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The Six Female Stars in Sustainable Finance

Wind Turbines Generating Sustainable Energy
Wind Turbines Generating Sustainable Energy

Women in Sustainable finance – How to make it in the green economy

What does it take to make it as woman trailblazing a global shift to sustainable finance and investing? Six female leaders share their advice for considering a career in the rising green economy.

You would have to have been asleep for the past five years if you don’t know that sustainable finance is creating a buzz from the boardroom to the corridors of government as more and more of us want to see our money, pensions, and investments create a serious social and environmental impact to avert climate breakdown and create fairer societies. According to JP Dallon writing in Forbes in December 2018, impact investments have doubled in a year to $228 billion, while The FT cites Warren Buffet’s once much-ridiculed investment in BRJ, a little known Chinese electric car company, now outperforming Tesla and Panasonic and worth 2.5 times Mr Buffet’s savvy and visionary 2008 investment in a green future for motoring.

A man reading a newspaper with a feature on renewable energy and wind turbines
A man reading a newspaper with a feature on renewable energy and wind turbines – Picture by Priscilla du Preez

Now the UK Government’s Clean Growth Grand Challenge aims to support UK industry towards a global shift to cleaner economic growth.

The relationships between, and the direct effects of, our lifestyle habits and consuming choices is under greater scrutiny as we transition to a more trnasparent and responsible sustainable economy, and as a result we are making more ethical, sustainable and circular economy choices.

Consumers are increasingly drawn to businesses that demonstrate environmental and social responsibility and this ethical trend is also being reflected in their investment decisions.

women are transforming the world of financial services

The Talented Women Leading the Charge for a Sustainable Economy

Diversity and celebrating women in leadership positions is at the very heart of this story, and that’s why we’re shining a spotlight on six of the industry’s talented female leaders to show that you can be ethically and socially conscious while earning an attractive salary. Through their industry experience and leadership platforms, they continue to articulate powerful messages on how to make it as a woman in sustainable finance in 2019.

Read on to learn how they got started, their thoughts on the industry and their advice for other women considering a career in sustainable finance. It’s invaluable advice from women who’ve achieved great success in an industry where just 35% of the workforce are in female leadership roles, according to Acre, the social responsibility recruitment specialist.

A responsible investment analyst starts at around £30,000. According to the Acre’s 2018 Sustainability Salary Survey and salaries can rise to six figures for those overseeing a responsible investment team.

Top facts listicle – Sustainable finance: what’s it all about?

  • An important component of Sustainable Finance is Green Finance, which refers to raising capital and financial investments into companies, services, products and projects that accelerate the development of an environmentally friendly and climate-resilient economy. 
  • In 2018, the UK Government announced the establishment of a new Green Finance Institute that will build on the existing Green Finance Initiative (launched 2016) – to act as a ‘one-stop-shop for the UK’s green finance activity.
  • Last year the Clean Growth Strategy was published, setting out plans to decarbonise for the decade ahead, including investing more than £2.5bn in clean growth innovation.   
  • Government analysis shows that up to £6bn could be saved by 2030 through investment in cost-effective energy-saving technologies – underpinning the Government’s ambition to support businesses and industry to improve energy efficiency by at least 20% by 2030. 
  • A Green Finance Strategy will come out later this year to further strengthen the UK’s global green finance leadership.
  • Through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, the Government is investing hundreds of millions of pounds with industry to develop low-carbon technologies including batteries. 
  • The government has announced a package of measures to transform energy infrastructure to make it cleaner, including the launch of £320m fund in low-carbon heat networks, match funded by industry, alongside proposals for new laws for smart energy appliances.    
  • There is now a Green Finance Taskforce bringing together some of the country’s brightest minds to produce recommendations on how to accelerate the growth of green finance. 
  • During the first annual Green GB and NI Week (October 2018), 67 companies pledged to take clean growth action – from John Lewis moving to a clean fleet to HSBC committing £250m for clean growth investments.  
  • The London Stock Exchange is home to over 95 green bonds which have raised in excess of US$26bn. The global green bond market reached $167bn in 2018 
  • According to EY, 17% of Millennials prefer to invest in companies that meet the highest ESG standards, compared with just 9% among older generations.  
  • Green Finance combines all financial transactions that favour the energy transition and fight against climate change but only 35% of the workforce are female. 
  • According to Acre, sustainability recruitment specialists, the desire to address gender diversity has grown significantly in momentum in the last 2-3 years, clients expect a 50/50 female/male shortlist.

London’s Hot List in Sustainable Finance

Described as ‘London’s leading women in sustainable finance’, all have made several appearances on various most influential women lists! Now read our leading women in sustainable finance dispensing advice to the next generation of ethical business leaders.

Remarkable Women

Anjuli Pandit
Anjuli Pandit, UK Head of Corporate Sustainability / Primary Sustainability Manager at BNP Paribas

Anjuli Pandit, UK Head of Corporate Sustainability / Primary Sustainability Manager at BNP Paribas

Qualification: BS in Education from University of Miami and MA in International Public Management with an Energy policy focus from Sciences Po, Paris

What exactly do you do?
I act as a bridge between investors who are looking to integrate sustainability into their portfolios and issuers who need to raise capital to achieve their sustainability goals. By studying investor needs in detail, I hope to bring to issuers opportunities on how to increase their access to capital by demonstrating ESG performance along with financial performance.

What made you go/get into the field you are in?
In 2006 I was invited to a training day with Al Gore on how to give the Inconvenient Truth Presentation on his behalf. Since then I have been hooked on climate action. 10 years ago I probably wouldn’t have ever considered that I had a skillset which could be interesting to the financial services. Today, there are many people like me joining other banks or asset managers to look into ESG factors which could lead to long term returns. By marrying my knowledge on sustainability with my colleagues extensive expertise in delivering financing and investment products, we are able to push this pioneering new field – Sustainable Finance.

A Night of Sustainable Innovation with Swarovski, Stella McCartney, H&M and Haeckels at the Barbican November 2018

What do you find exciting about it, what do you get out of it, why do you enjoy it?
The incredible satisfaction that every single day you are working towards solving the climate crisis, human rights issues, gender equality- all the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals really! We all know it is going to take an immense amount of capital to change our business models and systems towards inclusive, environmentally conscious practices. My job is to do everything I can to get clients access to that capital or the opportunity to invest in that future we all aspire towards. Because we have to demonstrate the impact this capital is creating, we talk about carbon emission reductions, hospital beds, employment opportunities, women on boards. It is very concrete and rewarding to know that I have some role to play in making these sustainability goals a reality.

Why might you encourage others into it/consider it as a career or a career in the ‘green economy’? Money makes the world go round. And in order to keep the world turning, we need to solve these problems. I would encourage someone who is considering finance to enter into this field because I think it is the future of finance and the best bet for their career growth. However, if someone is not ready to enter the finance industry, I would recommend they follow their passion and bring “green” to it. If you want to be an events manager – do it, in fact, be the best events manager you can be! By making all your events carbon neutral and setting a precedent for the events industry on eco-conscious event planning.

What are some of the really interesting things you’ve worked on and how do they ‘fit’ with clean growth?
Last year I attended a workshop with a group of portfolio managers and investment officers on how we should view companies performance through the lens of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It was fascinating because it was calling on us to challenge how we evaluate companies, and question which business models we really want to invest in. Many of the firms there were mainstream investors, making this conversation very impactful. We also created a carbon management strategy for our offices across the UK, setting reduction targets based on energy efficiency and purchasing renewable energy. Currently, I have started working on how to market and develop “transition bonds.” This means companies who may not necessarily be ready to completely invest in green infrastructure, however, they require funds to get themselves closer to being able to do so. When we look at the energy transition, we have to be very conscious that it is a transition. We want to support as many organisations as possible who are truly committed to this transition to find ways to disengage from traditional technologies at a pace which is fair to their business and also to the communities who they serve. The energy transition is so much more than just renewable energy, and being able to focus on areas like energy efficiency, smart grids, storage, distribution, etc, allows us to ensure that we are attacking all the infrastructure shifts that will be required to drastically change the way we power our planet.

Renewable Energy using wind and solar

What would you say is the biggest/greatest satisfaction you get from your career?

My career has been very fluid, and I was able to work in private, public and not for profit sectors around the world. I have worked in villages in Africa and India marketing solar lighting for rural communities when I headed Communications at Greenlight Planet. I have presented on climate change to politicians, school children, business leaders, and in local community centres across the world through Al Gore’s Climate Reality charity. I have researched climate policies at the International Energy Agency in Paris and listened to concerned citizens talk about bat diseases in the Midwest when I worked at the Obama Administration in Washington DC. I have advocated global policymakers to mandate reporting on climate change when I was part of a team which developed IT software to track and measure carbon emissions for Tata Consultancy Services. The subject is vast and pervasive, and therefore, so can your career be should you make it yours.

Ice Melting at the Poles

Why you think what you do is important in relation to clean growth/the green economy?

Why wait until tomorrow what you could start solving today? I am too impatient not to be a problem solver. That’s how I approach my professional goals, my relationships, and my personal commitment to climate change and gender equality.  To any woman considering a career in sustainable finance, I would say: we need you!”

Why is IWD important and what does it mean to you?

I am so excited to be a 33-year-old working woman in 2019. I would have been a miracle only decades ago, but thanks to my mother’s generation, I am the norm today. They fought to get us integrated into the workplace, but we should not make the mistake of being thankful that we are here. It is our right to be here. My generation now has the responsibility to improve th workplace so that it is conducive to working women’s needs. I feel the weight of this responsibility the way one probably feels the weight of a newborn in your arms. With a lot of pride to have been given a purpose to nurture something and make it grow. We see the changes already as men and women demand work life balance to bring flexibility to breastfeeding employees, and bold women stand up for equal pay. I have become a vocal advocate for how to create safe places for women to work free of fear of sexual harassment and discrimination. We have a long ways to go, but I am encouraged by the fact that the tide seems to have turned against misogyny at the workplace as more people are bringing fairness and inclusivity to business cultures than ever before.

An image from the LA Women's March 2017 by Samantha Sophia
An image from the LA Women’s March 2017 by Samantha Sophia

Barbara Calvi, Morgan Stanley London

“Attracting and retaining women in the marketplace is a mission critical objective of Morgan Stanley. Nowhere is this more important than in sustainable finance, where Morgan Stanley is helping governments, corporates and agencies to raise capital to meet environmental and social challenges. One of these challenges is the barriers faced by women when starting their own business and raising capital to fund them. To help close this gap, Morgan Stanley launched the Multicultural Innovation Lab, which invests in multicultural and female tech entrepreneurs, including in the clean energy space, and is one of Morgan Stanley’s multiple initiatives to advance representation.”

Rongrong Huo
Rongrong Huo, Executive Director, Head of Investment Institute at Investec Asset Management

Rongrong Huo, Executive Director, Head of Investment Institute at Investec Asset Management

Qualifications: Visiting Fellow at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China and MSc Management (Banking & Finance), Cass Business School, London, UK

What exactly do you do?

I head the strategic Investec Investment Institute for the firm. The Institute provides thought leadership in identifying long term trends that matter to our industry and our clients. We look for differentiated investment insights that can help us provide solutions to our clients’ investment requirements across various asset classes and investment strategies. Sustainability and long-term responsible investing are at the core of our thinking and analysis. In addition, I also help drive several strategic initiatives that are directly led by our CEO.

How did you get into the field you are in?

I am a big believer in the role that financial services and capital markets can (and should) have in creating positive impact.  Before moving to the buy side, I spent a few years of my 12 years as an investment banker in a global bank setting up and co-leading their Sustainable Finance team. Being able to take a more strategic and long-term view was important to me. Moving to the buy-side and working in a company with long term capital backing is an enabler. Responsible stewards of long-term capital have a key role to play in the transition to a more sustainable financial industry, and I want to be at the driving seat.

What do you find exciting about it, what do you get out of it, why do you enjoy it?

Investec Asset Management has demonstrated strong leadership and has a positive approach and culture in this area, and that provides me with a great platform to learn, influence and make positive changes happen. I’m in the empowering position of making a positive difference to future generations. My role allows me to meet and be in contact with a wide range of talented people from different walks of life, ranging from CEOs and fund managers to leading scientists and even fashion designers!

Why might you encourage others into it/consider it as a career or a career in the ‘green economy’?

