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Great British Brands

Fairtrade, Sustainable Object of Desire. We’ve quite lost our hearts to this lovely bouquet of M&S  fairtrade, multi-coloured roses and

  Ethical Hedonist Spy Henry Holland, Save the Children and The Future of Wallpaper ‘Pink is the navy blue of

  Nairn’s  guilt free chocolate  lime tart recipe offers super nutrition and super pleasure.  Who would have thought the combination

  Star Girl Reporter  – Catherine Walker – A Couturier for All Seasons Darling ‘Katrine’, I still can’t believe you

 Regent Street : My Secret Love Affair with Eternal Glamour By Journalist Alison Jane Reid Dear Readers,  It’s Valentine’s Day

Beat the cold with a wood burning stove. As they say on Game of Thrones “winter is coming,”  and if you

  Poldark – A Meditation On Love, Compassion and Power By Feature Writer and Editor-in-Chief Alison Jane Reid   What

Bluestockings! The Wise Owl Fairtrade Print Dress! It is a truth universally acknowledged, that sassy, bookish, organic gals do like

Iconic Colin Morgan James Bond Style Fashion Poster STOP PRESS –  The Colin Morgan fashion art poster is now available

The EH Mag Guide to Slow Sartorial Luxury 1. Barbour Steve McQueen T-shirt Every man should have a statement T-shirt,