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Bourgeois Boheme: Luxury Vegan Fashion Footwear

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Company Name: Bourgeois Boheme

Category: Luxury Vegan Fashion Footwear

Full Description:

Combining the luxurious French term ‘bourgeois’ with the hedonistic and artistic ‘bohemian’ comes a luxury vegan fashion shoe range, Bourgeois Boheme. Brimming with ethical British goodness, this luxury vegan fashion footwear brand focuses on using honest vegan materials to produce beautifully classic shoes with a contemporary twist.

BoBo shoes are perfect for vegan enthusiasts and animal lovers who are yearning for stylish shoes that meet their ethical needs. Alicia Lai, founder of BoBo and a vegan advocate herself, was in search of a chic vegan fashion brand to buy exquisitely made shoes without shying away from her ethics. In 2005 she founded Bourgeois Boheme and began to produce fun and quirky fabulous vegan shoes to a growing captivated clientele.


Quick look into some of Bobo's innovative Autumn/Winter designs

Quick look into some of BoBo’s innovative Autumn/Winter designs


With as much a focus on style as comfort, BoBo exudes a quintessentially British style with designs from colourful brogues and pretty pumps to elegant boots. The delicate unstained lotus flower as BoBo’s symbolic logo reflects the stunning qualities of this brand’s blossoming creations. With a more profound meaning towards spirituality and purity, the lotus flower embodies BoBo’s ideals of beautifully created vegan masterpieces that fit like a glove.

Made in Portugal, BoBo’s delightful footwear is only produced in factories that Alicia has personally visited, adding a human perspective to her elegantly ethical company.


What really makes Bourgeois Boheme vegan?

  • There isn’t a single trace of animal product- from the soles to the glues to the shoes
  • BoBo’s enchanting breathable shoes are all biodegradable
  • No PVC is used
  • BoBo has discovered Italian microfibers to produce faux leather and suede appearances


Order your pair of chic, vegan shoes now from the new Autumn/Winter range on their frivolous website and enjoy a life of stylish, ethical strolls.