Sustainability is the Future

Girl in a canoe by Filip Mroz
Girl in a canoe by Filip Mroz

You have to follow your heart, but going sustainable and green is not only the ‘right thing to do’, it is also a sound business decision, strategically and commercially. And it is a smart career decision too. It is the future and, frankly, you don’t want to be left out and miss out on the excitement.

What are some of the really interesting things you’ve worked on and how do they ‘fit’ with clean growth?

I am very lucky to be one of the founders of two high profile Green Finance initiatives in the UK and China. We work with central banks, governments, regulators and a group of leading financial services companies to come up with ideas, develop work streams and help provide industry guidance. As a result, we have brought many green finance and investment related solutions and products to the market that are increasingly becoming mainstream. We continue to drive innovations and are now busy working on how to connect green and sustainability thinking with the real economy’ and are currently working on developing a Green Technology Fund concept with China to support UK green technology companies grow and expand. I am also enjoying the work on exciting initiatives in relation to greening the Belt and Road and promoting sustainable infrastructure in emerging markets.

What would you say is the biggest/greatest satisfaction you get from your career?

One of my biggest satisfactions has been helping to shape the green finance revolution, but ultimately what I find most rewarding is being able to inspire and empower myself and people around me to do the right thing and make positive changes. Feeling that you are doing the right thing gives you the confidence and satisfaction to take on greater career challenges.

Why you think what you do is important in relation to clean growth/the green economy

I believe that the ability to build the (financial returns) business case for cleaner and more sustainable growth, and influence our clients’ long-term asset allocation to channel their global capital into profitable and workable investment solutions, plays a critical part in building a sustainable financial services industry. My role at Investec Asset Management provides me the opportunity and strategic engagement points to contribute to part of this exciting journey.

A business woman checks the stock market

What does IWD mean to you and why is it important?

It’s a celebration of all the collective and individual achievements of women, but it’s also a reality check which highlights that we still have a long way to go in terms of recognition, first among ourselves, and also for and of others. For me it’s a special moment that makes me reflect on my own life journey in China and here in the UK.

Strength and resilience are our natural attributes. You can be who you want to be, and you do not have to sacrifice your femininity to have a successful career. The true power of women is often invisible.

Emily Murrell
Emily Murrell, Head of Sustainable Finance and Future Cities Policy at HSBC

Emily Murrell, Head of Sustainable Finance and Future Cities Policy at HSBC
Masters from the College of Europe in Belgium, BSc from London School of Economics

What does your job entail?

I identify and help the business and our clients manage the key risks and opportunities relating to the transition to the low carbon economy. This involves monitoring and where possible shaping UK and international sustainable finance public policy to create an enabling regulatory environment.

I also develop policy positions for HSBC on emerging sustainable finance issues, helping coordinate input and action from across the business. In doing so I support HSBC with the implementation of its impressive international sustainable finance targets and strategy. I regularly draft briefings and speech content before public appearances and announcements at important climate milestones like COP. I represent the bank in numerous internal and external sustainable finance forums, chairing working groups and speaking on public platforms to offer HSBC’s perspective on important issues.

What triggered your interest in the ethical financial sector?

I was fortunate or unfortunate enough to witness the consequences of climate change from a young age. I’m half-French and where my family are from in the French Alps the scenery has changed dramatically as a result of climate change. The famous Mer de Glace glacier has retreated every year and the short walk I used to do to see it as a child now involves a hike up hundreds of steep steps.

I’m a big believer that we should all try and use our valuable time, skills and energy to make the world a better place. Without solving the financing challenge and finding the trillions of investment needed for green infrastructure, a low-carbon world will not be possible.

UN Sustainable Development Goals
UN Sustainable Development Goals

What do you find exciting about it?

Working in this space is exciting because it is fast-moving and dynamic! The Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement are no longer a ‘nice to have’ and instead are being actively integrated into business models. Most companies recognise that early action can offer them a competitive advantage and help them manage climate risk. Being in the heart of a large organisation adapting to the challenges and opportunities associated with climate change is fascinating.

Why might you encourage others to consider this as a career?

No two days are the same, you are constantly learning and it is full of dedicated and interesting people. There is also huge potential for anyone who can see the bigger picture and/or who has an entrepreneurial mindset.

What are some of the really interesting things you’ve worked on and how they ‘fit’ with clean growth?

One of the things I’m proudest of this year is my role co-organising a programme of events at the Tate Modern for the UK’s first ever Green GB Week. The speakers included the Rt Hon Claire Perry MP, Minister of State for Clean Growth, who champions clean growth in the UK Government, John Glen MP, Economic Secretary to the UK Treasury and Lord Stern, who I have a huge amount of respect for. Bringing together hundreds of representatives from business, government, academia and civil society fosters the public-private partnerships and relationships necessary to address climate change. Further, it reminded me how much ‘climate talent’ there is in the UK, a fantastic hub of expertise and innovation.

The Tate Modern - By Marc Ruaix
The Tate Modern – By Marc Ruaix

What would you say is the biggest/ greatest satisfaction you get from your career?

I enjoy working on sustainable finance because success requires cross-organisation and cross-sector collaboration. This means you work with a multitude of stakeholders and consistently learn from other people and organisations. Sometimes it can be frustrating identifying what ‘you’ achieved because there are so many players and initiatives, but it is very reassuring knowing you are part of a global network working towards a common goal. Like many people, I get my happiness and confidence from seeing the value I add to an organisation or cause. Working in this space makes me feel immensely proud that I’ve at least tried to have an impact on one of the most serious issues facing our planet.

“I’m delighted to see that working on sustainable finance and climate change has gone from niche to mainstream. There are a growing number of interesting jobs, qualifications and opportunities for innovation in this space. Economies should be drivers of sustainability: protecting our precious natural resources and reducing poverty through sustainable economic growth. I hope to make a difference and my role gets us that little bit closer to making that a reality for future generations. International women’s day belongs to all of us. This is a great moment to appreciate the achievements of women all over the world and reflect on the barriers which still need to be broken down to ensure no one is left behind.”

Amy Clarke, Partner & Co-Founder, Tribe Impact Capital said:

“We are at a convergence right now of mainstream finance and what I term hardcore sustainability. For too long the two ‘industries’ have been working independently of each other and the results of this are all too clear to see. All of that is changing which means the opportunity for those interested in affecting systemic change is increasing. The doors are more open now than they’ve ever been and the need for diversity at its greatest.  I’m a career sustainability specialist and have been advocating for a new investment paradigm and system mission.  That’s why I came up with the idea for Tribe. We’re the synchronization of investment, sustainability and impact that has been long overdue. ”

Abigail Herron
Emily Murrell, Head of Sustainable Finance and Future Cities Policy at HSBC

Abigail Herron, Global head of responsible investment at Aviva Investors

Why is sustainable finance/Green Finance important?

There is a widespread lack of understanding as to how the financial system directs an individual’s capital towards investments, and this is a profound problem for sustainable development. It allows short-termism to permeate the markets and prevents capital from reaching longer-term projects.

We need to avoid a wasteful approach to our future sources of growth and instead put capital to work to build a sustainable economy that will deliver prosperity, jobs and long-term growth for generations to come. Sustainable finance is an idea whose time has come.

Achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement will require an unprecedented mobilisation of both public and private finance: some US$90 trillion over the next 15 years. The World Bank highlights that to meet the investment needs of the Sustainable Development Goals, the global community needs a paradigm shift to move the discussion from billions in overseas development assistance to the trillions in investments of all kinds: public and private, national and global, in both capital and capacity. Business and finance, in particular, have a critical role in ensuring that the Goals are met.

How did you get into this field?

I fell into my first graduate role in politics. My local MP knocked on my door, I invited her in for tea and ended up with a job! After that I trained as a chartered company secretary and worked in corporate law at Eversheds. One evening I went to a talk on responsible investment and palm oil by Dr Sam Lacey at what was then the Co-operative Asset Management and I had a career epiphany.   I had no idea there was a way of combining my interest in sustainability and investment and soon after I joined the Co-operative Asset Management’s Responsible Investment team to work with Sam.  The Co-operative Bank had somewhat of a wobble in 2013 which is when I was offered the opportunity to join Steve Waygood’s responsible investment team at Aviva Investors. I jumped at the chance.

How would you describe what you do to people?

I spend my days talking to the companies we invest in on the full spectrum

of ESG topics from A (antibiotic resistance) to Z (zero hour contracts) and encouraging them to address these issues for the long term health of their business. Over breakfast, I could be talking climate change to a energy company, asking a food retailer why there’s a lack of women on its board over lunch and talking about human rights and labour standards with a clothing company in the afternoon.  I compliment this with public policy advocacy at a UK, EU, OECD and UN level on a spectrum of issues from the sustainable development goals through to green bonds.

Why is what you do important to them and how are they affected/impacted by it?

Often when people hear about their pensions their eyes glaze over. On the face of it, it’s not the most exciting of topics. However, we’re starting to see the average man and women on the street now starting to make the connection between the corporate scandals such as VW, Bell Pottinger and Miramax they read about in the news and the companies their pension funds invest in.

Consumers are rarely asked about their ethical preferences by those managing their financial products. It’s assumed that unless people voice concern over a topic then they’re happy to invest in it but often they don’t know to ask. As a consequence, the vast majority of investors are investing in a way that their client are not ethically comfortable with.

Common sense suggests that future looking companies that respond swiftly to the changing landscape on topics such as climate change will have a competitive advantage. This is complimented by sufficient evidence that companies adopting sustainable business practices perform better over the long term which all benefits consumers whose pensions and savings are invested in these companies.

Bees Make Honey on the Roof of Royal Lancaster London

Why would you recommend working in this field?

Careers in the sustainable finance didn’t even exist until around 20 years ago. It’s a field that’s evolving so fast that there’s plenty of potential to be in the centre of shaping the debate on a whole range of topics.

Everything you read about in the news plays into sustainable finance – from artificial intelligence, the living wage, the collapse of fish stocks and the decline in bees, plastics to mining in the most prestigious areas of natural beauty on the planet, UNESCO world heritage sites. It’s a fantastic platform for positive change.

Last week I was in Poland discussing climate change with their largest energy producers who rely heavily on coal fired power stations. We believe this type of investor trip was a world first. Earlier in the summer I visited energy companies in Beijing as part of a Bank of England/Bank of China climate change delegation to share why a large insurer and investor would care about climate change and to encourage action. There has never been a more exciting time to work in sustainable finance.

What difference do you think you are making to help the planet and economy?

Alongside climate change, one of my special interest is sustainable agriculture. In the recent Aviva report, Frontiers In Sustainable Agriculture: Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, we used the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals to focus on three sustainable agriculture blind spots: oceanic plastic and sustainable fisheries; antimicrobial resistance; and pollinators. Without pollinators food systems fail, without fisheries many countries fail and without antibiotics health systems fail. By considering the issues raised in this report, we want to work with others towards a more sustainable capital market that can both meet the needs of long-term investors and at the same time help all of us towards a more sustainable, well-fed, future.

Meryam Omi, Head of Sustainability and Responsible Investment Strategy, Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM)

Meryam Omi, Head of Sustainability and Responsible Investment Strategy, Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM)

Qualification: BA (hons) and MSc

What exactly do you do? /How did you get into the field you are in?

My job touches on all aspects of sustainability that have to do with investments. Creating sustainable funds, helping pension schemes to think about the long-term impact of their investments, integrating key sustainability and governance considerations in the investment process and pushing regulations to put into place favourable policies for responsible investment.

I fell into finance, but I really wanted to be part of the solution to global environmental issues. I was once fully prepared to leave finance, but I realised, and others made me realise, that I could potentially have a bigger impact if I stayed in finance, to try to be in the driving seat of capital flow. It hasn’t been easy, but it was definitely the right choice for my skillset.

What do you find exciting about it, what do you get out of it, why do you enjoy it?

Convincing people that environmental solutions make finance sense. I get a look, a spark, in the eyes of the people I’m trying to convince, when the possibility of playing a positive and active part becomes clear to them. It’s not every job that gives the opportunity see that spark and the sense of possibility.

What are some of the really interesting things you’ve worked on and how do they ‘fit’ with clean growth?

Creating mainstream investment options that address climate change – this has already led billions of pounds being redirected to sustainable investment options. Instead of talking about climate change, being able to provide tangible solutions including investing more money in companies providing clean technologies is the reason I got into this job in the first place. But I’m fully aware that we need trillions to move to the clean option asap!

Why might you encourage others into it/consider it as a career or a career in the ‘green economy’?

