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Stop Back Pain – with Sophia Kupse – The Muscle Whisperer


Stop Back Pain. Is chronic pain sabotaging your life, your energy levels and relationships, and impacting on your ability to concentrate on the things that matter most to you?

Sophia Kupse - Author of The Muscle Whisperer - A Self Help Guide to Beating Back Pain

Sophia Kupse – Author of The Muscle Whisperer – AnGuide to Beating Back Pain

Sophia Kupse is ‘The Muscle Whisperer’ – a holistic therapist sought after by actors, singers, writers and sporting heroes for her gentle, innovative and effective approach to chronic back pain. Did you know that scientists have proved that chronic pain, especially in the back and spinal area often has its root in the sub conscious mind, not in a physical injury. If you are experiencing stress at work or from divorce or bereavement, and you have been experiencing back, neck or shoulder pain, stress could be the culprit. ( DisclaimerPlease see your GP and also rule out any medical conditions first).

Sophia is passionate about helping people. Her enthusiasm shines through as she talks about how she successfully treated her mother’s back pain after a 20 year career in nursing. She also recently treated a talented music teacher who came to her in agony, unable to play her beloved violin. Now she has been able to return to full-time to teaching.

Author of the forthcoming book -‘The Muscle Whisperer – A Life without Back Pain’ – an inspirational self help book, which argues that the world-wide epidemic in back pain, is due largely to the stressful lives people live in the 21st century. Divorce, bereavement, emotional and work stress area all sited as top triggers for causing problems as we literally ‘carry our emotional pain on our backs’.

Stop Back Pain now

Sophia is the founder of ‘LT Therapy’ – a revolutionary treatment that offers long-term relief for neck, shoulder and back pain. The system uses a combination of thermo and cryo therapy to release chronic pain and tension in the back area. Heat is applied using volcanic stones tumbled a 1,000 times to create a  smooth surface. The stones are kept at a constant temperature of 62 degrees. This is essential, to release tension stored in the muscle tissue as lactic acid. Heat is alternated with cold, in the form of ice white marble to create an anti-inflammatory response.

Where to see Sophia Kupse: Every Monday, by appointment  – from 5.30pm – 9.30pm.

Harley Street Therapy Centre, 2, Harley Street, London W1G 9QD

Also at: Aroma Day Spa 19 Oaklands, Bradford BD10 8RG West Yorkshire
Times – 9.30am – 9.30pm Wednesday to Saturday and Saturday 8am – 12noon.
To Book an appointment contact Sophia Kupse on: 07957 113425 or email Sophia@kupse.net   Please quote Ethical Hedonist and the code EHBack  when making your booking.  You will receive a gift of Sophia’s wonderful, pain-relieving bath sales, worth £9.95.

For more information check out: www.themusclewhisperer.co.uk