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Alice Bow Handmade Luxury Insoles Fairy God-Mother of the Shoe World


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Alice Bow Handmade Luxury Insoles Fairy God-Mother of the Shoe World

As any fashion-lover can agree, with a fabulous pair of shoes often comes a great deal of pain and discomfort. Be it your trusty flats that see you through the long working day, or your sky-high stilettos that transform you into a style queen by night, appearance is definitely better than reality in the world of footwear. But fear not, as the Emerald Princess has discovered the fairy god-mother of the shoe world; Alice Bow handmade luxury insoles.

The Alice Bow collection includes two hero insole products; one for flats and one for heels. The flat shoe insole features a soft wedge of padding underneath the heel, to prevent heel strike and add a spring to your step. Meanwhile, the heel insoles are designed to cushion the ball of your foot and keep the blisters at bay. These glamorous first aid products for your feet are the answer to every girl’s prayers. Perfect in every way and super-practical, they are shaped at the front, making them versatile to wear with open or closed shoes, and contain sticky pads to the underside to ensure your feet don’t slip and slide. They truly are the heroin of footwear accessories.

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The company was founded by Rachel Bowditch, a vivacious scarlet-lipped fashionista. Bubbly and feminine, Alice is a fellow fashion lover with a collection of amazing shoes, who struggled to find effective, high quality products that looked after her feet. After meticulous research into the highest quality, most effective leathers on the market, Rachel tried out her prototypes on close family and friends, eventually producing a gorgeous model she felt met the needs of the shoe goddesses everywhere in search of a comfort overhaul.

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The Alice Bow luxury insoles are handcrafted with passion and care in the heart of London, using specially selected, sublimely soft, Italian coloured leather, tailored to look good as well as to be blissfully soothing your feet. Top range orthopaedic padding absorbs shock, whilst delivering breathable, antibacterial, long-lasting comfort and confidence, making your feet ready to dance the night away.

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Try an Alice Bow luxury insole and feel the magic work! Discover what products they have to offer at http://www.alicebow.com/.