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Is Organic Bee Venom the New Super natural Botox?

April 4, 2010 in Archive

Bees are wondrous creatures. The extraordinary riches of the hive have been used for thousands of years as prized elixir of youth , as a gentle antiseptic to treat wounds and infection on the battlefield and to boost the body’s vitality and immunity.

Hippocrates, the Greek physician and father of medicine, wrote “honey and pollen cause warmth, clean sores and ulcers, soften hard ulcers of lips, heal carbuncles and running sores”, whilst Aristotle believed that the consumption of honey prolonged life. Greek mythology tells us that Nectar was the food of the gods on Mount Olympus and that Zeus was raised on honey.

Given raw, organic honey has a perfect composition of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes – could blending it with powerful bee venom provide the ultimate super, natural workout for the face? – Without going anywhere near needles, fillers or botox?

Deborah Mitchell – herbalist, earth mother and stellar facialist to the A-list including Michelle Pfeiffer, Emelia Fox and Victoria Beckham is certainly mad about the bee!

For it is Mitchell who formulated the famous Bee Venom Mask that is said to have worked its potent magic on Dannii Minogue who went from overblown queen of botox to the luminous, organic girl next door we grew to love on the last series of the X-Factor.

Mitchell believes that there are properties contained in bee venom which could provide the key to the Holy Grail in beauty – a safe, natural form of botox – with only the most pleasing of side effects; plump, clear, luminous, youthful looking skin.

Deborah was treating one of her celebrity clients at home when, in a moment of intense concentration, she gazed into her clients’ beautiful dressing table mirror and saw her own reflection. “My first thought was that I needed botox; but I would never dream of using it; so that was the challenge – I had to come up with the organic and natural alternative for myself.”

Mitchell has long been fascinated by the wisdom of Culpepper and herbalism to harness the therapeutic properties of plants. She became a beautician to find a gentle cure for her own teenage acne. Today, she is a gifted and intuitive therapist. “I love it when people come to me with their beauty dilemmas. I decide what the requirements are first, then the formula usually pops into my head, often when I am dropping off to sleep, last thing at night.”

The key ingredient in the mask is Organic Bee Venom. Mitchell found a supply of pristine, organic bee venom from hives in New Zealand, and she is keen to stress that no bees die in the process of giving up their precious elixir. “A gentle electric current is used to excite the bees, and they release the venom onto a pane of glass which is quite harmless to the bees. In fact they are very clever and know that they are being tricked, and so they only do it once!”

Then comes the alchemy. Deborah has formulated a highly active mask using the venom, organic Manuka honey with its refining, healing and antibacterial properties, together with Russian rose absolute and shea butter.

“I started to trial the mask on myself and a client who experienced severe rashes whenever she became stressed. At first we found the Manuka Honey made it too sticky, so I reduced the quantity; but the effect was almost immediate and very exciting. My client hasn’t experienced a single outbreak since she started using the mask. The bee venom acts as an anaesthetic on the muscles in the face. It puts them into the same state as botox; but by increasing the energy in the tissues, rather decreasing them, and that is a very important difference. So the effect is as if you are taking your face to the gym for a toning, facial workout. Then the Manuka Honey has a refining effect and stimulates skin tissue to produce new collagen and elasten; the combined effect of these two ingredients is quite wonderful.”

Now, comes the fun part. I am going to test the Bee Venom Mask myself daily for the next thirty days and report back on the results. Deborah recommends floating a thin layer of the mask on newly cleansed skin before applying makeup. “The Bee Venom Mask works best when you apply it morning and evening and alternative between a thick and thin layer, to give your skin a glowing work out.

“What clients have found, and I have found, is that it improves the texture and colour of the skin and gives a flawless glow.”

At £27,000 for one gram of organic bee venom, it is more expensive than gold. I can already tell you that this precious mask has an amazing effect on sore, irritated facial skin. I have been applying a pea-sized amount to a burn at the edge of my hairline, after experiencing a nasty allergic reaction to non-organic hair colour. It instantly calms and melts away the itching and redness. It also appears to work wonders on spots – drying them up and making them disappear in a matter of hours. Now I can’t wait to see what effect it has on the appearance of my skin and frown lines!

If you absolutely can’t wait for my full report, Deborah is offering all Ethical Hedonist fans a special 20% discount off all Heaven Skincare for the month of April 2010. Deborah also tell me that she has applied for Soil Association Certification and will have this later this year. Click here to go through to her website and type in the following code: Organic 1.

Bee Venom Mask usual price £60.00, or £19.95 for a trial size, from Heaven by Deborah Mitchell www.heavenskincare.com

Disclaimer. Do not use Bee Venom Products if you are allergic to bee stings. Always do a patch test before use.


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  1. Ann Morkane says:

    Hi Deborah

    Just wounding if I can purchase your product in New Zealand

    Many thanks

  2. Nadia says:

    Dear Deborah
    Is beehives which used for bee venom in New Zealand organic certified and what part of New Zealand?

  3. Louisa says:

    You can buy it at http://www.skincareorganics.co.uk . I absolutely would recommend all Heavens products. Sometimes if you ask nicely they give out samples

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