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Crowdfund Ethical Hedonist for Rococo Chocolates Galore!

April 5, 2016 in Eat Local & Organic

 Crowdfund Ethical Hedonist For Rococo Chocolates Galore

Crowdfund Ethical Hedonist for Rococo Chocolate Galore! That’s right.  We are crowd funding to realize our dreams for this authentic, green is sexy, sustainable, fair-trade magazine. We  champion sustainable, and slow luxury living in the most most inspiring ways through storytelling and our inspirational editorial pages. We are all about fair-trade, organic farming and the sustainable, artisan producer. Alison Jane and her editorial team are leading the charge for a greener, more compassionate world and we need your help. We can’t do it without you.   Support Alison Jane’s inspiring, iconic journalism. Become AJ’s journalist patron on Patreon here and you will be entered in this month’s spectacular Spring crowd funders random giveaway to win an opulent Chocolate Hamper from Rococo Chocolate, worth £120.00. (The hamper has been generously donated by Rococo Chocolates and founder, Chantal Coady, to support our monthly crowd funding campaign). It costs from as little as £1.40 to join in our monthly crowdfunding campaign, and become a supporter. Or you can make a one off donation via our magazine paypal button below. (Please note, Rococo can tailor the hamper to our vegan readers too). Did you know that Alison Jane has mentored more than 25 undergraduates and graduates in journalism, marketingh and pr since she launched the magazine. Help us to do more now!


Artisan, Organic Chocolate Bars Inspired By a Small is Beautiful Chocolate Farm in Granada

There is enough truly scrumptious, artisan, organic and fair-trade chocolate in this capacious hamper to please everyone this Easter – with a union jack box filled with handmade, artisan truffles, delicate, silken ganaches and fondant creams, all made in the Rococo kitchen.  Oh, and have we mentioned the famous, oh so very gooey, seagulls eggs, filled with a particularly pleasing, salted caramel concoction and dusted with very fine sugar, to make them look just like the real eggs?  Or for the true, artisan chocolate connoisseur, the celebrated 71% salty Rococo organic chocolate bar or dark chocolate spice bar, created from Rococo’s own organic cacao produced in Granada.

Chantal Coady, punk chocolate pioneer and founder of Rococo Chocolates will be talking at the Perfume and Chocolate evening Picture, courtesy of The Sunday Times

Chantal Coady, punk chocolate pioneer and founder of Rococo Chocolates will be talking at the Perfume and Chocolate evening Picture, courtesy of The Sunday Times

Buy Organic, Fairtrade Chocolate and Protect Our Soil

Alison Jane says, “I’ve never forgotten the first time I met Chantal Coady, the Queen of Made in Britain Chocolate. For it is the quite remarkable Ms Coady, who more than anyone, has helped to transform our experience of buying chocolate, beyond our wildest imaginings. Every new kid in chocolate owes a debt to the girl who turned a passion for chocolate into the marvellous art of the chocolatier. For thirty-three years ago, Chantal dared to dream, and to experiment, transforming chocolate into bite size moments of pure pleasure, luxury, sophistication and provenance. “It’s all about the soil, the farmer and the cacao,” she once told me very firmly, as we stood in the lofty surroundings of Somerset House, at the Walpole showcase of Made in Britain excellence and ingenuity. I couldn’t agree more.

Who Made Your Easter Chocolate?

Chocolate is one of the most exciting areas of the organic, fair-trade movement. When you buy organic fair-trade, artisan chocolate you are supporting a wonderful chain of benevolence and love, that helps a farmer in Granada look after his family, send his children to school and take care of the living soil – and without healthy, living soil, there wouldn’t be a plentiful supply of truly authentic chocolate for tea, for falling in love over or for unmissable Easter eggs hunts. So go mad – find out who made your chocolate this Easter, and go organic, fairtrade and artisan – the world of chocolate has never been quite so sustainably intoxicating!

Chantal is Inspired by Her Arabian Travels as a Child

Rococo was the first luxury chocolate house to consider the whole experience of buying chocolate – from its whimsical, white paper wrappers to – the launch of its darling little miniature organic bars, scented with lavender, rose and cardamom, and all inspired by Chantal’s travels as a child through Arabia, with her father, who worked in the diplomatic service.


Alison Jane at Rococo Chocolate, after Daniel Daniel Junior worked his magic on my hair, with reverse colour lighting.

Alison Jane at Rococo Chocolate, Her Favourite, Tucked Away Tearoom for Artisan Chocolate and Afternoon Tea and Cake.

The Rococo Hamper Contains The Following Selection:

A large mixed Union Jack selection box – includes fresh cream truffles, traditional fondant creams and delicate square ganaches hand made in our London kitchen.

A mixture of white, milk and dark chocolate

Dusted Scorched Almonds – caramelized Provencal almonds dusted in decadent cocoa powder

Seagull Eggs – milk chocolate eggs filled with a gooey salted caramel, finished with a fine sugar shell decorated to make them look like real eggs

Bianco Lampone broken chocolate – our slabs of sweet and creamy white chocolate scattered with pieces of freeze dried raspberry to add a tangy sharpness

Jello Love Babes – extra fruity and juicy retro jelly babies

Ladybird Cube – Solid milk chocolate ladybirds wrapped in colourful foils

Chicchi di Caffe cube – Dark chocolate coffee bean-shaped drops flavoured with roasted coffee

Soft Italian Fruit Nougat – extra soft nougat slice with nuts and candied fruits

3 Bee Bar Set – three of our organic mini bee bars in a gift set

2 Artisan Bars – we can make one of these the 71% Salty Grenada bar and one our dark chocolate Spice Island bar (a tribute to Grenada)

Please note Rococo are happy to tailor the hamper for our vegan readers too.

Become a Patron and Be in with a Chance to Win Our Rococo Chocolates Hamper Now!

The Rococo Logo

To Visit Rococo Chocolates click here – www.rococochocolates.com


Terms and Conditions

Please note the prize draw is for Ethical Hedonists crowd funding patrons only. This includes our existing patrons and donors on @Patreon and on Paypal.  There is no cash prize, and the editor’s decision is final. You can read all about our Crowd Funding Campaign here – 

The contents of the hamper may vary, according to availability. The draw will take place on April 30th on when we reach our first 100 patrons. The winner will be notified by email and via social media. We reserve the right to extend the draw, should we not reach our patrons goal.

This Giveaway is open to UK residents only, due to the high cost of shipping. If you live outside the UK, and you are happy to pay to ship the hamper, please email us, and we will include you in the random draw.  There are other rewards on our Patreon site, which harness AJ’s journalism and creative writing skills, and can be delivered to you via email. Please take a look at these.

By Becoming a Patron, You Agree we can share your contact email address with Rococo Chocolates. We will not share you email with anyone else, and nor will Rococo Chocolates, without your permission.


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