It’s the future! I don’t think many people need much convincing, as I have so many people contacting me saying they want to get involved. Instead, I want to make sure everyone thinks about how to make the economy green in every aspect. Being efficient, getting energy from free natural sources and driving without emissions are not just “green” – it’s a good investment for companies, governments and investors.

What would you say is the biggest/greatest satisfaction you get from your career?

Inspiration I get from the people I meet. That can be “mainstream” investment people who come up with incredible sustainable ideas, or people who devote their lives to specific sustainability causes and never lose their fire.

Over and over I’m faced with the reality that people are not defined by titles, company or background. I love the good surprises I get from people I least expect.

Sundried Activewear infographic-emissions
Sundried Activewear infographic-emissions

Why do you think what you do is important in relation to clean growth/the green economy?

“We have to redirect the money from dirty to clean, because it makes sense financially and for our future.”

Why is International Women’s Day important and what does it mean to you?

The sustainability agenda, especially in finance, is dominated incredible women who dared to break the mould. Any day that celebrates fierce women globally is very special to me, as the network of women is the literally my sustainable source of energy.

Faty Dembele CISl Cambridge
Faty Dembele, Senior Programme Manager, Investment Leaders Group (ILG) at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability

 Faty Dembele, Senior Programme Manager, Investment Leaders Group (ILG) at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Faty has been ranked Top 10 Sustainability research analyst (#7) in Extel, the leading market survey for global institutional investors in 2018.

Qualification: Master’s degree in finance

What is your job at CISL?

My role at CISL is to run the Investment leaders Group (ILG), which is a global network of pension funds, insurers and asset manager committee to advancing the practice of responsible investment. The ILG forms a pooled R&D vehicle for members, who typically pilot test solutions, drawing on CISL research.

How did you get into the field you are in?

I started my career as a traditional financial auditor, as a master student in finance. I heard about sustainable finance during my exchange semester in India, which has been a real catalyst for me. At that time, I had the opportunity to volunteer for a microfinance institution and realized that it was actually possible to allocate capital towards solutions that could help lift people out of poverty and transition to a low carbon economy. I then went on looking for an internship as a responsible investment analyst for an asset management company in France, which created a dedicated new full-time position for me. I then worked a couple of years in the Morgan Stanley research team, focusing on sustainable finance.

What do you find exciting about it, what do you get out of it, why do you enjoy it?

I’m excited by the idea of catalysing change and challenging the status quo. There is so much more to be done to ensure that investors are factoring in environmental and social risks in their decisions and more importantly to change capital allocation decisions towards high impact projects or companies. I’ve also been particularly attracted by the idea of bridging the gap between the academic world and the investment industry.

What are some of the really interesting things you’ve worked on and how do they ‘fit’ with clean growth?

We have spent a lot of time working on an impact measurement tool that allows investors to measure their alignment to the United Sustainable Development goals, in a comparable way. This gives a unique opportunity for the investing public to understand the climate performance of their funds and ultimately make more informed decisions. I really believe that empowering financial consumers to make choices that align with their value is a powerful driving force towards a clean and inclusive economy.

Why might you encourage others into a caree in the ‘green economy’?

Let’s All Go Scandi! Organic Fairtrade Fashion Marque – People Tree

I can see multiple reasons to consider a career in this space: 1) the megatrends that we are seeing which include water and resource scarcity or climate change pose a major risk threatening the new generations. We’ve seen recently many students across the globe pushing for faster and better action to mitigate such risks. Starting a career in this space will place you on the side of those bringing solutions. 2) The green economy will require us to completely rethink the way we produce and consume. This is likely to lead to a talent race towards the most innovative minds. This is an area likely to grow fast and offer fulfilment, as we drive social and environmental progress and work to advance a cause that we care about.

What would you say is the biggest/greatest satisfaction you get from your career?

Seeing the growth of impact investments, which are meant to provide positive returns and address some of the most pressing social and environmental challenges is a great source of satisfaction for me.

Why do you think what you do is important in relation to clean growth/the green economy?

Biodynamic Farming
Biodynamic Farming

Investors have a huge role to play in allocating capital towards companies or projects that help us achieve our climate goals, preserve natural resources and maintain healthy ecosystems. My role is to achieve scalable investor action on those issues.

Why is International Women’s Day important and what does it mean to you?

Gender equality is not only a moral imperative but also a sound business principle to follow. There is much more to be done to advance women’s right in workplaces and to get more women to the top. We all need to contribute to open the way to the new generations and inspire those who don’t dare yet.

The last word goes to Amy Clarke, founder of Tribe Impact Capital

My words of wisdom for other women? I’ve been lucky to work with amazing women who have been an inspiration. Don’t let the person holding you back be yourself. If you think the door is closed, bang on it. Or try the window. The system needs you. It needs your diversity of thought. The opportunities are there. And if for some reason you can’t find one, then make one happen. If I can, you can!”.

Useful contacts and further information

The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership – CISL

Tribe Impact Capital

Images courtesy of Swarovski, Sundried Ethical Sportswear, Royal Lancaster London, Bulb Renewable Energy, The Biodnamic Association

Singer-Songwriter Tallulah Rendall and The Liminal Album
Singer-Songwriter Tallulah Rendall and The Liminal Album

Whether she is singing ghostly, dream-like songs about love, (Radiate), child refugees in Syria, (We Don’t Want War), or dark, mystical fairytales about conservation (The Black Seagull); Tallulah Rendall is that rare, precious discovery of 2019 – a rock ‘n’ roll singer-songwriter of substance with the heart of a lioness. She’s independent, rooted in nature and gloriously feline, as you can experience from her sensuous Bond girl, gold catsuit!

Tallulah is a multi-layered performance artist to adopt, to get excited about and to champion. She’s a singer with the power, lyricism, authenticity, and ability to transport an audience through her voice, magical sound immersion, and sheer musicality.

Rock Singer Tallulah Rendall
Rock Singer Tallulah Rendall

Hallelujah! Meet a songstress thriving without music management. A singer who crowd funds her albums as collectable pieces of art and tours and calls the shots on her own terms.

Listening to her new single out this week, Radiate, I can’t understand why she isn’t a huge star. But then you realise that she has chosen not to take the path to fame that Lady Gaga’s character Ally treads in A Star is Born, with heartbreaking consequences. She’s a freewheeling, unfettered throwback to the sixties. She’s the heiress to Joan Baez and Grace Slick with the visual, artistic, feline grace of Kate Bush.  She can be just as wacky and experimental too, although I prefer her when the ghostly beauty of her voice comes to the fore in the song Ghost on the Water.


Barbara Broccoli should hire her immediately to write music for the new James Bond film. Couldn’t Shirley Bassey and Jules Holland make some calls? They both admire Tallulah’s work.

Tallulah’s background is just as fascinating as her voice and lyrics. She comes from a family of artists, writers, entrepreneurs and sixties legends. Her father, John Rendall, is a conservationist and was one half of the sixties duo, along with his friend ‘Ace’ Bourke, who bought Christian the lion cub from the Harrods pet department, lived with him in a flat on the Kings Road, and went on to successfully to release him into a pride of wild lions in Africa, with help from the stars of Born Free Virginia McKenna, Bill Travers and George Adamson. While her mother ran nightclubs and hosted Jimi Hendrix the year Hey Jo came out.

Brave - Songs from Tallulah Rendall, The Liminal
Brave – Songs from Tallulal Rendall, The Liminal

Tallulah grew up with a groovy basement full of vinyl to treasure and absorb and it wasn’t long before her musical talents started to radiate and shine. Her early musical work garnered attention from Penfold Russell, the maker of the film Priscilla Queen of the Desert, resulting in an invitation to write the music for Penfold’s next venture, Alex’s Party. This, in turn, led to the creation of her debut album Libellus with assistance from Madonna’s acclaimed music producer Marius De Vries.  Two further albums have followed Alive and The Banshee and the Moon. She will launch her 4th studio album – The Liminal on April 4th. Tallulah has successfully toured the world with her band and she stages sound immersion workshops throughout the UK and Europe.

Discover more about Tallulah, her music, and her new upcoming album tour dates on her website here – tallulahrendall.com.

Listen to her new single out this week, Radiate,


Read more iconic interviews by our editor Alison Jane including her profile on rock icon and one-time consort of Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithfull.

Keira Knightley, Alexander Skarsgard and Jason Clarke in The Aftermath
Keira Knightley, Alexander Skarsgard and Jason Clarke in The Aftermath

This month’s vintage style, sustainable fashion story is a homage to the timeless power of a wasp-waist, a darling hat, and the indispensable twinset! And the creme de la creme of sustainable luxury fashion talent who make it all possible. It is also a scarlet love letter to the fierce, fearless glamour of WW2 and its influential aftermath which you can see in Keira Knightley’s new film out today, The Aftermath.

For there is something eternal about forties fashion and the spirit of the ordinary women who managed to dress like Hollywood goddesses with nothing more than ration coupons, parachute silk, faux, drawn on stockings and make do and mend chutzpah.

Keira Knightley, Alexander Skarsgard and Jason Clarke in The Aftermath
Keira Knightley, Alexander Skarsgard and Jason Clarke in The Aftermath

Ingrid Bergman in a Flying Saucer Hat in Casablanca

Why you might ask? Because fashion is extraordinary in times of war and great social upheaval and so are the movies that help to immortalise a look. Think of Ingrid Bergman in her flying saucer hat and immaculately tailored haute couture suit. This is her fashion suit of armour and she would be just at home at The Paris Ritz as Rick’s Bar in Casablanca. It’s important to keep up appearances, especially in matters of life and death.

“In difficult times fashion is always outrageous”

Elsa Schiaparelli
Alexander McQueen Forever Ruffle Double-Breasted Wool and Silk-Blend Coat
Alexander McQueen Forever Ruffle Double-Breasted Wool and Silk-Blend Coat

Right now, the forties are hot. It’s an era which continues to prove a magnet for filmmakers, sustainable fashion designers and leading ladies like Lily James, Keira Knightley, Gemma Atherton and Sophie Cookson, the actress who plays the young Judy Dench in Red Joan. There’s a wave of nostalgic period films set in the midst or aftermath of WW2 – each hoping to capture something of the high drama, glittering glamour and romance of the ultimate wartime story of love and self-sacrifice – the immortal Casablanca. No one tears up the screen like Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart.

Keira Knightley in The Aftermath
Keira Knightley in The Aftermath

Just look at Keira Knightley. In her new film, The Aftermath, she’s caught up in the classic WW2 wartime tryst – trapped in a fractured marriage destroyed by grief, she falls for the enemy, a displaced, German architect played by the magnetic Alexander Skarsgard. As they circle ever closer to each other, she gets to flaunt her simmering desires on her demure, ladylike sleeve in a ravishing, vintage, forties style wardrobe which contrasts sharply with the scenes of utter destruction and devastation amid the rubble of post-war Hamburg.

“I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, not for fashion, not for men”

Marlene Dietrich
KOMANA SS2019 jolly dress eye print
Komana Jolly Dress Eye Print

Glamour has always been a weapon in war. It is good for morale and so are heels, hats, slithery gowns, and rebellious red lipstick. As uncertainty rages around Brexit, prettiness, frills, razor-like tailoring, maxi dresses and optimism is a much-needed foil, and the spring collections are once again embracing a passionate love affair with timeless forties style sustainable fashion and period style from a fashion as art vintage style embellished cardigan at Peruvian Collection to KOMANA’s pinup girl playsuit in organic cotton. Even better, take no notice of fashion dictates and embrace a sense of eternal style, beyond fads and seasons. And why not I ask you? Forties-style is the foundation of a timeless, impeccable sustainable fashion wardrobe.

“I despise simplicity. It is the negation of all that is beautiful”

Norman Hartnell
Sophie Cookson in the Spy Film Red Joan
Sophie Cookson in the Spy Film Red Joan

Take inspiration from Keira Knightley in her buttoned-up chic pussy cat bow blouses, demure straight skirts, and gilded gowns to contradict the cold heart of her steely officer husband. Emulate her style with vintage cashmere twinsets, tailored, wasp-waist suits which can be picked up for a song in posh charity shops and vintage fashion fairs and svelte, investment goddess gowns from the wonderful sustainable fashion stars – Reformation, Alice Lee and Atelier Tammam. The trick is to mix vintage and modern, luxe with thrift. But never go head to toe vintage, you don’t want to look like Miss Marple.

