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Revolutionary Eco-Friendly Nappies Shaping the Healthcare Market


Revolutionary Eco-Friendly Nappies Shaping the Healthcare Market 

Naty nappy pack size 1

Naty Nappy Pack Size 1

Naty is a revolutionary, eco-friendly nappy brand leading the way with natural personal care products for women and babies. It is an outstanding trailblazer for natural baby products, bringing to you the finest and unsurpassed eco-friendly nappies, designed to soothe, comfort and nurture your precious offspring, while providing the same care and compassion for the planet. Founded by mother of two Marlene Sandberg, Naty is a hero company transforming an essential product for new mums and babies with exceptional standards in eco-compatibility.  It allows today’s busy, concerned, eco-conscious mother to purchase sublime quality nappies, uncompromised in performance, with the comfort of knowing they are not causing harm to the environment or your precious new-born.

A toddler in Naty's Pull-On-Pants 1

A toddler in Naty’s Pull-On-Pants 1

Marlene Sandberg, a former lawyer and inspirational mother of two, who embraces the virtues of a wholly organic lifestyle, founded Naty during a time she describes as “a period of environmental awakening”.  Shocked at the nonchalant attitude towards the devastating impact of conventional nappies on the environment, Marlene realised a vision to come up with an environmentally friendly alternative that could outperform these disposable, non-biodegradable nappies by using less energy, fewer resources, and designing them to be more effective and biodegradable.

Appalled to find that there was no-one offering an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional, disposable nappies that was healthy for babies, and for the environment, Marlene explored many potential alternatives through meticulous research and development. With the support of a small factory in Sweden, she shaped and nurtured Naty until she was happy with its effectiveness, leading to its eventual launch onto the market in 1998.


Unlike her conventional counterparts, who have begun to compromise breathability and comfort of their nappies in order to keep costs down, Naty is producing highly biodegradable alternatives that compete both on performance and price. Through exciting, cutting-edge, sustainable innovation, Naty is constantly striving for the best environmental performance in its products, with a mission to ultimately lead the market ahead of its conventional counterparts.

Naty works closely with The Swedish Environmental Foundation, to ensure the new materials they discover are of the best possible quality and guaranteed to continue to improve what they have on offer. This has enabled them to develop and continuously innovate a nappy that was once fifty percent biodegradable, into one that is now, impressively, seventy percent biodegradable. Through this innovation, Marlene is producing a disposable nappy that works for both the environment and for new, busy mums.


For more information and to purchase your eco-friendly nappies from Naty’s extensive range, go to http://www.naty.com/.


What makes Naty Products Eco-Friendly?

  • The nappies contain no perfumes, and are certified by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association.
  • The nappies are totally chlorine-free and contain FSC certified pulp, from sustainably harvested Scandinavian forests.
  • The outer cover of the nappies is made of totally chlorine free and FSC certified pulp.
  • The leakage barrier is composed of 100% GM-free corn-based film, according to EU regulations.
  • The film is compostable.
  • The acquisition and distribution layer is made of natural materials.
  • The printing colour on the nappies is certified using ink free of heavy metals that are potentially damaging to health.