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The Nadler Hotel Kensington & Soho

The Nadler Hotel in Kensington is part of a small, perfectly formed luxury hotel group with a vibrant, thoroughly modern eco ethos. The company was founded by Robert Nadler, and his eco-friendly focus can be seen everywhere, from the thoughtful digital newspaper with your breakfast to the filtered Brita water on tap and the smart and super useful, home from home, kitchen area in each room.  Its by-line is “edited luxury” – that is, guests are encourage to do things such as eat out, rather than in (there is no restaurant) to reduce the establishment’s effect on the environment. Therefore encouraging you to make the most of the surrounding Kensington and Central London areas, keeping your accommodation as eco-friendly as possible. Formerly called Base2Stay, The Nadler Hotels offer a chic, understated, luxury experience, at a keen price, with beautiful, fully equipped rooms. Yet this remains within an eco ethos.

For those looking for a great base to explore, or for those who are pernickety about their pillows, this hotel is perfect. There is a “Pillow Menu”, with the exact pillow of your choice delivered to your room for the ultimate night’s sleep. This particular hotel is fashionably located in Kensington, though there is another hotel conveniently located  in the heart of Soho for those wanting to be more central.

They also have an equally chic outpost in Liverpool, located in a historic building – this hotel still goes under the name Base 2 Stay.

To book a room at any of the Nadler Hotels go to –  www.thenadler.com