“Cultivate your curves – they may be dangerous but they won’t be avoided”

Mae West
Teatum Jones Golden Florrie Dress
Teatum Jones Golden Amelia Dress

Keira’s vintage star turn in The Aftermath follows on from the success of Lily James effervescent heroine in The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, set in 1946, immediately after the war. Lily’s character, the successful writer Juliet Ashton, has a rather magnificent vintage wardrobe, packed with inspiration for the modern 21st-century woman.  By day she is attached to her trusty typewriter and delivers genteel, wide-eyed talks in book emporiums in pretty cardigans, straight skirts and tailored, new look, hourglass coats, and perchy hats. By night she is transformed into an alluring metropolitan goddess who doesn’t need a man to buy her fabulous gold or navy gowns.  She treats herself out of her author’s royalties. She’s quite rich according to her agent played with avuncular charm by Matthew Goode.

Penélope Cruz at Swarovski Moonsun Limited Edition Brooch
Penélope Cruz at Swarovski Moonsun Limited Edition Brooch

The Thrill of the Vintage Forties Fashion Treasure Hunt!

Now, reader, you can emulate Juliet with a mix of clever investment buys and by unearthing genuine, one of a kind, preloved, sustainable and vintage pieces which offer terrific value, quality and a wonderful slice of fashion history, not forgetting the thrill of the thrifty vintage fashion treasure hunt!  I especially love the long, elongated gowns she wore for those swell nights out with her dashing American officer beau, before she traded champagne nights out at The Savoy for sweet tea tresses on the pig farm with her true love Dorsey Adams played with a quiet, steadfast charm and hidden depths by Michiel Huisman from Game of Thrones.

Lily James and Matthew Good in the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
Lily James and Matthew Good in the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Unlike some critics, I don’t for a moment think there is a lack of chemistry between Lily and Michiel.  I believe they are simply following the more formal social and moral code of the time. It wouldn’t do to go after another man’s fiancée until the coast is clear. When Dorsey realises the depths of his feelings for fair Juliet he doesn’t hold back! Luckily, Juliet feels the same and asks the man she fell in love with through the power of letter writing to marry her. Ah, reader, we do love a happy ending, along with a heavenly sustainable fashion wardrobe to match.

Our Forties Inspired Sustainable, Slow and Vintage Fashion Edit

Reformation Dress

Meet the Riegan Dress by Reformation, the ethical and circular Biba of the 21st century. This dress in vintage forest green is perfect for lovers of the vintage aesthetic who want their clothes to be timeless, modern and classic simultaneously. With its gathered bust, a fitted waist and décolleté, adorned with frilled sleeves and hem, the dress is made from sustainable viscose and would be perfect for a date or spring wedding. Sizes 0-12 US, price $248 (186) . Sustainable Cred – 6lbs of carbon dioxide, 4 gallons of water and 1.3lbs of waste were saved during its creation, according to Reformation’s own sustainability RefScale.

Komana Jolly Dress*

We are charmed by KOMANA’s delightful tea dress in a classical shirt-waister style. This delightful dress comes in a sunny yellow eye, hand-blocked, fair-trade organic cotton print. A dress that captures the ladylike grace of the forties, with long sleeves, self-tie belt and demure collar – a timeless piece to add to your wardrobe and wear forever and a day. Contact KOMANA for delivery dates, price, and sizes.

Keira Knightley and Alexander Skarsgard in The Aftermath
Keira Knightley and Alexander Skarsgard in The Aftermath

Vivienne Westwood Heritage Polina Asymmetric Skirt

How could we create dream up a feature on 1940s inspired fashion without adding a piece or two from Vivienne Westwood collections? Dame Vivienne has mastered the art of fusing classical menswear tailoring and delightful feminine and feline draping to enhance our curves. The Polina Asymmetric Skirt as above – is a flawless example of Vivienne’s consummate ability to create enduring classic pieces that are simply beautiful to look at. One of Vivienne’s key beliefs is that as consumers we should “buy less and make it last”, and this skirt has the enduring power and elegance to achieve just that. We can imagine Keira Knightley in The Aftermath adorned in this elegant piece. The Polina skirt is available in sizes 6-16, £375, from Net a Porter.

KOMANA Playsuit

The forties pinup is an enduring image from the forties and this practical playsuit by KOMANA is just the ticket for high summer days. Now don’t forget the golden rule of fashion. If you are going to show an expanse of leg and your feminine curves, everything else should be covered. This playful SS19 summer staple features four useful pockets and buttons to the nape of the neck. Contact KOMANA for delivery, sizes and details.

Keira Knightley in The Aftermath
Keira Knightley in The Aftermath

Alexander McQueen Forever Ruffle Double Breasted Coast

Do you long to discover an evening coat that is just as magnificent and breath-taking as the gown that adorns you underneath? My, with this Alexander McQueen Ruffle Double-Breasted Coat, you won’t need to worry about the outfit underneath, in fact, the coat alone will do! The swathes of fabric erupting from the hips enhance the hourglass figure that was admired in the forties and the double-breasted front and structured shoulders nod towards classical menswear. Masterfully tailored, this piece will last multiple lifetimes; you might never want to take it off!  Sizes – 6-14, price £3,745, Alexander McQueen.

Swarovski Dance Ring

Where would be without the perfect conscious luxury dress ring? Swarovski’s Sparkling Dance Round Ring in rhodium is lined with tiny crystals and one opulent central crystal. This head-turning ring could represent romantic love, platonic love or familial love. Swarovski is the perfect jewelry brand for any ethical and sustainable fashion lover to invest in. The brand uses lead-free crystal and strives to maintain transparency within their supply chain and has a long term commitment to improving every aspect of the social, cultural, economic and physical environment. Price, £89, Swarovski.

Film Poster for The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Starring Lily James and Michiel Huisman
Film Poster for The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Starring Lily James and Michiel Huisman

Atelier Tammam Upcycled Forties Couture Suit

In the spirit of make do and mend, we were delighted to find this immaculate vintage 1940s suit, repaired, updated and upcycled by the skilled seamstresses at Atelier Tammam, London’s original slow, conscious couture salon. The suit in the sunniest of yellows is embellished with hand embroidered peacock feathers. POA, Atelier Tammam.

Penélope Cruz at Swarovski Moonsun Limited Edition Brooch

Want to add some stellar stardust to your lapel? Then we present Penelope Cruz conscious luxury collaboration with Swarovski in an iconic dream of a crystal-encrusted brooch, in the shape of a romantic crescent moon swaying over a magic velvet night sky The Moonsun Limited Edition Brooch in rhodium or rose gold plating. This bewitching brooch celebrates Penélope’s childhood admiration for her mother’s jewellery collection. The distinctive design created with Swarovski’s world-class craftsmanship. Price, £349. Now, it could become a heritage piece within your own lineage.

Teatum Jones Golden Amelia Dress

Red Joan Movie Poster Starring Judi Dench and Sophie Cookson
Red Joan Movie Poster Starring Judy Dench and Sophie Cookson

Wonderful British and Irish Heritage brand Teatum Jones are a brand we think you should keep a close watch of, Dear Reader. Shortlisted for the Green Carpet Challenge 2018, their draped dresses and structured tailoring combined with their ability to create accessible designs make Teatum Jones a brand worth investing in. The Gold Amelia dress above, chosen by us as it emulates the femininity of the evening gown worn by Lily James in the Guernesey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society combines flowing swathes of material and a fitted bust, allowing you to feel cocoone, invincible and sexy in one beautifully designed outfit. shop@teatumjones.com

Peruvian Connection Vintage Cardigan

Vintage style black cardigan embellished with sprays of hand-embroidered posies in dusty lilac, apricot and gold. A fully fashioned knit in luxurious Pima cotton with a V-neck, three quarter sleeves, shell buttons and ribbed trim. This collector’s piece, made by skilled artisans in Peru is priced at £202, down from £250 in the sale.

Garrard Charisma Engagement Ring

Ever imagined owning an engagement ring fit for a Princess? The kind of engagement ring you perhaps received once in a dream, reader? The three stone Platinum Garrard Charisma Engagement Ring with a white diamond centre may be just that ring that appeared once upon a reverie. This exquisite diamond ring by the crown jewellers would fit the hand of any princess and would be the perfect investment piece for any jewelry collector enthusiast, a heritage piece in the making. The Charisma Engagement ring is just as exquisite as the engagement ring adorned by Juliet Ashton in The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.  Price on application, Garrard.

Atelier Tammam Feather Gown

Recreate the sinuous, alluring forties gilded evening looks worn by Lily James and Keira Knightley as wartime heroines in this less is more full-length bias cut couture peace silk evening gown handcrafted with feather embellishment detail by Atelier Tammam of Bloomsbury. Price and sizes POA. Atelier Tammam.

Vivienne Westwood Puppytooth Blazer

Dame Vivienne’s timeless tailored, oversized menswear style jacket in a Grey Puppytooth. This classic wool jacket can be styled formally with the matching trousers in a fashion similar to Lily James’ refined and modern character or styled casually with an organic white cotton t-shirt and a pair of ethically and sustainably produced organic blue jeans. This piece is suitable for any occasion, and, reader, we believe a good investment piece such as the Puppytooth Blazer is essential for every sophisticated contemporary woman. Price, £1,000, sizes 6-16, at Net-a-Porter UK.

Salvatore Ferragamo Greci Column Heel Sandals

A forties fashion goddess must be shod in heels to elevate and make her feel invincible. Salvatore Ferragamo, the King of Hollywood shoe makers lives on in the perfect gilded evening shoes – The Greci column sandal with a block art deco heel and satin strap. Price £625, sizes 34.5 – 41 EU and Italian sizes, at Matches Fashion.

Jetti Criss Cross Shirt

We at Ethical Hedonist are admirers of Jetti, a sustainable fashion brand that takes the classic men’s shirt and subverts it brilliantly into thoroughly arresting, form-fitting day to night elegant dresses and shirts for women The Jetti Criss Cross Shirt includes an elegant, body-conscious wrap around feature, tying at the back while contouring the body, with short kimono sleeves. All the fabrics used are certified green fabrics and are produced in a family run factory in Portugal, where all material waste is disposed of responsibly. This modern take on the formal shirt is similar in style to the beautiful blouses worn in the forties with a modern twist! Price, £148, sizes xs-xl.

Mother of Pearl Recycled Organic Wool Lester Coat

Mother of Pearl is a contemporary high octane fashion brand with sustainability at the heart of their film-star beautiful creations. Finding a fine balance between distinctly feminine features and menswear tailoring, the brand is socially responsible and includes an organic collection. The camel coloured organic Lester Coat and is embellished with large pearls placed delicately between the ebbs of the gathered sleeve and are a traditional Mother of Pearl feature, and a talisman to the brand. A modern take on the styling of Keira Knightley’s character in The Aftermath, this coat will happily take you from the chillier months into the warmer spring evenings and be a firm fashion favourite. Price £975, sizes 8-12.

Alice Lee Dress

Long black midi dress in the softest lightweight wool featuring a turtleneck, long sleeves, flattering pinched embellished detail to one side of the waist and hip accentuated by multicoloured hand embroidered flowers to the front and rear of the gown. The dress is lined, comes with an asymmetric hemline and offers a gently relaxed fit. Sizes 6-14, price £640, Young British Designers.

Gabriela Hearst Vesta Checked High-Rise Wool-Blend Trousers

Gabriela Hearst believes that luxury fashion can and should represent the past, present and future. Her timeless designs are made lovingly and skillfully, using sustainably sourced fabrics, Gabriela is keen to make her fashion brand plastic free by April of this year. At Ethical Hedonist we believe it’s of utmost importance to buy pieces for your wardrobe that are timeless, beautiful and made with expertise, flair and craftsmanship which is why we have chosen these classically tailored checked blue trousers for your consideration, and why we believe Juliet Ashton would be a fan herself. A comfortable and flattering fit, these straight leg traditional trousers elongate the leg and compliment the waist with buckle detailing, and are an excellent transitional piece from day time to evening wear. Price, £995, 6-16.

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We hope you have thoroughly enjoyed this original handcrafted piece of fashion journalism and research. It took hours to lovingly research, write and create. Support more delightfully ethical journalism from us @Patreon, our monthly crowdfunding platform here- Patreon – inspiring a sustainable future one piece of storytelling at a time!

Feature By Alison Jane Reid, Assisted by Fashion Intern Millicent Wellington. Millicent has a BA Hons in Fashion Design and Technology from Manchester Metropolitan University.

Film Stills Courtesy of Fox/Searchlight, Copyright March 2019. No Reproduction without Permission.

