch juice hand-harvested from two organic farms is the star ingredient in the award-winning new Time Miracle beauty range that has been developed in a partnership between the University of Latvia and Madara Skincare, a Latvian based organic skincare company storming the natural beauty sector with a huge range of alluring beauty products that look as good as they perform.



Wonder Women! The Inspiring founders of Madara organic and scientific skincare

Wonder Women! The Inspiring founders of Madara organic and scientific skincare voted best organic day cream at the Natural Health Magazine Awards for 2014

Time Miracle Day Cream    won Best Organic Face Cream in the Natural Health Magazine Awards 2014 – beating some exciting competition for its scientifically validated  daily face moisturiser.  Time Miracle Day Cream smells different to any other beauty cream I have ever tried. It is the smell of summer.  It glides onto skin with the intensely uplifting smell of freshly mown grass and wildflower meadows and has an instant smoothing, lifting and brightening effect.

This is no surprise to me. I have been writing about the benefits of a really good organic skincare for more than ten years.

 The future or skincare is a marriage of pristine nature and science

The most exciting developments in skincare are happening in the certified organic sector, where nature and science meet in a new ‘clean skincare’ revolution. These high tech green companies are harnessing the remarkable rejuvenation powers of nature, backed by hard science, but without the usual cocktail of cheap, irritating ingredients to produce skincare which will challenge the monopoly of conventional beauty brands.

Madara is very much a product of geography. The Time Miracle range formula is based on the G7 – plants that thrive in the harsh conditions of northern Europe.

  Madara Time Miracle Day and Night Organic Skincare  is based on the G7 – a synergy of 7 potent Baltic skin loving plants

They include: Galium Verum – the Madara plant, Birch juice and Lady’s Mantle to protect cells from free radical damage, boost cell growth and repair and protect the skin, hops to boost collagen synthesis, Sea Buckthorn to promote skin repair from environmental stress, horsetail to boost skin elasticity and Red Clover to retain the skin’s moisture levels. The important science bit is how these powerfully therapeutic herbs work in synergy to repair collagen levels and give the appearance of youthful, luminous skin.

Clean skincare is the future of beauty

Madara represents a major breakthrough in clean skincare technology. This is for the woman who feels younger than her biological age, and wants a skincare ritual that is a sensual pleasure to use and gives very impressive results, fast. Okay, you might get the same result if you could get eight perfect hours sleep every night, graze on the ideal diet, consume superfood smoothies and practice yoga for two hours a day.  Well, keep up the good work! But you can also get a clever helping hand from Madara.


The Madara ladies

The Inspiring Madara founders

Some Facts About MADARA Time Miracle Range

Science & Nature

Madara was one of the first organic skin care brands to back up anti-ageing claims with scientific studies.  When 35 women tested the Madara Time Miracle Day cream the results were pretty impressive:

After 4 weeks:

91% had smoother skin (dermatological testing)

88% had more elastic and firmer skin (dermatological testing)

93% had reduced fine wrinkles (spectrophotometric analysis, placebo-controlled study)

Madara Time Miracle Skincare  is available from

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