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Slow Travel

We were thrilled to discover a carpet of spotted orchids on the slopes of the South Downs, above Lewes on

Sometimes His Majesty and The Ethical Hedonist just need a day out to recharge our batteries, let someone else do

If you have the tenacity of a female Sherlock Homes and an instinct for a bargain, the Isle of Wight

One of the best things in the whole wide world are my slow, languorous Saturday mornings spent wandering around Ventnor

I’m in love with the romance of train travel! But not the kind of travel born out of dull necessity

The Guildhall Art Gallery in the City could be regarded as something of an oxymoron: a well-known well-kept secret. Everyone

When I become Prime Minister, I am going to appoint His Majesty Minister of Fun. He is a genius at

Who says the economy is in a downward spiral? Here’s how to have some wicked fun for free, and make

Don’t miss the chance to head for the subterranean depths of the NPG and transport yourself to 1966 – to

The consort referred to in these pages as His Majesty has cracked the Ethical-Hedonist’s master-password and hacked into the website