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Colds & Flu: Homeopathic Remedies by Matt Pepper, #1

March 5, 2010 in Archive

I find that symptoms of colds and flu can respond well to Homeopathic remedies.

At the very first sign that a cold or flu is developing, take Aconite 30 every 2 hrs for a total of 4 doses. This may well nip it in the bud, especially if it has started after getting a chill from being outside too long in the cold.

If symptoms persist, follow the dosage recommendations on the label of the remedy you choose from the list below. If it’s going to work, you should feel relief within 2-3 doses, but you can take up to 6 doses for continued relief. If there is no change after 3-4 doses you may need to alter the remedy to a better match to your specific symptoms.

Homeopathic remedy options for colds/ flu
Arsenicum Album 30 – if you are feeling chilly, restless, and weak, possibly with a burning nasal discharge. Also a good remedy if you feel thirsty for small amounts of fluids or if flu goes to the chest a dry cough can develop.

Gelsemium 30 – if you feel dizzy, fatigue, aching back, lack of thirst

Eupatorium perfoliatum 30 – if you feel deep painful aches and chills in your back and bones, fatigue, thirst and bad headaches.

Belladonna 30 – if your symptoms include fever, red face, hot skin, and sensitivity to light. Other symptoms may include a very red sore throat, or a pounding headache.

Ferrum phosphoricum 30 – if you are at the early stages of flu with no real clear symptoms, just mild, tiredness, headache, fever.

Sometimes a cold can be a sign that we are getting run down and we need to take note and recharge ourselves. If colds and flu are re-occurring i.e. monthly through the winter, then your system has become weakened and susceptible and a helping hand may be needed to strengthen and reinforce your defences. I have often seen this achieved with a full course of professional homeopathic treatment.

Matt Pepper, RSHom

High quality homeopathic dispensaries sellling these homeopathic remedies over the counter and online include:
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