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Savoir Beds: Luxury Handcrafted, Sustainable Beds

As a symbol of comfort, safety, love, and relaxtion, the bed is one of the most important features in any home. This idea is at the centre of Savoir Beds’ ethos to create the most beautiful, luxurious and comfortable beds you have ever seen. As an excellent British Manufacturer, they recognise the importance of a brilliant bed. It is for this reason that they have been called ‘the world’s most luxurious sleeping system’ embodying the ultimate in bespoke luxury. This sense of luxury derives from their origins, as outfitters to The Savoy Hotel, beginning in 1905. Since this first beginning, their beds have been home to some of the most beautiful suites in the hotel, with an impressive list of stars and guests who have enjoyed their comfort. Now offering a bespoke bed service to other hotels and individuals, famous clients include Elton John and Madonna.

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Importantly, Savoir Beds are certainly not style over substance. There is real integrity in the craftsmanship and design shaping each bed, with over 60 man hours of time going into every bed. Savoir is an brilliant example of excellent, artisan handwork. At their London bedworks, each bed is tailormade, using classic British artisan techniques, making every piece an example of quality. Amazingly, every mattress is bespoke, crucial to ensuring the ultimate night’s sleep. This is not merely for luxurious comfort, but also reveals Savoir Beds’ dedication to sustainability. Each of their mattresses and beds can be revitalised and remade every 25 years, so that they are never thrown away.  With over 300 mattresses a week  being sent to landfill in the UK and a single mattress taking up 23 cubic metres of space in landfill, Savoir Beds aim to make their beds a sustainable, lifetime investment. Importantly, Savoir Beds offer a range of choices to complement their bespoke designs, including a range of headboard designs which will fit any of their beds. For example, the new ‘Hugo’ range of headboards combines the classic motifs of a British stately home with an efficient, curved draft-excluding design, showing Savoir’s innovative, yet timeless, elegance.

Using the best natural materials in their designs, such as cashmere, Savoir Beds are masters of quality, British craftsmanship. This idea was encapsulated in a recent exhibition of Royal State Beds, from the Sixteenth Century to present, which Savoir Beds both sponsored and designed a unique Royal State Bed to celebrate the Diamond Jubiliee.  Taking over 600 hours to make, with handfinishing, including a unique brass plaque signature, this really showed that Savoir Beds are the epitome of excellence and luxury.

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One of the most sustainable bed makers in the world, Savoir Beds show that luxury, elegance and classic design deserve a place right in the heart of every home.