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How to be a Clever Organic Goddess Like Rachel Weisz

June 22, 2010 in Archive

Nuz Shugaa –  Stellar Organic Facialist to the A List

Horray for Nuz Shugaa – What Nuz can’t do to rejuvenate a girl’s tired, stressed, unloved skin and make you feel like a glowing Cleopatra, isn’t worth knowing about. Part stellar organic facialist, vibrant earth mother, and with an encyclopaedic knowledge of plants, herbs and oils, Nuz is one of the most influential women in beauty today. Crucially, she is part of the growing organic revolution which is seeing women desert harsh chemical beauty treatments and botox, in favour of a more gentle holistic approach to beauty, using the dynamic properties of plants, herbs and flowers to restore balance, vitality and youthful lustre to the skin.

Nuz achieves immediate and effective results in just one half hour bespoke treatment, using the most delicious, soothing, precious and unctuous balms imaginable. Along the way, she also dispenses brilliant tips on how to maintain your newly glowing complexion from the inside out. This ebullient, warm-hearted woman has deservedly built up a devoted following – from smart, well informed A listers such as Rachel Weisz – to career women who gravitate to her for her wonderfully pampering and soothing bespoke treatments and her practical, inspiring kitchen cupboard green wisdom.  Nuz is a big fan of the Energys by High Nature range of organic and wild crafted  beauty balms, marine collagen complex and elixirs. She customises them with her own organic oils, vitamins and the most amazing and gentle peel made from a secret formula which includes seeds which the lovely Nightingale likes to graze on.

Well, if it’s good enough for the Nightingale in Berkeley Square…..

For more information or to book a treatment with Nuz Shugaa – at The Beauty Lounge in Soho – www.beautylounge.co.uk www.nuzshgaa.com

High Nature www.highernature.co.uk


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2 responses to “How to be a Clever Organic Goddess Like Rachel Weisz”

  1. Krista says:

    Glad you enjoyed your facial! Be great to mention that you had your facial at The Beauty Lounge where Nuz performs the facials, can follow us on twitter too @beautyloungeW1 –

  2. How strange, Pinks have been looking to work with Nuz and the Beauty Lounge! It sounds like they are doing incredible stuff – very exciting. Would love to be involved.

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