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LucyQ Luxury Made in Britain Jewellery


LucyQ Luxury Made in Britain Jewellery

LucyQ in her workshop

LucyQ is a ‘Best of British’ jewellery brand that epitomises the quirkiness and originality of today’s designers. Started and run by mother-of-three Lucy Quartermaine, jewellery items in the LucyQ collections are crafted from beautifully finished, highly polished sterling silver, with precise attention to detail that make these pieces one of a kind. Purchasing a LucyQ product means becoming the proud owner of a sublime quality, handcrafted piece of jewellery made right here in Britain.

The LucyQ brand achieves a playful, modern twist on traditional craftsmanship, lavished with elements of fun and softened by a stylish core. The designs are inspired by everyday objects and surroundings; buttons, puzzle pieces and insects are amongst the unobvious yet ingenious shapes that make up the fun collections. Becoming more experimental, the LucyQ ‘Art Deco Collection’ was inspired by the striking geometric shapes of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

The ‘Feeder Button Earrings’, £45, Feeder Button Earrings radiate simplicity and sophistication in style, with the tiny button adding a hint of the ‘cutesy’ and quirky characteristics that make LucyQ jewellery so distinctive. Sophistication and style prevails by using shapes to add new design features, such as the draping of fine silver chains on the ‘Double Splat Necklace’, £210. Double Splat Necklace

Jewellery starts at £45 for smaller, less intricate items, and stretches to £ 810 for more lavishly adorned pieces. This opens the brand to all who share a passion for jewellery, be it those looking for a simple, treasured item, or those seeking to make a bold statement. The verging on lifelike ‘Large Drip Necklace’ is the most expensive piece at £810. Large Drip Necklace

The LucyQ brand derives from a history of love and passion for jewellery: Lucy Quartermaine produced her first collection at just 18. She progressed to a BA in Metalwork and Jewellery Design at Sheffield Hallam University, and in 2004, began to build her own business. Clever nurturing of the brand has seen it grow considerably in recent years, and it is now stocked by over 130 shops, galleries, boutiques, museums and e-commerce sites within the UK.

Lucy received the prestigious ‘Best of the Best’ award in the British Jewellery Association’s annual competition, and has been selected as a finalist for the second time for the UK Jewellery Awards as ‘Designer of the Year’, a well-deserved reward for years of hard work and commitment.

If searching for a unique gift, or a treat for yourself, LucyQ jewellery will surely have something charming to tickle the fancy of even the most fussy jewellery lover.

Contact Details:

Website: www.lucyqdesigns.co.uk

Telephone: 01244 380842

Address: LucyQ Designs
49 Caughall Road
United Kingdom

Star Steal:

‘Splat Ring’-reduced from £48 to £25 in the sale. This beautiful ring adds a touch of fun to even the most sophisticated look.

Star Investment Piece:

‘Large Jigsaw Necklace’-£735. This cleverly crafted necklace will be the final puzzle piece to any outfit.