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Dr Spiezia’s Gentle Detox Tips for Rejuvenating Mind and Body Within a Week!

January 17, 2014 in EH Spy
Dr Spiezia MD takes a great deal of inspiration from his Cornish home beside the sea.

Dr Spiezia MD takes a great deal of inspiration from his Cornish home beside the sea.

Dr Spiezia’s Gentle Detox Tips For Rejuvenating Mind and Body Within a Week!

Follow these gentle, nurturing detox tips from our favourite, integrated doctor turned organic beauty guru – Dr Spiezia MD – and you will gain a new sense of wellbeing, energy and vitality.

Now that Christmas and New Year are over, quite a few  Ethical Hedonist readers have been complaining about feeling tired and lacking in energy and a sense of joie de vivre.

You are not alone! The Ethical Hedonist will admit to a great reluctance to get out of bed on these sombre winter mornings! Most of us lack energy in January thanks to consuming a little more alcohol than we should during during the festive season , not to mention one to many organic chocolate truffles and other scrumptious goodies. It is also hard to be very good and stick to a regular exercise regime, when it is still so dark in the morning.

If you want to revitalise your mind and body, now is a very good time to begin. The wonderful Dr. Mariano Spiezia of Inlight Organic Skincare has put together a gentle and easy to follow detox routine based on simple, nutritious meals,herbal teas and taking a walk in nature if you can. Follow it for at least a week, to help your body to cleanse, renew and stimulate the metabolism.


1. Upon waking drink a pint of warm or room-temperature water, adding some drops of fresh lemon juice.

2. Start your breakfast with a seasonal fruit salad. You can add some peeled whole almonds.

3. During the morning drink a cup of nettle, yarrow and marigold tea blend. Repeat also mid afternoon.

Dr Spiezia will be unveiling his sumptuous chocolate mask - for skin that feels like velvet.

Dr Spiezia

4. At lunch time avoid animal proteins and dairy products and opt for vegetable soups and stews.

5. After meals take 30 drops of a herbal tincture blend of Burdock, Dandelion and Artichoke.

6. Returning from work or in the morning before your breakfast, have a brisk walk for an half hour, preferably in a non-polluted area.

7. During or after your shower, rub your body with a loofer glove to activate the blood circulation and open the pores. Then massage your body with Inlight Body Oil with Arnica.


Inlight Body Oil with Arnica.

8. If possible try and visit a steam room twice a week.

9. Eat early in the evening (not after 7 o’ clock). Choose organic brown rice, millet, quinoa plus steamed vegetables. Dress with a small amount of extra virgin organic olive oil.

10. One and a half hours after your dinner, drink a cup of camomile or lime tea for a better sleep.

11. Before going to bed massage your feet and legs with Inlight Organic Foot & Leg balm for a deep and luxurious relaxation.

Please check with your GP before going on a detox regime if you are taking medication.

Inlight Organic Foot & Leg balm

Inlight Organic Foot & Leg balm

Visit the Inlight website for more amazing products: http://www.inlight-online.co.uk/


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