Ethical Hedonist Conscious Astrology Horoscope

Horoscope by Victor Olliver

March 2019

Visit Victor’s website for a list of astro-services and fees: www.victorolliver.co.uk


Aries Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope
Aries Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope

March 21-April 20

Money is the big theme of your chart this March, what with ruler Mars occupying your income house and wild Uranus entering the same on the 6th (there for a long, long time). Frankly, you’re in a bolshie mood, pushing ahead with a cash-making project regardless of opposition or criticism – and the Uranus influence will add to your risk-taking potential: the obvious thing to watch out for is that you don’t overreach yourself. Helping to keep an even keel is Venus which for much of this month brings you new business contacts and greatly increases the likelihood of profit provided you keep your friends near you. The time around the 27th is one to watch for a surprising financial opportunity.


Taurus Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope
Taurus Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope

April 21-May 21

So, it’s finally happening – maverick planet Uranus is back in your sign from the 6th until 2026. Will this turn you into a bull in a china shop? Actually, probably. The more boisterous side of your nature is certainly enhanced, and in the weeks, months and years to come, Taureans will be a lot more likely to take chances or react unfavourably to personal limitation. For March, you’ll be schmoozing to avoid losing with ruler Venus topping your chart: if you’re looking for advancement at work or life generally, forget about acting the workaholic and whiten your teeth and scent those social skills. You’re more likely to gain an advantage from party performances than emulating a desk-bound bot.


Gemini Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope

May 22-June 21

Ruler Mercury’s retrograde for March has a decisive effect on career: it may be a bit of a bumpy ride with not everything going to plan, but all the effort put into countering challenges will refine you for better things in the months to come. Beneath the odd drama or two is something fundamental taking place: liberating Uranus enters the chart house of habitual thinking and ‘old ways’ – and it plans on stirring up your life for betterment. You’ll start to see that your life is being lived in a rather different way – Uranus’ arrival underscores a theme that began late last year: that everything (just about) is in a state of transformation. Don’t get jittery. Enjoy the ride.


Cancer Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope
Cancer Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope

June 22-July 22

Recent experiences will have drawn new people and situations into your life – and if your concern is that this is a merely temporary happening before total boredom returns, well forget that. In your chart, Uranus enters its favourite chart house (the 11th) on the 6th and is there to stay for a few years. From the get-go this really does spice up your social life, drawing you to outsiders, free-thinkers, pioneers and the odd maverick or two. In the broader sense, you’re reaching out to the wider world to enrich your life as part of the process of not ever again falling under the thumb of tiresome bosses or authority. In the short and long-term, you’re committed to seeking out the like-minded.


Leo Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope
Leo Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope

July 23-August 23

A somewhat heavy and perhaps tedious time is lightened as vivacious Venus shifts into your opposite sign of Aquarius, opening up new social worlds. It can also indicate new friends, lovers and/or people who can do things on your behalf. Certainly, the focus is a lot more on people-pleasing this month – so if there are bridges to build or some humble pie to bake, Venus will guide your instincts towards a constructive reconciliation. This trend helps soften Uranus’ impact on career or your public face – now and in the next few years, you are likely to become a lot more unpredictable in your job choices or professional approach.


Virgo Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope
Virgo Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope

August 24-September 22

Ready do some mending? Your recent escapades have ruffled a few feathers in your circle – naughty Virgin! Ruler Mercury’s retrograde comes to your aid, granting you more time to carefully reflect on possible misdeeds (or slip-ups) and explaining yourself to the aggrieved, insulted or hyper-sensitive. Venus will supply you with sufficient heart to seem credible even if you’re gritting your teeth. Part of the ‘problem’ with you is that you’re actually in the process of a philosophical change – inevitably this will separate you from certain old allies but find you new ones. What to blame? Uranus. It’s re-entering your chart house of perspectives on the 6th and is there to stay for yonks. Get used to saying ‘bye bye’ to the boring.


Libra Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope

September 23-October 23

A rather splendid month is forecast what with ruler Venus present for most of the time in your chart house of passions (love, sex, hobbies, sport). This has the effect of enhancing natal charisma and beauty, radiating goodwill even among the grinches and (if you play your cards right) drawing money to your good self. Life of course is rarely straightforward. The Uranus shift on the 6th does bring an element of unpredictability to certain close relationships and to any kind of financial support (such as loans or a partner’s earnings). Sudden cash opportunities or unforeseen financial mishaps can be a feature of this trend. One way to look at this is never to say die. Just when you least expect it, an unseasonal Santa steps in to help out. And March looks fortuitous.


October 23-November 22

Thanks goodness certain things do not go according to plan. Let this be your mantra for March as intentions get distracted by unexpected developments under the Mercury retrograde. While this may annoy initially, you’ll discover later in March and into April that a change in plans is a vast improvement. Areas most subject to this influence include any kind of pleasure-seeking or creative or hobbyist work. This erratic tendency is also likely to affect certain close relationships under the major Uranus shift from the 6th. Impatience with people who do not understand your life approach will tend to grow – you may be borrowing Graham Norton’s tip-up chair to remove redundant friends and lovers from your sight. Brutal.



November 23-December 21

A sense of delay fills your thoughts, especially over a home or family matter. Rather than confuse your imaginings with reality, the best course of action is to ask a few pertinent questions. You may discover that the reason for slowness is bureaucratic rather than deliberate. But there’s only one way to find out – ask! A major plus this month comes with Jupiter’s arrival in your chart house of daily routines, health and work. This will greatly boost your desire for a new approach to how you live your life – many of you will be taking up alternative health techniques like reiki or shiatsu as a job and saying ‘namaste’ a lot.



December 22-January 20

Take greater care over what you write and say this month – and what you put your name to. This shouldn’t be such a great challenge as at the best of times you are watchful. But the Mercury retrograde has a habit of birthing ingenious gremlins – and these ones are seeking to make mischief in your communications. Notwithstanding all this, Venus finds herself in one of her favourite houses – the 2nd – which favours money matters and business. While extravagance can be one peril, let’s accentuate the positive: you’ll find there’s money to be made in cooperative actions.



January 21-February 19

Springtime under Venus – how gorgeous for you. The love planet enters your sign and suddenly utility fast fashion gives way to an outbreak of good taste as you undergo a makeover of some kind. Could it be your eyebrows that get redesigned? Or your second chin (if any)? Well, a great improvement in personal aesthetics is underway, and this energy will get expressed in raised libido and attractiveness. Oil the bedsprings, cast away the duvet. Sex aside, Venus in Aquarius draws you into new social worlds and places where bonds serve a humanitarian purpose. Perhaps you’ll fall for an RSPCA operative. Perhaps not. But fun is assured whatever.


Pisces Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope
Pisces Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope

February 20-March 20

The Pisces New Moon takes place on the 6th – same day as Uranus enters Taurus. This really is a powerful combo which mixes creativity, spirituality, inspiration, independence, selflessness and… potential utter confusion. Sorry about that last one. But the fact is New Moon occurs close to foggy Neptune, the planet that rules Pisces. Most certainly a new life cycle is opening up for you which is rich in artistry and soulfulness: what you must do is keep your mind clear of fantasy thinking and setting yourself unrealistic targets. If you find yourself getting carried away on the glamour of an expected outcome or situation, sit down, count to ten, take deep breaths and examine the paperwork carefully. This can be a wildly exciting time. Keep it real and you can’t go far wrong.

Victor Olliver is editor of The Astrological Journal, flagship magazine of the Astrological Association. He can be contacted via: Volliver5@gmail.com.

Illustrations by Vicky C Scott – www.vickysworld.co.uk

Secret Italy and the Dream Biodynamic Getaway: Palazzo Tronconi

Reader, in an age when it is easy to roam once remote areas of the globe, I want to take you with me on a culinary organic and biodynamic getaway to Secret Italy, to a place that is no less than a sort of organic and biodynamic garden of eden, located less than two hours from the gates of Rome. This is an area that is hard to define even on a map, and many Italians still don’t even know that it exists in the 21st Century.

Ciociaria, A Landscape of Bright, Emerald Green Hills

This secret land is called Ciociaria – a landscape of rolling bright emerald green hills and mountains, dotted with ancient fortresses, abbeys, Roman antiquities and a subsistence organic agriculture that hasn’t changed for a thousand years or more. DH Lawrence came here during the First World War, an outcast from Britain, having scandalized the establishment for his sexually explicit novels, and wrote part of his novella the Lost Girl here.

Once a place of bandits, pilgrims and saints, this remarkably unspoiled landscape is undergoing a cottage industry renaissance as the unspoiled green and pleasant getaway, the new Tuscany, for organic and biodynamic wine lovers and slow food connoisseurs.

The shepherds and vineyard owners have transformed themselves into artisanal and organic green entrepreneurs and they are opening elegant villas and small organic boutique hotels and delighting food lovers, critics and the gourmet traveller with their biodynamic wines, exquisite  (sometimes stinking!) local cheeses and cured meats.

A Small Jewel of an Organic Hotel and Vineyard

Palazzo Tronconi is at the heart of the Ciociaria – a small, intimate, jewel of an organic hotel and working biodynamic vineyard, situated in the ancient hilltop town of Arce. The owner, Marco, offers gourmet, regional organic and biodynamic food and wine tasting holidays – this is where the delicious local produce and grape varieties get to shine with pasta making, organic wine tastings and memorable suppers, alongside a rejuvenating trip to the historic fishing village of Sperlonga. (Please note that there is an additional charge for one to one cookery classes in the Ethical Hedonist Getaway below. Please ask for details).

Join Journalist Alison Jane on an Organic Holiday at Palazzo Tronconi

Listen up, readers. What is it really like to be a feature writer on a national newspaper and dream up interviews and fashion stories with the cultural icons of the day? Let me just say this – real life is far more exciting and extraordinary than fiction.

Come away to secret organic Italy and let journalist and Ethical Hedonist editor Alison Jane Reid give you a front row seat on the media and the cultural icons of the day while we sample delicious organic food, wine, and terroir.

I am very excited to announce that I will now be hosting the very first Ethical Hedonist organic getaway at Palazzo Tronconi, our secret organic and biodynamic getaway Italy destination for a glorious end to June 2019. The weekend will commence Friday the 28th with departures the following Monday the 1st July 2019.

Sperlonga, one of Italy's '100 most beautiful villages' situated on the Tyrrhenian Coast
Sperlonga, one of Italy’s ‘100 most beautiful villages’ situated on the Tyrrhenian Coast.

There are very limited places for this wonderful holiday which offers the exciting opportunity to sample delicious, authentic regional organic and biodynamic food, tour the Palazzo’s own biodynamic vineyard, experience a wine tasting and be guided through the historic fishing village of Sperlonga. I will accompany you on the holiday and give an informal talk on my 20 year career on British national newspapers, colour supplements and magazines from The Times and Sunday Times to Country Life, The Independent, ES, The Standard and The Lady Magazine interviewing cultural icons from Sir David Attenborough to Keira Knightley, Karl Lagerfeld, Iman, Simon Callow, Sienna Miller, Kim Cattrall, Hugh Bonneville, Catherine Walker and Vanessa Redgrave, to name a view of my interview highlights.  I will also treat you to a sneak preview read from some extracts from my memoirs, which I have started working on. Interest is high. Book now to avoid missing out and see you all in June. Love AJ xxx

The itinerary for the Ethical Hedonist luxury getaway to Palazzo Tronconi.

For more info, please sign up to our magazine newsletter on the homepage or visit Ethical Hedonist Special Getaway At Palazzo Tronconi. To book this very special organic holiday, please contact Emily from Palazzo Tronconi – emilycunliffe@me.com –  or our email – ethicalhedonistmagazine@gmail.com.

Chef Skye Gyngell and What’s in Season at Heckfield Place

“Simplicity is the greatest luxury.”

Chef Skye Gyngell by Carol Sachs
Chef Skye Gyngell by Carol Sachs

The winter menu currently features such delights as – tea smoked trout with poached egg, raw beetroot, carrot, and fennel salad; a salad of Savoy Cabbage with walnuts and Culatello Di Zibello and tortellini of onion squash with sheep’s ricotta and sage butter. All the vegetables, salads, fruits and flowers come from the estate’s own farm or the wonderful Fern Verrow biodynamic Farm in Hereford.

Once you have tasted biodynamic produce for the first time, you will want to leave the city, buy a smallholding and live the good life! Yes, biodynamic food really does taste that truly, madly, deeply delicious. Why? Because every beetroot, every salad leaf, every stick of purple sprouting broccoli is grown with careful, tender husbandry, respect and love for the soil and then harvested only hours before it arrives on your plate like a brace of bright jewels. 

