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Top Ten Organic Skincare Travel Heroes

June 16, 2016 in Featured


In Association with Napiers the Herbalists, Britain’s Oldest Herbal Chemist.


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Top Ten Organic Skincare Travel Heroes  

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It’s the height of summer and it’s wonderful to get away and recharge. Read our super useful guide on organic skincare travel heroes.  We’ve researched the best tips for natural health and wellbeing on holiday, from how to avoid tummy troubles, to the best natural remedy for prickly heat and insect bites and the most sublime natural aftersun – happy, carefree travels!

Beat Travel Tummy Troubles Naturally

We’re in the midst of summer now – the time of sun and holidays. It should be a marvellous relaxing, lazy, catch-up-on-a-book sort of time – or fun and action packed in the great outdoors if that’s how you prefer it! Whatever you are doing, summer can also bring challenges. We all loathe horseflies, to which we react terribly, and the nasty creatures bite straight through your clothes if you haven’t taken precautions. Here are some of our best, tried and tested natural skin tips to make your summer sail by smoothly.

An absolute essential is a cream that will make you unattractive to horseflies, midges and mozzies. We avoid DEET – if it can melt the rubber of a wetsuit we dread to think what it will do to our skin. We really prefer organic and plant based products. Plants remember, don’t like being bitten by insects any more than we do. So they produce essential oils that contain insect-deterring  phytochemicals


Try the NAPIERS BUGBUSTER CREAM (naturally).



It’s a lovely organic cream with an essential oil blend detested by the Scottish midge, as well as more exotic mosquitoes and gnats! It doesn’t smell too bad either. I used it on my children when they were little and am constantly losing tubes to people I meet – other foragers, hikers, fishermen, golfers as well as friends who work outdoors. I’ve also used it in West Africa. It’s got aloe & chickweed in it too so it doesn’t sting on sunburnt skin – it’s very cooling.



NAPIERS DETOX FORMULA                           

This is brilliant for maintaining good water balance which, if it gets out of kilter, causes swollen ankles on long-haul flights and occasional ‘travel constipation’. So I always have some in my hand luggage and the 100ml bottle gets through Airport Security without any problems. I keep healthy when I’m travelling by adding 10 ml to a litre bottle of water – bought once I’m through security – and drinking it during the flight. You’ll notice the difference and never fly without it once you’ve tried it!


Together with the Detox Formula, this is my firm favourite for keeping legs and ankles in good shape on that long-haul flight. Or if you’re on your feet sightseeing in a hot country and your legs have a tendency to swell. It’s easily absorbed and non-greasy. As well as reducing puffiness and discomfort while you are travelling, it is super on any thread veins and cellulite.


Use bitters to keep my digestion in tip top condition and not allow myself to develop indigestion or stomach upsets. I use the following herbal bitters which have a long history of pre and post prandial use for those who like to eat and imbibe!

AFTER DINNER MINT MIXTURE                        After Dinner Mint Mixture

This is like mint tea in a bottle but with fennel as well. A lovely tasting bitter, just add some warm water to a teaspoon (about 5ml) to make a tasty, soothing minty drink. Sipped like mint tea but stronger!


A fantastic herbal bitters that I would never travel without. It perks up the appetite before meals (imparting an unusual taste when mixed as a cocktail bitters). Fantastic the morning after any excess, especially with a tomato or orange juice chaser when you do emerge for breakfast! Contains Gentian root, Ginger root, Meadowsweet, Silver Birch, Dandelion, Milk Thistle and Peppermint.

If I get a mild upset after a particularly exotic dish, I always make sure I have fresh ginger on hand to grate and make a strong tea from. Plenty of ginger tea, combined with sipping Best Bitters (5ml an hour for 3 to 4 hours in extreme cases) has got me out of some tricky situations in rural China.




It’s so important to cover up. Napiers doesn’t have a sun cream so I use the Neals Yard Chamomile and Aloe Vera lotion SPF 25 and liberally amounts of coconut oil as an aftersun.


is our natural alternative to aftersun lotion. As well as soothing aloe vera and seaweeds, it contains herbs like witch hazel, wild thyme and sea lavender to revitalise and remineralise skin that has taken a battering. Useful for sunburn, shaving rash, itchy skin and other overheated flare-ups.

If you do get very burnt, NAPIERS LAVENDER GEL is wonderfully soothing for both sunburn and for prickly heat. Smells gorgeous as well.

Having spent my childhood in Africa I’ve got my share of suspicious moles and sunspots but NAPIERS AGE DEFIANCE CORRECTIVE SKIN CREAM helps to fade most of them as well as the occasional skin tag. As you age your skin has to put up with all sorts of wear and tear but sun damage must be corrected early on so it doesn’t lead to later problems. Remember if you have any suspicious dark, red or itchy spots that don’t go away with moisturising, get them checked by your doctor to eliminate squamous cells. Always better safe than sorry!Age Defiance Corrective Skin Cream

When it’s way too hot, peppermint helps to cool and sooth prickly heat. This summer skin heat rash typically occurs during the summer and can be really annoying on holiday. It’s often triggered off by an increase in humidity. The highly cooling properties of peppermint combined with soothing chamomile in NAPIERS CHAMOMILE & PEPPERMINT SKIN CREAM make it is brilliant for fast acting relief from itchiness.

Chamomile and Peppermint Skin Cream


DANDELION Tincture is also helpful for heat rash. Half a teaspoon three times a day. Or you can try Dandelion Juice – Add a ‘shot’ to tomato juice with a little seasoning for a tasty drink.

So do enjoy the rest of the Summer – it might even eventually arrive in Central Scotland!

Salus Dandelion Juice

Monica Wilde

Research Herbalist


For more information on Napiers, please visit their official website. Napiers is the oldest medical herbal apothecary in Scotland, with a licence to supply herbal medicine.

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