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Try These Tasty Gourmet Edible Insects And Eat Grubs

Are you on the look out for a sustainable gourmet snack to excite your tastebuds, whilst adding to a healthy balanced diet? If so, then we’ve found you a special treat. Grub is a micro food startup that offers the most unique snack: edible insects! Started by Shami and his friend Neil, Grub is on a mission to get us to fall in love with grasshoppers, meal worms and locusts as an exciting, fast and easy to prepare superfood. This is not a gimmick; the insects are tasty, nutritional and environmentally-friendly.

Think of it as a luxurious, beneficial upgrade to grabbing a packet of crisps. This delicacy is mess-free and perfect as an on-the-go gourmet snack.  The tasty grubs are also a high quality source of protein, and offer valuable sources of iron, calcium and complex fats; so if you wrinkled your nose at first be persuaded, go for it and have a taste!

Eat Grub Gourmet insects in convenient vacuum packs

Grub Gourmet insects in convenient vacuum packs

Grub’s insects are a fantastic sustainable food source because they are easy to produce, don’t take up much space and don’t emit large amounts of smelly methane gases. This really is a wonderful organic food option because the food can be produced sustainably with minimal impact to our environment. The insects are sustainably farmed in Holland and come conveniently vacuum packed in trendy packaging that wouldn’t frighten your granny. They also have a decent shelf life and don’t require refrigeration.

Now to the most important bit  – what do they taste like? The answer is surprisingly good. If you visit the Grub website, you can sample some of their heavenly recipes concocted from fresh ingredients and, of course, plenty of grubs. The Ethical Hedonist sampled the locusts in a coconut, chilli and lemongrass cake.  I would describe the taste and texture as pleasingly nutty with top notes of almonds with a hint of shrimp. Think of them as a land prawn and prepare them for cooking in exactly the same way by removing the head and wings.

Tempura of gourmet locusts with chill, coconut and dipping sauce

Tempura of gourmet locusts with chilli, coconut and dipping sauce



TO BUY GRUB’S EDIBLE DELIGHTS GO TO  www.eatgrub.co.uk and enter EHO1 for 10% off your order.