 If you don’t have green fingers, you can do the next best thing and escape to the cosy, home from home Georgian comforts of Heckfield Place in Hampshire and revel in the culinary creativity of chef extraordinaire Skye Gyngell  – the crown princess of conscious luxury cooking.

Here amid sleep wood and serene stone, you will find Skye Gyngell cooking sublime pared back food where provenance, nutrition, and paint-box bright freshness rules the roost from model farm to table.

Right now, the farm is inspiring Skye’s imagination with brassicas galore, including several varieties of cabbage, purple sprouting broccoli, green and purple Brussels sprouts, purple flowering sprouts and rainbow, ruby and Swiss chard in the ground.

In the polytunnels, the overriding theme is emerald. There are several varieties of salad leaves, four types of cress and soft herbs such as coriander, parsley, and bronze fennel. The giant winter spinach is flourishing, alongside winter-greens, leeks, spring onions, celery, winter peas, and plump broad beans.

The head gardener tells me that planting out will begin in March when the soil begins to warm up and there is less risk of frost. Today, they are busy transplanting lettuces and fennel fino, a variety of fennel grown for the bulb – and no doubt Skye is already thinking of the first flowering of wild garlic and soon fragrant elderflower. To make a reservation for lunch or dinner or to stay at Heckfield Place, visit the website – Heckfield Place

Chef Skye Gyngell’s Elderflower Fritters with Honeycomb and Salt

Chef Skye Gyngell. Portrait by Amber Rowlands
Chef Skye Gyngell. Portrait by Amber Rowlands

Healthy reasons to eat game this spring

It’s lean, high protein and delicious – that’s why Wild and Game is championing game as a healthy choice this spring. *Recipes included*

Game birds such as pheasant, partridge and grouse contain less fat than chicken, more protein and lower cholesterol, while wild boar is higher in protein and lower in saturated fat than beef. That’s why Steven Frampton, co-founder of Wild and Game, is urging people to eat more game as part of a healthy diet.

“Game is in plentiful supply in the UK but many people still lack confidence when it comes to using it,” says Steven, who co-founded Wild and Game with Michael Cannon a year ago. “Our mission is to get more people in the UK enjoying game by highlighting how healthy, delicious and easy to use it actually is.”

With that in mind, Wild and Game have released two springtime recipes (below) for cooking with its wild boar steaks – but for those who do not want to cook, the company also stocks a broad range of game pies, pasties and ready meals.

“We’ve been working with our development chefs to perfect these recipes and we’re delighted with the results,” says Steven. “Our products arrive frozen, making it easy to enjoy them all year round, not just in game season. If you are watching your intake of fat or seeking to consume more protein, game is an excellent choice. We’ve seen an upsurge of interest in our products over the past year and we hope that eventually game will become as popular in the UK as chicken.”

Springtime wild boar recipes from Wild and Game

Why the doctor says it’s time to ditch orange juice and eat a whole organic orange, just as nature intended!

By Dr. Sharief Ibrahim FRCP, IFMCP

If you think a glass of orange juice is healthy, think again!

The traditional English breakfast has always included a glass of orange juice—the supposedly ‘healthy’ option. In general, orange juice is considered to be part of a healthy lifestyle, particularly to boost your energy levels and get you off to a good start first thing in the morning. But despite popular belief, processed orange juice is actually very toxic, addictive and inferior compared to eating a whole orange, in terms of nutritional value and health benefits.

Here, we’ll discuss a popular misconception about the right way to gain goodness from the ‘sunshine fruit’ and answer a couple of pertinent questions:

What is the difference between orange juice and the whole orange? Should we encourage drinking orange juice in the morning?

Unlike the natural whole orange, conventional processed orange juice is sweetened by high Fructose corn syrup (HFCS), a sugar additive that billions of people around the globe are addicted to. HFCS is made up of equal amounts of glucose and fructose, but otherwise devoid of nutrients. This makes it energy-dense but nutrient-poor.

Why Whole Oranges Are Great

Basket of citrus fruits including oranges. Picture by Rawpixel
Basket of citrus fruits including oranges. Picture by Monika Grabkowska

Natural whole oranges also contain fructose and glucose in equal amounts but are also rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and fibre. These vitamins include vitamin B1, pantothenic acid (B5), vitamin C, folate, and vitamin A, and minerals like calcium, copper, and potassium. Therefore these not only provide you with energy but nourish the body too, providing you with some of the essential vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy.

However, although these vitamins and minerals are good, the essential nutrient that makes the whole orange a natural and nutritious powerhouse is fibre. There are two types of fibre, soluble and insoluble, and each plays an important role in the gut. Soluble fibre makes globules around the glucose molecule, while insoluble fibre forms a continuous layer along the gut wall to slow down glucose absorption and prevent insulin spikes. This means the energy you get from a whole orange is sustained over time, not like a sugar high experienced when eating refined sugars.

Fibre is not digested in the small intestine and hence, it passes intact into the large bowel. Consumed by the friendly gut bacteria, fibre is converted into short chain fatty acids. These nourish the large gut wall and have been found to prevent diseases, particularly cancer.

The Problem With HCFS in Concentrated Orange Juice

Slices of raw oranges. Picture by Rawpixel
Slices of raw oranges. Picture by Rawpixel

In contrast, HFCS contains equal amounts of glucose and fructose. Glucose is the universal source of energy. It stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin—the hormone that opens the gate for glucose to enter every cell in the body and provides us with energy.

However, fructose does not stimulate insulin secretion and is metabolised exclusively through a specific pathway in the liver. Here, fructose is converted into triglyceride fats, which are then stored as fat by the body’s cells.

Fat accumulates in the liver and other viscera and results in fatty livers and central obesity. Leading to metabolic syndrome in both obese and slim people that increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. This is what is meant when people refer to ‘skinny fat’ when someone appears slim on the outside but carries hidden fat around their internal organs. Fructose is also converted into uric acid, which can result in hypertension and gout.

By now you may be thinking ‘OK conventional orange juice is bad why don’t we replace it with fresh orange juice instead?’

No doubt, freshly squeezed orange juice is a better option than processed, concentrated orange juice as it contains most of the natural orange’s nutrients. However, although juicing oranges retains the vitamins and minerals, it removes the fibre. The better alternative is to use a blender to produce a whole orange juice that contains everything, including that essential fibre.

Raw berry and citrus fruit cups. Picture by Brooke Clarke
Raw berry and citrus fruit cups. Picture by Brooke Clarke

Processed orange juice is not a healthy option

In summary, processed orange juice is not a healthy option. This is because it is loaded with energy, but is devoid of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Instead of getting the nutritional benefits you no doubt believe you’re getting, you are actually getting empty calories that can have a detrimental impact on your health.

I would recommend you get the most nutritional benefits by eating a whole orange for breakfast. Make time to enjoy the ritual of peeling an organic orange. Or if you prefer to drink it as orange juice, using a juicer will provide your body with all the nutrients, except the fibre. Using a blender to make orange juice is even better, as it will provide everything that the natural orange contains, including the essential fibre.

I hope this is enough to convince you to switch from processed fruit juice with added HFCS and enjoy a whole orange or blended orange juice instead. Furthermore, I hope this has also demonstrated why you should avoid sugar and carbohydrates in the morning; as at this time your insulin sensitivity is low, so sugar and carbohydrates are immediately stored as fat. Instead, leave them for the afternoon, when your insulin sensitivity is optimal, and start enjoying a healthier life.

Dr. Ibrahim FRCP, IFMCP.

Dr.Shalief Ibrahim FRCS
Dr.Shalief Ibrahim FRCP

By Guest Contributor – Dr. Shalief Ibrahim FRCP.  Dr. Ibrahim has 35 years of clinical experience as a consultant in general, acute and geriatric medicine in the NHS. He trained and qualified in Functional Medicine with Dr.Mark Hyman in the US and runs the Vitality Clinic in Harley Street London and Weybridge. Dr. Ibrahim specialises in treating patients with mid and late-life diseases including diabetes, metabolic syndrome, fibromyalgia, cancer, dementia and chronic inflammation with a combined approach of medical diagnosis, science, genetic testing, and food as medicine super nutrition.  Visit the website for details or to book a consultation. The Vitality Clinic

Written and compiled by Editor, Alison Jane Reid.

Layout and design by Gwyneth Duesbery. Gwyneth is completing a BA(Hons) in Media & Communications and Sociology at Kingston University.

Komana Fashion Feature

Komana Munari Circle Dress
Komana Munari Circle Dress

Reader – it is always a moment of pure fashion elation to discover a highly original and evocative, organic, sustainable luxury fashion house like Komana – pop art fashion with a nod to Courreges, Biba and Mary Quant to make you smile and want to skip barefoot through the park in their circle and squiggle dress with a cloud of balloons a la Twiggy! This is fashion as art to make you one, two, three jump for joy and it’s organic and fairtrade too. Fashion to fall giddily head over stilettos in love with, for it is rather like stumbling across a marvellous best-kept secret, tucked away restaurant, quirky tea emporium or the sort of man one might marry!

hand carved wood block with our star pattern
The hot lips print – perfect for rock chicks and rock gods like Mick Jagger

We know at once that we have found our ideal style match and there is that instant sense of belonging, of loving every extrovert print, every cuff, every delicate Peter Pan collar, and every sliver of contrast piping detail. Komana is just such a slow fashion treasure trove; the kind of fashion house that used to exist in a more considered, thoughtful, less homogenised age. If Lily James heroine in The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Pie Society was penning her essays and books today, this is the kind of fashion she would flaunt! Fashion that is captivating, playful, intelligent and adorable inside and out and supports highly skilled artisan makers and sustainable farming and biodiversity in India. I think Sir Mick Jagger would love the hot lips leggings!

hand carved wood block with our star pattern
hand carved wood block with our star pattern

“We design all our prints ourselves,” declares creative director Livia Henne. “They should be playful, mesmerising and evoking  (subconscious) feelings within each wearer through the powerful language of pattern.”

That’s it! Get ready to be seduced by the power of print and pattern, stars and snakes and big cats.

Komana Organic Snake Print Leggings
Komana Organic Snake Print Leggings

Imagine rare, lovely dresses in thoroughly charismatic, hand-blocked folk art and tribal prints that are entirely conceived in-house and then brought to life using centuries old techniques by highly skilled artisans in Jaipur India. Then, imagine that they drape and flutter just as they should, alongside kaleidoscopic tailored jackets, breezy tops that are destined to turn heads and soignée, alluring, billowy kaftans you might see adorning an alluring beauty on late nights at the V&A or supper at The Savoy.

KOMANA SS 2019 Cilla dress in handwoven stripe
KOMANA SS 2019 Cilla dress in handwoven stripe

This is the story of Komana – a sustainable fashion house full of charm, playful wit and breezy allure with compassionate fair-trade and organic principles at the heart of this pocket-size fashion marque founded in London and now based in Switzerland.  Livia Henne succeeds in creating timeless, slow, conscious luxury fashion works of art, which combine a passion for bold geometric textiles with body-conscious, form-fitting, deliciously playful, yet sophisticated collections in precious, GOTS certified fair- trade peace silk and luxuriant organic cotton.

Henne tells me, “We aim to blur the boundaries between art and fashion; and we hope this will raise the emotional value of the garments too. And maybe make people more aware of the actual skill, time and resources that are used for each piece of clothing.”

POSTCARD Greetings from Jaipur and KOMANA
POSTCARD Greetings from Jaipur and KOMANA

I think she has succeeded admirably.

Henne’s designs are as wearable as they are spirited, and they deliver a sophisticated homage to the ancient crafts skills of hand painting and hand-block printing and the idea of fashion that is slow, thoughtful and compassionate. Who wouldn’t want to delight in a dress that keeps alive the ancient skill of peace silk farming, where the silk worm gently and safely undergoes its metamorphosis to become a butterfly and hand-block printing sustains an entire family? Henne and her business partner visit the artisan ateliers in India every year and only natural dyes and certified organic fabrics make it into the sought after fashion collections.

Komana Geometric Print Top

The end result is a collection of garments to invest in and love passionately, in the knowledge that so much care, time and thought has gone into their creation. What a fair feast for the eyes and a boon for the compassionate, discerning sustainable fashion lover.

Who knew that one really must own a pair of supine leggings in organic cotton with cheetah’s gambling or snakes slithering… but oh I do! I do! And I challenge you not to smile and yearn for them too.

