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The Muscle Whisperer Will Melt Away Your Back Pain

October 10, 2013 in General

Sophia Kupse  – The Muscle Whisperer


Sophia Kupse is The Muscle Whisperer - Melting away back pain with a combination of fire and ice.

Sophia Kupse is The Muscle Whisperer – Melting away back pain with a combination of fire and ice.

Sometimes you meet the most extraordinary people in the most unlikely of places. So it is with the wonderful Sophia Kupse – or The Muscle Whisperer – a remarkable and highly experienced holistic therapist and the person you have to go and see if you are suffering with chronic back, neck or shoulder pain…

I first met Sophia, whose optimism literally surrounds her like an aura, at All Present and Correct, a press briefing for Christmas gifts which takes place in London in July. Sophia was there to promote a natural eye serum, and because we really hit it off, she told me about the practice she runs as The Muscle Whisperer. I was intrigued. Especially by her comment that many people lead such stressful lives, that they are literally ‘carrying their pain around on their backs’. That really resonated with me. There are times when I feel like that after hours hunched over my lap top in a café, at my dining room table, or crowded commuter train, as I pour out my life as journalist into stories for readers of Ethical Hedonist – the magazine I founded as a labour of love.

So last Friday, I dashed into see Sophia for a treatment at her Monday clinic on Harley Street.  I’ve been experiencing some lower back pain, and it was starting to make me feel quite uncomfortable.  Over the past twenty years, Sophia has perfected a technique for releasing chronic, stored tension in the back area using a combination of thermo and cyro therapy with the most remarkable volcanic stones and ice white marble. They are the tools of her trade, and as precious as diamonds.

Sophia identifies where the tension is and then she targets the affected area with the black volcanic stones heated to a constant temperature of 60 degrees. The movements are so swift and targeted that any discomfort is fleeting. Not surprisingly, I had some pretty deep-rooted areas of tension, and it was marvellous to feel them melt away with a combination of comforting heat and oddly pleasant zingy ice! When the treatment was over, I felt very sleepy and serene.

Sophia is becoming a star in her field, and she has a brilliant book coming out in November called Back In Control, which I have read, and think is just brilliant. The book is set to demystify the misery that comes with chronic back pain, and offers a self help lifeline to thousands of people who are in pain not because of a physical injury, but because so many of us our pushing ourselves to limit, in many cases because of recession and job loss. As a result, we simply do not give ourselves time to relax and rejuvenate body and mind.

Sophia has some very high profile clients from a rock star who needed emergency treatment after a fall from a stage to a lovely Hollywood A list actress. Of course, it doesn’t matter who comes through the door in pain. Everyone gets treated with the same fizzing enthusiasm, because as she puts it simply, “ I love my job and I love to see the great, life-changing results my treatment offers.”

Where to See Sophia Kupse:

Harley Street  every Monday  from 5.30pm  – 9.30pm,  Therapy Centre, 2, Harley Street, London W1G 9QD

Also at: Aroma Day Spa 19 Oaklands, Bradford BD10 8RG West Yorkshire

Times – 9.30am – 9.30pm Wednesday to Saturday and Saturday 8am – 12noon.

 To Book an appointment contact Sophia Kupse on: 07957 113425 or email Sophia@kupse.net 


***** OFFER  Please Quote the code EHBackInControl  and you will receive  Sophia’s special, holistic bath salts for easing away aches and pains.

For more information check out:  www.themusclewhisperer.co.uk

Disclaimer – Please check with  your GP that you do not have a physical injury to your back before seeking a purely holistic approach to back pain.



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