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Rentez-vous: Fun Fashion Rental

Company Name: Rentez-vous

Category: Luxury Fashion Rental

Full Description:

So you’ve heard of peer-to-peer music file sharing, but have you considered peer-to-peer clothes sharing? Rentez-Vous creates events across the capital where women and designers can come together to share their clothes. Rental fees stand at 15% of the garments original RRP, which amounts to a very reasonable £20 on average for 3 weeks. ‘There’s [an estimated] £1.6bn of clothes in women’s wardrobes in the UK that they don’t wear but don’t want to throw out. Those are exactly the type of clothes we want to target,’ French founder Fiona Disegni tells The Guardian. Like their Facebook page or visit their website at www.rentez-vous.com/en/ for information on upcoming events. The concept is soon to be available online and Rentez-Vous are looking for those who want to get involved, so if you’re interested in becoming a seller then get in touch via contact@rentez-vous.com.