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Painless Leg Waxing – The Organic Way

February 16, 2010 in Archive

I am sure most of you will remember my report on the wonderful Pinks Boutique and how impressed I was with their sensual, aromatic and highly effective organic skin and anti-ageing rituals.

Now I bring you news of their exciting philosophy on waxing treatments.

Do you remember your first waxing treatment? I was eighteen, and thrilled to be released from the tyranny of leg fuzz; but the method can only be described as barbaric. Let’s be honest here; waxing hurts a lot, it’s messy and now the lotions used before and after waxing are coming under scrutiny for their harsh chemical additives including parabens, and potential to irritate vulnerable, newly waxed skin.

The question is would the Pinks Boutique approach transform my monthly torture treatment into an experience I could actually begin to appreciate with confidence? On a grey London day I arrived at the bustling new Park Plaza County Hall in Waterloo and skipped down the stairs to the basement spa and gym. The spa run by Aurora, conjures up an instant feeling of intimacy, serenity and wellbeing. The ethos is unashamedly east meets west. The treatment rooms and waiting area are inspired by Asian rituals, with dark wood panelling, and wonderfully feminine waiting area that resembles a Venetian courtesan’s closet, complete with pretty nick knacks and tea paraphernalia.

My therapist, Nicole, showed me into a very pleasant beauty room that felt cosy, warm and less clinical than so many of the treatments rooms I have previously experienced. I also appreciated the prompt offer of some delicious lemon and ginger tea. The Pinks approach to waxing is firmly based on the desire to prepare the body for waxing, make the treatment as gentle as possible, and then minimise any signs of irritation once the waxing is over.

Kirstie Allen, the founder of Pinks told me that she was so concerned by the chemical cocktail of ingredients in salon waxing products that she felt compelled to formulate a gentler, organic alternative.

“I often say to the therapists who work in our Celebrated Spas that of all the products used by the professional beauty industry, waxing and in particular, after wax creams, are the ones to be seriously worried about. There are few other treatments performed by therapists where the treatment necessitates every hair follicle to be left directly open, and that whatever you then place on the skin has immediate and direct access to the blood stream.”

Worryingly, she illustrates the grim reality behind the glossy brochures that seduce us to visits spas in the pursuit of beauty and aesthetic perfection in the first place. “After wax lotions are the cheapest of cheap products to be found in salons, with an irritating cocktail of ingredients which routinely include pore clogging minerals oils and parabens. Whilst most seem to soothe the skin on the surface, the body is meanwhile being given a good dose of toxins and have you also noticed how often you get little spots a few days after waxing?” Kirstie lays the blame on the cheap base ingredients in the products. “My advice is that if your usual salon doesn’t have a true organic waxing product, buy your own after wax calming lotion and take it with you!”

It was this scenario that spurred Kirstie into action. Particularly, as there is no Soil Association certified alternative. She says, “There is still no such thing as an organic depilatory wax- whatever anyone says as nobody worldwide has found a organic resin for the wax; but we are working on it though!”

I can happily report than I am a convert. While the wax used is not yet organic (Pinks are scouring the world for the right certified organic ingredients to create their own organic wax), the therapist was careful, caring and diligent and the liberal application of Pinks Boutique’s intoxicating lavender after wax lotion and chilled pads soaked in organic rosewater is nothing short of miraculous. I don’t think I have ever been looked after so well during a wax treatment. After half an hour, I promptly feel asleep and would have happily cat napped all afternoon. Later, when I arrived back home and admired my new silken limbs, I noticed that the redness that usually accompanies a wax treatment was noticeably absent.


Aurora Spa, Park Plaza County Hall, 1 Addington Street, London Se1 7RY

020 7021 1800 www.aurora-wellbeing.com


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  1. Delighted that enjoyed your Pinks waxing experience – there’s waxing and then there’s Pinks waxing!

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