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Colin Morgan and a World Without Scheherazade

October 22, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment

Colin Morgan and a World Without Scheherazade

Merlinians, and Fans of Ethical Hedonist listen up!

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Colin Morgan in my fashion feature for The Lady, inspired by James Bond

Colin Morgan in my fashion feature for The Lady, inspired by James Bond – This Iconic Image By One of Our Finest Fashion Photographers, Mike Owen and Styled By Alison Jane.

I’m a proud to call myself a journalist extraordinaire. Since the age of 23 I have worked as a star feature writer and editor for England’s greatest newspapers and magazines from The Times to Country Life, You, The Mail On Sunday, Hearst Magazines, Conde Nast and The Lady. I have led an extraordinary life. You couldn’t make it up. I went to the movies with Princess Diana’s favourite couturier, Catherine Walker, danced on tables, whilst trying to interview Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston,  and had a tete a tete dinner with Mr Chanel – Karl Lagerfeld. I even turned down an opportunity to meet Benedict Cumberbatch! ( I know, a big career mistake, here’s to a second chance). I have interviewed and styled thousands of icons from Colin Morgan to Karl Lagerfeld – The girls in Sex and the City – to Sir David Attenborough.

I live to write and dream up iconic fashion features. I’m an upstart rebel from Reading. I don’t come from a world of privilege, more a bookish castle of the imagination! Creativity is my thing. It is as important to me as eating healthy organic food, chocolate, friendship and laughing at life.

My thought-provoking, inspiring interview with the actor Colin Morgan touched people around the world.

My thought-provoking, inspiring interview with the actor Colin Morgan touched people around the world.

An Authentic Interview About Following Your Greatest Passions in Life

I’m the journalist who wrote that authentic, inspirational interview with the Irish actor, Colin Morgan, read by hundreds of thousands of Merlin fans around the world. The interview is a global hit, purely through sharing, which is wonderful. Everyday, more people read the interview. It never stops. Why? Because it is a story about passion and following your dreams, no matter how hard and impossible the path might seem at first.

Merlinians, I Need Your Help Now!

Merlinians, I didn’t ask you to do anything for me in return. I am asking now. I need your help and support. We live in a current climate of mediocrity. So much of life is all smoke and mirrors, and not of the Arthurian, wizardly kind! Today it is no longer enough to be talented or authentic. In fact talent is a curse.

We are being ruled by the new masters of the universe – the cybercrats who are destroying professional jobs, becoming rich beyond their wildest dreams and creating a great deal of misery and insecurity for millions of talented people who have lost their jobs, whilst people with very little talent or substance seem to flourish, purely for being photographed flaunting their vulgar, look at me, selfie lifestyles. How empty. How meaningless. How obscene, when thousands of people are being displaced and left to rot in Syria and children go hungry in a first world country life Britain. We are all being over marketed to, in order to foster to a culture of envy and this is fake and dangerous. It’s all mirage.

Alluring Snooker Shot of Colin Morgan with Katie McGrath

My Inspiration for the Fashion Story with Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath is Colin as a Young James Bond – Here Colin Plays Snooker with Katie. He is wearing an iconic Gieves and Hawkes Black Tie Suit. Copyright Alison Jane Reid/Mike Owen/Eyevine – All Rights Reserved.

Talent Not Marketing Should Triumph

I thought I could succeed online through talent and track recored alone, without having to market myself.  Sadly, that is no longer true. Everything has changed for creative people. If I don’t have lots of shares or Facebook likes on my interviews, or twitter followers, then the thousands of hours of journalistic endeavour, hard work and creativity become meaningless. I cannot attract the advertising or new interview opportunities I need to grow this exciting, independent magazine and  compete with global media companies who have huge budgets for seo and marketing. It isn’t a level playing field – but you can change all that by talking and sharing my journalism. People power topples despots and exposes injustice. It can also champion the writer, the poet and the storyteller – for what do we have if we no longer celebrate beauty, passion and culture that makes the heart leap?

I want you onboard for an adventure in creativity you will never, ever forget. This is your magazine. When lovely people join forces, anything is possible, even another interview with you know who!!!! And don’t think I didn’t ask, he is the most private person.

I refuse to buy Facebook likes. I have earnt them with every word I write, using  my talent, observations, passion and experience alone. How many people can say that? I am proud of every interview or feature I publish on Ethical Hedonist, or from my iconic feature archive: on Colin Morgan, Camila Batmanghelidgh, John Simm, Gordon Buchanan, David Attenborough, Hugh Bonneville, Brian May, and the pioneering features I create on sustainable fashion, organic food, natural health and conservation.

So, if you want a world where journalists like me can still flourish, earn a living and convey wonderful stories do this –

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Read Ethical Hedonist and share my journalism – tell the world, and then I will continue to be your faithful Scheherazade. Oh, and if you would like to apply for an inspiring internship, get in touch! We always need volunteers and interns  – aspiring journalists, social media and business development gurus and marketing experts with an ethical approach – Yours, truly, madly, deeply – Alison Jane Reid – October 2015.

In Return for Your Support, I Will Do a Live Google Hangout Interview Where You can Ask Me Questions About the Colin Morgan Interview and Fashion Story, and I Will Also Talk About My Career as an Iconic Journalist. Date TBA, November 2015.





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