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Welcome to the inspiring world of Ethical Hedonist a different kind of organic arts, food, and fashion magazine + community – a social enterprise magazine striving to make a difference, encourage organic, responsible, circular consumption that protects nature and nurtures young journalists and older journalists disadvantaged by technology. We’re different from all the other green magazines you might have come across. We don’t preach sustainability – we prefer to inspire it!

Important Update. The Art of a Great Chat Show is all about putting the right interview guests together. The first

Sex Education- The Best Coming of Age Drama Since the Breakfast Club – A Review by Drama and Entertainment Journalist Alison Jane Reid.

Gillian Anderson for Winser London Gillian Anderson actor, feminist icon and the star of X-Files, Sex Education, The Fall, The

The Many Faces of Hugh Grant – A Review of the BBC Bafta Tribute on the life of Hugh Grant

Joanna Lumley is set to star in a new travel series on hidden Cuba and Haiti for ITV in Spring 2020, Ethical Hedonist Reports.

Sanditon, Pride and Prejudice Undone, a Long Form Review by Journalist Alison Jane Reid for Ethical Hedonist Magazine.

I admire Naomie Harris OBE, stellar actress, environmentalist, Formula E motor racing muse and a woman who has breezily managed

Could three Game of Thrones stars, Thor Bjornsson AKA “The Mountain”, Hannah Waddington AKA “Septa” and Kristian Nairn AKA “Hodor’

The Durrells: A Merlinesque Love Letter to Animals, Humans, and Conservation! Serendipity is a marvellous thing. Several weeks before the