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The Secret Green Domestic Goddess – I love to Clean, Bake Cakes & Dream of Darcy

November 24, 2013 in Archive


The Ethical Hedonist Retires to the Sofa with her chocolate Cake for Mr Darcy.

The Ethical Hedonist Retires to the Celia Birtwell Sofa with a Homemade Cake Fit for Mr Darcy!

The Confessions of a Secret Green Domestic Goddess –  Cleaning My House, Baking Cakes and Day Dreaming  About  Mr Darcy

I’ve got a confession to make.  Forget a trip to the beauty parlour or a dash of retail therapy. Sometimes, I would rather stay in and clean my house and then bake a cake!

I’m a secret green Mary Berry in a vintage tiara, of course. There, I’ve said it. I really get a kick out of putting on a pinny, (a very glam, rock ‘n’ roll one of course, strewn with roses in black and pink) and giving my house a jolly good green clean. Naturally, I only use an assortment of gorgeously uplifting, super duper eco cleaning potions. Sometimes, I dance around the house to Led Zeppelin or Doris Day while I am dusting, polishing and buffing – it makes me clean faster! Afterwards, I head straight for the vintage, comfy Chesterfield with a cup of tea and slice of sumptuous Dark Organic Chocolate Superfood Cake – made with single estate chocolate, olive oil, Acacia honey and love!

Cleaning is almost as nice as kissing or eating chocolate. It’s very therapeutic and cheaper than a shrink!


The Secret Green Nigella

There is something thoroughly life enhancing about a really thorough vacuuming session, or getting out the mop and bucket, and carefully cleaning my wonderfully aged wooden floors, like a general, on a military campaign. I used to have a cleaner, until one day, I discovered her washing my best vintage china in seriously dirty water! Yuk!  Then I noticed that her favourite game was to sweep dirt and pet hairs into corners, and hope I wouldn’t notice.  How could she not have pride in doing the job well? And besides, I have a new vacuum cleaner that is so whizzy, clever, and efficient, that I don’t need a cleaner.


squirt + mop almond wood floor cleaner from Method

Who Needs a Cleaner?

Also, I never need an excuse to pamper my beloved wooden floors with my luscious and miraculous almond wood cleaner. It took me years to track down an eco friendly wood cleaner that cleans and feeds the wood with beneficial oils, without stripping off the protective wax. My wonder wood cleaner is made by a company called Method, which was started by two rather cool guys called Adam and Eric, who I have met. Their mission is very simple. To make really fun, green cleaning products that get rid of dirt by harnessing the amazing power of flowers and a plants; but not chemical plants. What’s not to love? The packaging is seriously groovy too. The almond wood cleaner smells so good, it reminds me of the scent of Christmas marzipan; and it makes me happy every time I use it.  It’s domestic goddess heaven. Even better, it soaks into the wood, and imparts a golden, burnished glow that would even make Anne Robinson jealous.

Method founders Adam and Eric

Method founders Adam and Eric


Before you even go there, having a penchant for cleaning has nothing to do with the f word. Yes, I’m a girl, but my ex loved cleaning his house even more than I do. In fact, his life revolved around obsessively cleaning his kitchen with a whole arsenal of horrid chemicals; or in the case of his silver chariot, this could take up to four days!!!

The Ethical Hedonist - As a Secret Green Nigella.

The Ethical Hedonist.

Apparently, there are lots of allegedly sane, highly intelligent men who prefer to spend quality time with their automobiles rather than their beloved. It’s called ‘Car Detailing’ – and I’m worried we have an epidemic brewing.

Licking the cake mixture is the best bit.

The Secret Green Nigella  – Licking the Cake Mixture is the Best Bit.

I Kissed a Frenchman Who Isn’t a Frog!

Though I can’t imagine the clever alchemist and optimistic beau I had a rather long lunch tryst with last week in Canary Wharf would ever choose cleaning his car over spending time with me .  All I am going to say for the moment about my date is that that we have been enjoying a slow, sweet courtship for quite a few weeks; that is he is French, and, eureka, he is not a frog!!!

Baking a Magnificent Cake Inspired By My French Beau

A chocolate cake fit for a modern Mr Darcy.

The Secret Green Nigella A chocolate cake fit for a modern Mr Darcy.

So I had cleaning session today, and baked a sumptuous and very special cake in his honour – it is called La Reine de Sable. This magnificent empress of cakes is made with the very best organic dark chocolate, ground almonds, organic eggs and Acacia honey. It is served on celebration days. So today I am celebrating romance and a man who just might have some Mr Darcy credentials… time will tell.

Why Green Cleaning is the Future

Ah, now I am digressing! – Back to the joy of cleaning. If I can, I like to clean the house once a week and treat it like a meditation. Over the years I have discovered and collected a colourful and interesting array of green cleaning products that really work, and I love to add to them when I discover something new.  The great thing about using green cleaning products is that they are gentle on humans and the environment.  They never leave you with a headache, make your eyes itch or cause a coughing fit.  They are only ever sweet smelling and pleasantly uplifting. And let me share a secret with you – they work just as well, if not more efficiently than their chemical counterparts.

Cleaning is fun with my tried and tested green cleaning elixirs from Method and Ecover.

Cleaning is Fun with My Tried and Tested Green Cleaning Wonders from Method and Ecover.

A Clean House Means a Beautiful Mind

I like cleaning, because it is also a chance to give my brain a rest from thinking about anything more than getting a really nice lustre on the dining room table – or cleaning the loo, which always makes me feel virtuous! I think it is also true that a clean and tidy house equals a beautiful, sparkling and creative mind!

Stockist and Info

Method Almond Cleaner – price  £4.00,  available from www.methodproducts.co.uk

I’ve been using Ecover Cleaning Products since I was 17! I love the washing up liquid, bathroom cleaner and all purpose spray – www.ecover.com

Karcher vacuum cleaner from £50.00 to £200.00 –  EH  was very impressed with the Karcher. It is lightweight, very good suction and very easy to clean. I also liked the way it made light work of last night’s ash from an open fire.  www.karcher.co.uk

Alison Jane’s rose apron by Ragged Rose  £20.00,  www.raggedrose.com  

Now, we have an amazing Ethical Hedonist Offer for you:

Ragged Rose is also offering EH Readers a pack of two tea towels in the signature Ragged Rose print, worth £12.00, when you spend more than £10.00 on your first order. Please add this code at the checkout –  EH10TT13 – www.raggedrose.com   Please note for orders under £100, postage is by weight ranging from £3.95 – £5.50.  To pay by telephone or for further enquiries ring –  01622 812897.

Pictures of Alison Jane By Jo Monck – www.jo-monck-photography.co.uk




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