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Of Dreams and Knowledge The World’s Most Precious Organic Olive Oil

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Of Dreams and Knowledge The World’s Most Precious Organic Olive Oil

‘Of Dreams and Knowledge’ is the answer to your culinary dreams.  This rare cottage industry company produces what is arguably one of the finest and most authentic organic olive oils in the world. Owners Dr Konstantinos Mammasis and Dr Barbara Rousaki founded the company in November 2013, with a mission to “create products that are milestones for the health and nutrition of mankind”. From this exciting idea, they created ‘Milestone’, the first organic blossom of unripe olive oil, honouring the beauty and fertility of Greece’s wildest, unpainted agricultural land. This true slow food organic olive oil is produced using 100% natural, slow time-honoured methods of agriculture, that are in harmony with nature, to create the most delectable, precious and rare early harvest olive oil. With its vibrant emerald colour, the ‘Milestone’ will add a richness, and depth of flavour and heritage to even the simplest meal, and will perfectly fill that special space in your kitchen cupboard.

Lovingly Nurtured Fruits for the Ultimate Taste Sensation 

Every element of the ‘Of Dreams and Knowledge’ marque and the ‘Milestone’ production process incorporates accountability, conscious respect for nature and the enjoyment of returning to culinary traditions. The sumptuous fruits are hand-picked and hand-processed with care, being sure to follow the slow, natural pace of life. This great affection and consideration for the precious olives results in an extraordinary richness and depth of flavour that is unsurpassed. The olive groves are situated in the beautiful historic town of Lakonia in the Peloponnese, Greece, and the fruits are grown entirely organically. The fruit is of the Koroneiki variety, which is internationally prized for its high anti-oxidant properties. These factors guarantee that as well as a sublimely delicious taste, your health will also be enriched.

The Revolutionary, Health-enhancing Gourmet Jewel

The beneficial health aspects of the ‘Milestone’ olive oil have been validated through meticulous research by the Laboratory of Pharmacognosy and Natural Products Chemistry at the University of Athens. The oil’s unique chemical profile and polyphenolic composition are proven to contribute to the protection of blood lipids. The beneficial effects can be obtained with a daily intake of 20g and within a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet. This is a revolutionary and exciting benefit obtained from a truly artisanal olive oil as opposed to its mass market counterparts. This, combined with the rarity and precious artisanal nature of ‘Of Dreams and Knowledge’ makes this product an irresistible culinary jewel with added benefits for the health conscious gourmet.

The sustainability of the marque runs right through to its packaging; the bottles are an exquisite re-creation of an authentic old millstone, and are lovingly made by experienced potters. Each stage of the process is done by hand, making every Milestone bottle unique. Their sculptural shape make them an artefact to treasure and keep, or even re-use as a decorative object or to display some favourite flowers. The materials used are fully recyclable and environmentally friendly, in keeping with the great care and passion for protecting nature that is the abiding ethos of ‘Of Dreams and Knowledge’.

A Culinary Superstar Shaped by Culture, History and Tradition

The creativity, innovation and sustainable credibility and passion of ‘Of Dreams and Knowledge’ has been acknowledged with a prestigious award. The ‘Milestone’ olive oil garnered the best business idea within the agricultural sector, in the “Re-Inspire Greece from the Youth Up” competition in Athens during Global Entrepreneurship Week.                                                                                               The exquisiteness of the marque was praised through recognition from the Slow Food Ark of Taste, a company that travels the world to discover the most unique, small-scale precious products that truly define a culture, history and tradition, in order to promote their awareness and champion their continued existence. The distinctive health benefits, combined with meticulous artisanal and organic production makes this a one of a kind brand. For more information visit http://www.slowfoodfoundation.com/ark/details/1991/traditionally-milled-koroneiki-olive-oil.

As well as a deep-rooted love and affection for this exciting brand, the founders Barbara Rousaki and Konstantinos Mammasis together offer an enticing combination of knowledge, passion and love to make ‘Of Dreams and Knowledge’ an exciting, emerging culinary superstar.

Both founders are academics and possess an extraordinary knowledge of the gourmet food market. Their shining attributes help to compel this precious, extraordinary olive oil into a must-have culinary jewel.

If you would like to get your hands on this precious food and health elixir of Greece, please email ethicalhedonismagazinet@gmail.com. Price per bottle is £36 plus postage.

Contact Details:

Contact: Dr. Mammasis Konstantinos

Telephone: +30 69700 551

Website: www.ofdreamsandknowledge.gr

Email: info@ofdreamsandknowledge.gr

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MILESTONE.OLIVE.OIL

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MILESTONEOLIVE

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/milestoneolive/