Prairie Dress by Komana
Prairie Dress by Komana

The girlish peace silk, star print prairie dress elicits the same longing. It just begs to charm us like the heroine of Little House on the Prairie, laced with a dash of flutter a la Marilyn Monroe.  You see this dress is a rather artful fashion conceit. There is something about the way the hem falls, just so, and the sleeves delicately puff just so, and the exquisite, tiny, hypnotic star pattern makes one giddy, and so on and so on…. It’s not this season’s dress; it is a forever, for all seasons dress.

a star pattern blouse sample floating in the air
An example fo the ancient art of hand block printing in Jaipur India

Go to it. Invest in fashion hand-crafted to be worn today, tomorrow, next year and the year after and to forever create a sense of wonder, delight and appreciation – for the perfect marriage of fashion and art for the compassionate, extrovert, sustainable fashion heroine of today!

Sustainable, Conscious Luxury, Fair-trade, Artisan Fashion Cred

*Komana uses GOTS certified organic cotton and peace silk in its collections.

The piece silk is farmed sustainably by a small community of farmers in the north east of India.

*They work on the biological and non-cruel process to grow and cultivate the silkworms without the use of pesticides, fungicides or genetic sprays.

*The star tile pattern is printed in Jaipur India. The studio only uses natural dyes, recycles its water and all employees are paid a decent wage, as certified by the Fair-trade Foundation.

For More Information – Visit Komana

From Brain-Boosting Nutrition to Meso-Dosing and Ayurveda: The Hottest Health and Wellbeing Trends of 2019

Organic Turmeric Root and Matcha Green Tea
Organic Turmeric Root and Matcha Green Tea Powder

Have you heard about the ancient medicine system of India? – Ayurveda and the excitement surrounding optimal nutrition using mesodosing and nootropics?

A vibrant healthful lifestyle is no longer just about the ideal way to eat, (We don’t talk about diets at Ethical Hedonist, we talk about healthy eating for life), exercising more and getting your organic ten a day. Today, it is all about the marriage of plant-foods and science as people are taking a more holistic, functional, food as medicine approach to health – an approach that incorporates physical, mental and emotional wellbeing in synergy. What’s more, people are seeking natural preventative solutions to support both everyday and long-term wellbeing, free of disease and chronic conditions which can be healed or avoided in the first place.

Alongside a growing interest in holistic health and wellbeing, there are a myriad of health, wellness and fitness trends to navigate, from new fitness classes to sleep-tracking apps.

We spoke to Pukka Herbs’ qualified team of Medical Herbalists and nutritionists to explore the top three natural health and organic food and drink trends to look out for in 2019.

  1. Mesodosing
Farmer with organic turmeric root
Farmer with organic turmeric root

The term ‘meso-dosing’ has recently arrived from the US and hit the European wellbeing scene, where it’s set to be one of the hottest health and wellbeing buzzwords of 2019.

So, what is meso-dosing? Meso means middle or mean in Greek and meso nutrients are the ‘in-between’ nutrients in food that we may be missing out on. Whilst we’re all aware that superfoods such as blueberries, green tea and turmeric, are good for us, it is the special active compounds within these foods that are the meso nutrients, and these are where the health benefits come from.

Although meso-nutrients are found in everyday foods and drinks, we aren’t always ingesting enough of the active compounds necessary to harness the full effect of the nutrient. Meso-dosing means retaining more of the active compounds in your superfoods to maximise their health benefits.

Organic turmeric root prized in Ayurveda the medicine of India for its ant-inflammatory action.

Eating a colourful array of foods is one of the best ways to ensure you are getting a healthy range of nutrients, increasing diversity in the microbiome, to in turn boost gut health, immunity and brain health.

Our favourite mesonutrient-rich food is turmeric, organic of course. Turmeric has become well-known and loved for its many health-boosting benefits (from supporting healthy liver function to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties). It contains over 200 phytonutrients, including curcumin and turmerones, which contribute to its proven anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidative and anti-depressant properties.

Whilst turmeric is now widely available, not just in curries but in juices, baked goods and warm milks, meso-dosing may help to maximise its health benefits.

Pukka Wholistic Organic Turmeric Supplement to reduce inflammation and nurture brain focus and clarity.
Pukka Wholistic Turmeric

At Pukka, we use a unique ‘wholistic’ extraction process which enhances turmeric absorption and increases potency. Pukka’s Wholistic organic turmeric supplements harness the effects of all 200+ of turmeric’s bioactive compounds, meaning meso-dosing has never been so easy and effective. This blend is also formulated with piperine, which helps to increase the bioavailability of curcumin by 2000%.

Pukka’s Wholistic Turmeric comes in a capsule format which are made from vegetarian cellulose and are guaranteed GM free. For every 2 capsules taken daily, you get the added health benefits from 35.2g of turmeric root, 155mg of curcuminoids and 50mg of essential oils. You can buy them in our magazine shop here. Every purchase helps to fund more #media4good. Ethical Hedonist Magazine Organic Shop .

  1. Natural Nootropics
Gotu cola, a plant prized in Ayurvedic medicine
Gotu cola, a plant prized in Ayurvedic medicine

Nootropics can be taken in pill or supplement form to help boost memory, concentration, motivation, learning and creativity.

Whilst synthetic nootropics such as Modafinil, Adderall and Ritalin, are available, they can have lingering and unwanted side effects such as an increased heart rate, insomnia and anxiety1.

As an alternative, there are some natural nootropics that can protect and support the brain, boosting cognitive function, without any negative side effects. Natural nootropics include many herbs and spices, such as turmeric and l-theanine, a meso-nutrient found in green tea.

For ageless living, drink more organic matcha green tea!
For ageless living, drink more organic matcha green tea!

Research has shown that curcumin in turmeric boosts neurogenesis, which is the production of new neurons that are essential for learning, memory and mood. Turmeric also helps to protect the brain from inflammation and boost the feel-good neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine.

L-theanine, found in green tea, has also been shown to boost brain power and improve focus. Whilst also increasing serotonin and dopamine, this nootropic produces an energising yet calming effect and improves cognitive function and memory.

Pukka Herbs has been creating organic herbal supplements for over fifteen years, to naturally support wellbeing. Amongst Pukka’s turmeric range of herbal teas and supplements is the Turmeric Brainwave 7 Day Kit.

Pukka turmeric Brainwave 7-day wellbeing kit
Pukka turmeric Brainwave 7-day wellbeing kit

Pukka Herbs’ Turmeric Brainwave 7 Day Kit contains a seven say supply of Pukka’s Turmeric Gold tea and Turmeric Brainwave supplements, expertly blended by Master Herbsmith, Sebastian Pole, to help boost cognitive function, concentration and clarity. Alongside turmeric root and green tea extract, this full spectrum blend of brain-boosting herbs and spices, includes gotu kola, rosemary and holy basil (otherwise known as tulsi). 

As well as this, the Turmeric Brainwave 7 Day Kit also contains a wellbeing guide written by Pukka’s team of qualified herbal and health experts with key diet and lifestyle tips to help energise, nourish the brain and boost brain power throughout the day.

  1. Ayurveda

Whilst Ayurveda has already begun to create interest in the wellness scene, it is only set to become a bigger trend in 2019.

Ayurveda is India’s ancient holistic health system and dates back thousands of years. Having initially migrated over from India to the US, Ayurveda has since hit the European wellbeing scene where its popularity is spreading.

As well as receiving endorsement from A-list celebrities, such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston, the rise in Ayurveda seems to be in line with a growing interest in how people can support their health and wellbeing, naturally and holistically. Along with therapies such as yoga, massage and nutrition, Ayurveda sees food as a form of medicine.

Tulsi is a revered Ayurvedic herb and deeply rooted in Indian culture. It has been used for centuries to help enhance mental and emotional clarity, memory, concentration and focus.

Pukka Organic Tulsi Clarity Tea
Pukka Organic Clarity Tea

Pukka Herbs’ NEW Tulsi Clarity tea is blended with three varieties of tulsi leaf; green tulsi, purple tulsi and lemon tulsi. Tulsi Clarity tea offers a delicious, mindful moment to support emotional wellbeing, creativity and focus throughout the day.

Tulsi Clarity is available from our organic magazine shop priced at £2.99. Every purchase helps to fund more #media4good.


1. https://www.betternutrition.com/features-dept/herbal-nootropics

2. https://sleepcouncil.org.uk/sleep_media/key-facts-and-figures/


This month our editor AJ interviews the man who would be king, British actor and consciously organic, good life, nature lover Noah Huntley who has developed a taste for playing tragic, ill-fated kings and unfathomable war heroes. How many men can lay claim to being poisoned and cruelly slain with a dagger whilst in bed with film diva Charlize Theron, as in Snow White and the Huntsman?  “ I do get bumped off a lot, but I am not complaining. Getting to die in bed with Charlize Theron has to be the ultimate male fantasy,” suggests Noah smiling boyishly.  It’s a similar scenario in The Royals, when his lover, Queen Helena, played with a venomous allure by Liz Hurley fails to have him assassinated to cover up their clandestine affair and illegitimate love children.

Actor and Model Noah Huntley wearing a handmade artisan cardigan.
He wears it well – Noah Huntley wearing a handmade, artisanal cardigan.

In person, Huntley comes across as shy and modest, and it’s a quality you can see in his latest role on Netflix. He plays Elliot Macdonald, the ever so slightly English eccentric, wealthy owner of a riding stables and the father of Celine Buckens pushy, horse-mad Mia in Free Rein on Netflix – think of it as Mean Girls with ponies, raging hormones, cheekbones you could dine off and ridiculously over the top fashion more at home on Hollywood Boulevard than a quiet, emerald English island.

British actor Noah Huntley
Noah Huntley at the Britannia BAFTA Awards in LA 2018.

When he isn’t playing an inscrutable war hero or an English gentleman, Noah is to be found digging his organic allotment in the wilds of the English countryside, feeding the birds and cooking up a conscious, comforting organic feast in front of a roaring log fire. Noah admires the director Danny Boyle and says that he has the confidence and ‘childlike enthusiasm’ to let actors explore a role before the camera starts to roll. Oh, and ladies and gentleman, Noah declares that a ‘little dirt and disorder is a good thing’. We couldn’t agree more! Now read on.

Living the Organic Good Life

1. I’m definitely an ‘eat to live’ type. It serves my ‘flight not fight’ nature best! I mostly buy organic food at my local greengrocer or farm shop.

2. Who doesn’t like to be cooked for?! That said, I do like to know where my food comes from and how it was produced. I do enjoy cooking. I enjoy the creative process, melding good quality local and organic produce, tastes and textures, as much as knowing what doesn’t work together. I tend to grave a vegetarian diet in England when it’s freezing and a plant-based diet when I’m in temperature, sunny LA.

My Organic Food Heroes

3. California days have left me craving leafy greens and quinoa. Those, perhaps with some marinated tofu would be staples for me. Savoy cabbage steamed, then salted and coconut oil added makes me happy. Charred kale in a skillet or chicory roasted or grilled makes me hungry. Pomegranate seeds, pumpkin seeds, and pine kernels are great toasted and added to anything. Zhoug sauce is a current favourite. Horseradish mashed potatoes have their place on wintry evenings…I’m getting too hungry to continue this conversation!

Noah Huntley at his allotment in the English countryside
Actor Noah Huntley at home on his organic allotment

A Little Dirt and Disorder is Good!

4. At home, I’m pretty green and organic. I see the home as an extension of the body. It seems counter-intuitive to get super clean on the inside and ignore your surroundings. That said I’m not an OCD obsessive. I think a little organic dirt and disorder can be a healthy thing. Homewares I’m on top of. Energy-wise, I’m still linked into the grid, albeit with an energy provider focussing in renewable energy. I’m a sucker for a log fire though. Sorry trees, you are greatly appreciated and replanted thanks to the Woodland Trust. Furniture-wise, I try to re-use and recycle. But I have been known to enter the IKEA matrix. #nosaint

The Best Tiramisu Ever!

Favourite Foods: Cafe Gratitude in LA does the best plant-based Tiramisu EVER! I love broccoli and avocados. I probably eat too many of them. Blackstrap molasses makes my porridge mornings. I try to avoid crisps and Pringles because of their added MSG. But I’m struggling with Salt ‘n’ Vinegar Squares at the moment.

