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A Night of Adventure and Philanthropy – Dreaming of Africa!

January 30, 2015 in Featured



Sonal founder of Charity Educating the Children with the Masai

Sonal founder of Charity Educating the Children with the Masai

The World is a Book, and Those Who Do Not Travel Read Only a Page – St Augustine

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EH Readers  – Use Code PROMOCODE  for £5.00 tickets – this excludes copy of Psychologies Magazine.

Proceeds Go to ETC – Educating the Children Charity in the Masai Mara.


Baby it’s cold outside, but we have come up with the perfect way to spend a cosy, wintry February evening that will set your heart and imagination on fire with the idea of farflung travel, adventure and philanthropy! Oh, and there is the opportunity to take your tastebuds on holiday too with a chocolate tasting with Cocoa Hernando.

Come and expand your horizons, transport yourself to the African bush, a necklace of pristine islands in the Philippines or the majestic Nile and discover how you can travel to some of the most inspiring places on earth, experience the adventure holiday of a lifetime and  bring out lasting change to the communities you visit, who need your help – the age of Adventure and Philanthropy Travel has arrived!

This is an evening created to encourage a sense of adventure and philanthropy and inspire new ways of thinking about your life and career.

A cheetah surveys its territory in the Masai Mara

A cheetah surveys its territory in the Masai Mara

Hosted by Inspired Escapes and ARTNAKED, in partnership with Psychologies magazine, at private members club  Library in Covent Garden – with proceeds donated to charity partner ETC (Educating the Children) – ETC was co-founded by Sonal Kadchha, after a life-changing visit to the Masai Mara with Richard Branson.

In the seven years since Sonal set up ETC, she has raised money to build a school, to give Masai children, especially girls, the vital education they need to integrate into a changing world and avoid the ever present threat of modern slavery, FGM and disenfranchisement.  As Sonal explains “Giving the girls and education opens up  a world of choices, where where previously they had none.”

Experience travels in fine chocolate with Cocoa Hernando

Experience travels in fine chocolate with Cocoa Hernando

The event includes short talks by three inspiring speakers, sharing their transformative journeys and how travel can truly change lives. The evening will also include a luxury dark chocolate tasting by Cocoa Hernando.


Suzy Greaves

Host of the evening Suzy Greaves, Chief Editor of Psychologies Magazine, will share her insight into the growing phenomena of transformative travel

Sonal Kadchha

City Professional and co-founder of charity ETC, explains how an adventure in Africa changed her life and the lives of women throughout the Maasai tribe forever

Afzaal Mauthoor

Inspired Escapes Co-Founder, reveals how traveling to far flung bucket list destinations offers you the ability to discover more about yourself, your strengths, and your desires.

Adventure and Philanthropy Holidays – Is There Any Other Way to Travel?

What are you waiting for? Organise an Adventure and Philanthropy Holiday with Family and Friends – you could be heading to Africa, Egypt or the Masai Mara sooner than you think!

To find out more take a look at the wonderful, life changing holidays and treks visit Inspired Challenge now –
www.inspiredchallenge.com  Please  Code LOVEEH for special perks!



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  1. ART NAKED says:

    A fantastic evening of inspiring, intelligent speeches, good action for Etc. charity and chocolate.
    Thank you all for attending and supporting such a worthy cause. Congratulations Educating The Children.

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