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Food of the Gods – Let Me Introduce You to The Yummy New Chocolate Stars

August 13, 2013 in Eat Local & Organic
The Chocolate Tree's Strawberry and Pepper Bar - the perfect, edible fashion accessory!

The Chocolate Tree’s Strawberry and Pepper Bar – the perfect, edible fashion accessory. Sorry, the bag isn’t included!



I’m going to let you into a secret.  Journalists who work in fashion, beauty and food celebrate Christmas early, in July! It might seem rather strange, but in fact it is eminently practical. How else can I bring you news on what to fall in love with, ahead of the pack!

So, as you all know how much I can’t live without seriously good organic chocolate, with added benefits – I am going to share my excitement at meeting Charlotte and Julia, two amazing women behind Chocolat Lovers – a new, online chocolate atelier entirely devoted to showcasing the finest artisan chocolate. For real, high quality chocolate is one of one of the most versatile, interesting and good for you ingredients that really does deserve the epithet – food of the gods.

The art of the chocolatier - Rose and Champagne truffles at The Chocolate Tree.

The art of the chocolatier – Rose and Champagne truffles at The Chocolate Tree.

Julia and Charlotte have tasted and travelled their way around the UK from the Highlands of Scotland to elegant, historic Henley, to uncover the new wave of chocolate stars and alchemists with chocolate to tantalise the most discerning palate from raw to sugar free and organic and Fairtrade too.

My highlights: Mulu’s utterly cute, raw chocolate truffles, which look like jewels; to Gorvett and Stone’s extraordinary, all that glitters, miraculous, Christmas coal, cinder toffee.  I will be writing about this festive chocolate fancy again. For the moment, I can tell you that it offers a genius combination of sherbet and citrus balanced by creamy milk chocolate, followed by a melt in the mouth, gooey crunch from the honeycomb, made with local honey. Pure pleasure!  I also love the chocolate evolution at  Seed and Bean, this year’s official chocolate purveyors at Glastonbury, who have just launched their rather naughty and adorable, handbag sized chocolate bars – with my favourite  – a 72 per cent extra dark bar with mandarin and ginger. This is a satisfying bar, with just the right combination of bittersweet cacao, orange and a spice, with a lingering after hit of ginger.

Alison Jane, sampling The Chocolate Tree's  Dark, Organic Fruits of the Forest Chocolate Bar.

Alison Jane, sampling The Chocolate Tree’s Darkly yummy, organic Fruits of the forest chocolate bar.

Ah so much chocolate! How could I pick a favourite? Well, it was tough.

My ultimate chocolate crush and  EH Chocolate of the Week is: The Chocolate Tree’s Strawberry and Black pepper bar. These exquisite artisan bars are mini masterpieces in chocolate art. They also taste as good as they look. Each bar is hand finished with pretty pieces of dried strawberry, which works very well with the lingering kick of  black pepper which brings out the sweetness of the strawberries. I also like the zingy, fruits of the forest bar. This is a grown up, sophisticated chocolate bar that will have you purring with pleasure. Now here’s a thought. How about accessorizing a dress with matching chocolate bar? The only problem? – These bars are so beautiful you might indulge in a little agony before unwrapping it, and savouring every bite – but not for too long!  All part of the pleasure -yummy!

More Chocolate Treats on Friday, if you can wait that long.

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