Actor Noah Huntley in the Netflix Series Free Rein
Actor Noah Huntley in the Netflix Series Free Rein

6. I am currently in the countryside back in England. I am becoming a keen ornithologist. Mainly, because the birds scurry around the food I leave for them outside the kitchen window. I am also writing. Just for myself currently but I’d love to get something published too. Ancestry.com continues to fascinate me. Particularly in conjunction with 23&Me’s DNA Profiling. It makes history personal, which is so much more exciting than simply remembering dates by rote.

British Actor Noah Huntley
British actor Noah Huntley

7. Bicarbonate of soda and vinegar makes a potent eco household cleaner. I have an ozone machine that is amazing for clearing spaces that need fumigating. I’m not sure if it’s technically ‘green’ but it’s like the fresh air after a thunderstorm rather than a more scary, suffocating chemical potion.

The Dalai Lama Keeps Me Smiling

8. I admire all truth seekers. It’s so easy to blame others for what seems wrong in the world. The Dalai Lama generally keeps me smiling.

9. Favourite place in the world? I’d say wherever home is. But less existentially, I love south of Bergerac, Southeast of Cadiz, the spirit of Brazil, The Raja Ampat Islands…India…wherever there’s adventure really.

10. Greatest Luxury: John Masters’ organic haircare products.

Philanthropy Over Bigotry

11. Passionate about: Common sense over corporate greed. Philanthropy over bigotry. Individuals being able to explore and express their truth.

Noah Huntley was speaking to our Editor-in-Chief Alison Jane Reid. Portraits of Noah by Bartek Szmigulski. Watch Free Rein on Netflix

The Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope by our doyenne of stargazers Victor Olliver is published! Pay attention Aquarius, this is your time to sing from the rooftops about a humanitarian or social cause you care to believe in. Go to it!


March 21-April 20

Aries Conscious Horoscope

As I gaze at your chart, what do I see? A cage door flung open and a fluttering of wings as the Aries canary flies off to distant lands. You are that canary. Or budgie. Or parakeet – OK, you pick your bird of choice. What or who opens the cage door – whether it is you, or an event or a sympathetic friend, or a horrible foe – is not for astrology to tell, yet a situation that has long held you back is about to fall away so that you can continue on a far more interesting journey on the wing. The most likely area of frustration is your career, your public status, or some great responsibility; and mid-month is the most likely time to take flight as ruler Mars merges with rebellious Uranus. It all sounds so intense – but there’s nothing to fear. The skies are pointing away from the cage.


April 21-May 21

Taurus Conscious Horoscope

How many people can you call a true friend? If you’re honest, the answer is about three. Oh, hundreds attended your wedding, or you have an address book stuffed with first-name contacts – among this crowd, take my word for it, only three people are truly your friend. As your ruler Venus moves into a chart area of adventure, there’s a chance of breaking out of your usual social circle and sampling the unfamiliar – this could be through travel or joining a club or embarking on a new study program. You have a taste for all things and people beyond what you know. February therefore is a most exciting month when many unforeseeable things may be expected – Venus demands it. You will desire it.


May 22-June 21

Gemini Conscious Horoscope

An influx of new people in your life is making a difference. Friends, useful in-betweeners, the odd lover or two: each has a part to play just as you’re rediscovering the part(s) you can play in other people’s lives. Recent intense experiences have had the effect of raising your curiosity about the world around you – it’s not so much that you seek an ultra-close bond (though one might do you the world of good) but that you wish to see what’s ‘out there’ to stimulate mind and spirit. This quest also includes the discovery of a spiritual support, or a new project that can trigger your sense of mission. Around the middle of February, you could be joining a new group of people who share your maverick tendencies. Follow your heart in these matters. This organ is a lot bigger than some people realise.


Cancer Conscious Horoscope

June 22-July 22

We all have an area of potential adventure, though it varies over time, according to life situation and mood. Yours is in the area of work – not necessarily just career, but the doing of things that give you pleasure. Recent changes in ‘work’ will have been welcome; or if not, you’ll soon see that these were in your best interests. What you’re less likely to tolerate these days is stultifying managers or overseers who know less than you. So, make the most of planetary patterns to liberate yourself – mid-February marks some kind of breaking point, or a huge boost to personal independence. Perhaps, more ambitious dreams may have to be put on hold this month or next – but what really matters right now is enlarging psychic space to free yourself up. This is the prep.


July 23-August 23

Leo Conscious Horoscope

Leos are often accused of attention-seeking – but can you help it if you’re a star? After all, the Sun (a star) is your ruler – without the spotlight you wither somewhat, like a rose in perpetual shadow. The great news is that joyful Jupiter occupies the Sun chart house of Leo for much of this year, so carry on attention-seeking. Put another way, you’re being encouraged to indulge the aspects of yourself which give pleasure to you and others – if someone in your life keeps telling you to lower the volume, show them your horoscope here. All will be explained. In February, this exuberance has a restless quality – the more you feel reined, the more you want to make an exhibition of yourself. Cultivate a love, a passion, a hobby; an unexpressed yearning. It is your key to fulfilment.


August 24-September 22

Virgo Concious Horoscope

The month starts with you very much focused on the world around you, as opposed to the world within. This may alarm because in your natural state you much prefer to withdraw into self and cherish those private thoughts of analysis, criticism, scrutiny. But no, life wants you to address the world out there – egocentric managers, sick puppies, hopeless dreamers, who or whatever. The value in all this is that people are noticing you afresh; they may be amazed at your stoical resourcefulness. Then there’s the full moon in Virgo on the 19th – at last. Time to speak out from the heart. If things need saying, now’s the time. Not just on the 19th but for the rest of February. Only if people know what you truly think can any kind of situation in your life progress to a healthier state. No need to scream, though.


Libra Conscious Horoscope

September 23-October 23

Energetic cosmic energies loosen the tongue this month: yours and/or those belonging to people around you. Suddenly there’s an outburst of the ‘frankies’, as in “Frankly, my dear, that’s a load of [expletive deleted].” This tendency should not be resisted. With expansive Jupiter in your chart house of communication/sales/teaching, you are urged to speak openly, defiantly if necessary, and honestly. In another sense, do not fear to take the initiative in selling a notion or product: the more maverick the message, the more likely you find your ‘market’ or audience. Courage! The home sector is the most likely area of responsibility with Saturn and Pluto still in the 4th house of domestic environment, and here the progress may not be at the speed you desire. Patience! Ruler Venus’ presence in this house from the 3rd onwards will sweeten your approach to crucial helpers.


October 23-November 22

Scorpio Conscious Horoscope

The splendid omens for financial improvement are still with you – if not, double-check your expectations of a project. Exaggeration of any kind won’t help your cause. Keep it real to make the most of the planets. With Jupiter in your income house until December, there’s plenty of time yet to capitalise. A key part of strategy has to be your behaviour towards others – Scorpio can be surprisingly cryptic or cloaked so that people wonder what you’re really about. So, they grow unnecessarily suspicious of your motives. Happily, Venus’ arrival in your communication house helps you to anticipate social problems in February while bringing social opportunities which help with work and wellbeing.


November 23-December 21

Sagittarius Conscious Horoscope

Money concerns are a long-term concern of yours even if you’re bathing in Veuve Clicquot (£350 a bottle anyone?). Saturn and Pluto cause you to wonder about long-term prospects, your old age (even if you’re aged 21), legacies and loads of other cash-supplying thingies. This concern has little to do with your actual circumstances. This month Venus joins both planets, indicating (on the one hand) cash news that does not meet with your expectations and (on the other) an inspiration to make more money, perhaps through investment or gift. One or two of you may even conduct a personal audit to see if you qualify for inclusion in the Sunday Times’ Rich List. Good luck with that!


December 22-January 20

Capricorn Conscious Horoscope

Traditionally you’re not that keen on changes – at least not on changes that make no sense. So be prepared for an alteration in your domestic set-up that you may not welcome initially – this could be anything from a family member springing a decision on you or a painter and decorator failing to coat your hall in quite the right shade of pink. What may challenge you is the speed of things rather than the nature of things – why can’t life slow down? What will greatly help you in all this is a sudden outburst of charm courtesy of Venus in your sign from the 3rd onwards for the rest of February. Despite misgivings you smile your way through all sorts of situations, with an inner knowledge that keeping the peace beats war anytime. This stoical mood will actually cheer you and bring you social invitations – and don’t always resist urges to splash out on your good self.  


January 21-February 19

Aquarius Conscious Horoscope

A wild old month is forecast – and don’t you love it! Just when everyone thought you’d mellowed a little, here you are, back again, a-screaming’ and a-hollerin’. The reason for this outbreak of ululating is dynamic Mars’ merger with ruler Uranus around mid-month – I just hope your neighbours have stocked up on earplugs. There is however a purpose to all this. You’re fighting a cause, on your behalf or that of another. Something has enraged you and justice must be done: it could be a political or humanitarian issue. Jupiter is still expanding your social conscience, and the more engaged you are with the world in promoting a constructive message, the more you’ll feel yourself. Saturn and Pluto are well plugged into your psyche and past, stirring up all sorts of energies that connect you to the universe. Onwards!


February 20-March 20

Pisces Conscious Horoscope

Going it alone professionally is not everyone’s idea of the perfect life. I don’t say that every Piscean is going freelance in February (OK, join the human race), but in some way, shape or form, you are taking an independent line, especially over finances and earnings. Just be careful you don’t throw baby out with the bathwater: as a Piscean, you should be able to manage this. Make your point to an authority over cash, do something ‘symbolic’ if you must, but try not to storm off in a huff as if you’re a Hollywood diva/divo. Because the truth is, career prospects are looking good precisely because you are seen as a bit of a trouble-maker. The trick is to manage your own temperament and play a little hot and cold with your ‘betters’. Even if you get called ‘precious’ or a ‘drama queen’, who cares? Get them to give you the money.

Victor Olliver is editor of The Astrological Journal, flagship magazine of the Astrological Association. He can be contacted via: Volliver5@gmail.com.  Or visit the website – https://www.victorolliver.co.uk/ Marvellous illustrations by illustrator Vicky C Scott.https://www.vickysworld.co.uk/

Win a Sundried Unisex Sustainable Luxury Sportswear Kit

Sundried Triathlete Amy Kilpin

It’s almost Christmas! To celebrate, we’ve got a fabulous competition for you to win £100 worth of unisex sustainable luxury activewear from Sundried, the leaders in high fashion, cutting edge, sustainable sportswear made from recycled bottles and coffee grounds and worn by A-list actor Simon Pegg and triathletes including:  Amy Kilpin, and Ali Trauttmansdorf.  We wanted to create a competition for our style-conscious readers who love to be active and enjoy sports from yoga to athletics to training for a marathon.

Sundried sustainable sportswear is engineered to look good, offer high performance and to be as as eco-friendly as possible, using the latest sustainable fibres and innovative circular materials.

Actor Simon Pegg Gets Fit with Sundried

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Sundried Unisex Grande Casse Running Jacket

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Sundried Grand Casse Sustainable Sports Jackets

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Touch Screen Gloves made from Bamboo.

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Silicon print palms for superior grip even in wet weather.

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The Sundried eco-friendly Insulated Double Wall Reusable Coffee Cup is perfect for everyone, from coffee to tea drinkers and everyone in between, whether you’re on the go or just want to save on waste. It is BPA-free and non-toxic and is made without harsh chemicals. It won’t taint the taste of your drink and is dishwasher safe.

A reusable coffee or tea mug that is tough and durable as well as being fully shatter-proof and leak-proof. No need for a sleeve as the double-layered design fully insulates your drink without making the outside hot to touch so this coffee mug is easy to hold and transport.

At such a great price, the breakeven point on this cup is as low as 10 uses. If you care about the environment and saving money, this is the coffee mug for you. This reusable coffee cup looks great with its transparent body and splash-proof sealable lid with adjustable plug at the sipper hole.

The generous volume of 420ml gives plenty of room for your morning coffee to get your day off to a great start. Carry on your commute or between meetings with ease thanks to the ergonomic design.

Worth £20.00

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Sundried Activewear infographic-emissions

The competition is unisex, and the closing date is December 31st 2018. The winner will be announced in the first week of January. To be in with a chance of winning, share the competition and leave a comment, and or tell us on social media what you form of exercise you love to do to look after your mind and body.

Terms and Conditions –  The editor’s decision is final and there is no cash alternative.

Images Copyright Sundried December 2018, All Rights Reserved.

Pictures show actor Simon Pegg and Sundried Ambassadors and Triathletes Amy Kipin and Ali Trauttmansdorff.