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May Horoscope with Alex Trenoweth Professor of Western Astrology   There has been a lot of chatter about retrograde planets as

April Horoscope with Alex Trenoweth Professor of Western Astrology       Aries You have a lot of mental energy

Ethical Hedonist March Horoscope with  Alex Trenoweth. Alex Trenoweth MA, the Ethical Hedonist Magazine’s resident astrologer is a teacher, astrologer,

Welcome to Ethical Hedonist February Horoscope, by leading astrologer and teenage expert, Alex Trenoweth, MA.  This month, the stellar spotlight

Aries This a month in which you will just want to get straight down to business. You have your own

EH December Horoscope by Alex Trenoweth Aries And the prize for being the most impatient goes to… you! Things just aren’t

EH November Horoscope by Alex Trenoweth Aries It’s very hard for other people to predict just what you might do

EH October Horoscope by Alex Trenoweth Venus does her final pirouette in Leo on the 9 October before focusing her

September Horoscope By Alex Trenoweth Aries Ever wonder why people argue so much around you? Do you long for a

 EH August Horoscope By Alex Trenoweth July ended with a spectacular blue Moon in Aquarius—which seemed like a fitting end