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Fermented Foods Are Great for Gut Health Says Dr Gundry

Fermented Breakfast Bowl
Probiotic Yogurt with Berries. Picture by Brooke Lark

When most people hear “fermented foods” they get an image of something that is a bit weird and unpalatable, however, there are many great tasting foods that are actually fermented; we just don’t realize it. Fermented foods are rich with probiotic bacteria. These foods are the best probiotic foods for our digestive system and gut health. Since a large portion of our immune system stems from the gut, eating a diet rich with probiotics can boost our overall immune system, helping us to combat illness and disease.

The Importance of the Gut Biome

“Now, your gut is filled with trillions of good bacteria, but harmful microbes also reside there. This environment is known as your gut microbiome, and the microbes inside this environment are collectively known as the gut flora. Your gut health may be affected when the harmful microbes outnumber the good ones. An imbalance of good and bad microbes might lead to something known as “leaky gut syndrome.”

Fermented Food
Fermented Foods for A Healthy Gut That Taste Great

An Authority on Gut Health

Dr. Gundry, who is considered one of the leading authorities on gut health says that “These good bacteria, or probiotics, help to reinforce the supply of beneficial microbes you already have in your gut, or gastrointestinal tract.” Here is how he explains it simply:

Leaky gut syndrome is when you have weaknesses in the lining of your intestines, which allow toxins to enter your digestive system.

The following fermented foods for a healthy gut can help you avoid this.

What is Fermented Food?

Fermentation was originally used to help food last longer. Items such as bread, cheese, wine, sauerkraut, and yogurt are all fermented. Fermented, or cultured, foods are made by letting them sit and interact with bacteria, yeast, and microbes. With time, the chemical structure of the food is changed, giving it a different taste, and allowing it to last much longer. In addition, the nutrients in the foods are maintained or heightened.

Fermented Pickles
A selection of vegetables used to make homemade fermented pickles. Picture by Monika Grabkowska


Pickles are often forgotten to be a fermented food. Made by combining cucumbers and brine, the end product is a sour pickle. While store-bought pickles are often made using vinegar, these are not truly fermented pickles; in order to contain probiotics, the pickle needs to be fermented.

You can either make your own at home, using a salt and water (brine) solution or look for jarred pickles in the store that specifically say “lactic acid fermented pickles.”

The Joy of Homemade Pickles

If you can’t find these in large chain supermarkets, check out your local health food store or farmers market. There is bound to be at least one homemade fermented pickle seller.

Fermented Foods Contain Natural Probiotics Which Are Great for Gut Health

Kimchi or Sauerkraut

Kimchi is a fermented Korean dish made from cabbage. Similar to sauerkraut, with the base being cabbage, kimchi has a different flavor since it includes spices such as ginger, garlic, and other flavors.

A Boost of Vitamins

Sauerkraut has both German and Chinese roots. Meaning “sour cabbage,” it is made from green or red cabbage and is fermented. Sauerkraut is an incredible source of many vitamins and minerals, as well as being high in fiber. While it’s an acquired taste, it is easy to make at home or can be found in virtually any store. The next time you have a hot dog, pile on the sauerkraut for an extra boost of vitamins A, B, C, and K.  

Probiotic Yogurt
Fermented, Probiotic Yogurt with Nuts, Seeds, and Berries. Picture by Ailsha Hieb

Kefir and Yogurt

Kefir is a drinkable yogurt that is made from cow, goat, or sheep milk. As a fermented milk product, it is high in vitamin B12, as well as calcium. Many people who are prescribed antibiotics find that drinking kefir helps maintain their gut health by adding essential probiotics and enzymes.

While you can buy plain Kefir, there are some great varieties now, including strawberry and blueberry, that make it not only a healthy option, but also delicious.

Fermented Kefir is an Excellent Way to Nurture Good Bacteria in the Gut. Picture by Alison Marras

Keep in mind, should you purchase Kefir, that it sometimes has a fizzy element to it. This is completely normal, as it is a sign of the fermentation process. Kefir also has an incredibly long shelf life, as opposed to regular milk.

Benefits for the Immune System

If you prefer to use a spoon, traditional yoghurt is a great source of probiotic bacteria. Made the same way, from fermented milk, there are many varieties available. The best options are organic, made from grass-fed cow milk. If you struggle with digesting cow’s milk, you can find yoghurt made from goat or sheep milk as well. Just make sure that the ingredients specifically list “live bacteria” or that it states it is probiotic yoghurt.
Some of our most consumed foods are actually fermented. These foods are rich with probiotics and are the best probiotic foods for our digestive system and gut health. And they have an enormous benefit for our immune system. And thankfully, they taste great.

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Soho Food Feast
Soho Food Feast is An Annual Festival in the Heart of Soho Supporting Soho’s Parish School

Soho Food Feast

It’s Soho Feast time! Food lovers, Londoners, visitors, and anyone who wants to support Soho’s last remaining parish primary school to survive and thrive, do drop everything you were thinking of doing today or tomorrow and head over to one of the most exciting villages in London – Soho. When you arrive you can delight at the prospect of eating your way around some of the city’s most thrilling, delicious and innovative culinary grazing spots with all proceeds going to support education in the heart of London.

Soho Food Feast
Soho Food Feast is An Annual Festival in the Heart of Soho Supporting Soho’s Parish School

Soho Feast, now in its 9th year, is one of the highlights of the social and real food calendar in the heart of unhomogenized London and this year the lineup of restaurants and chefs is enough to make this foodie journalist get straight on a train to experience tapas-style tasting plates by Mark Hix at Hix Soho, The Holborn Dining Rooms, Cecconi’s Pizza Bar, Ham Yard, Dirty Bones, Ceviche and the wonderful Lina Stores where you can still buy the very best Italian delicacies including Parma ham and golden crumbly Parmesan wedges in waxed paper, plus many more hot foodie destinations. See below for the full lineup.

Soho Food Feast
Soho Food Feast is An Annual Festival in the Heart of Soho Supporting Soho’s Parish School

The event is on today, Saturday the 8th of June and tomorrow, Sunday from 12-6pm on each day and our biggest tip is to get there early because this is such a popular and cherished event. Tickets cost £15.00 in advance of £20.00 on the door. Your ticket includes access to live music and cookery demonstrations, £2.00 food tokens to eat your way around Soho for a fraction of the true cost, plus wine and cocktail bar options, a rather exciting raffle with covetable prizes and activities for kids.

Here’s the full lineup for both days

P A R T I C I P A T I N G  

R E S T A U R A N T S    &   B A R S   







All profits raised go to the Soho Parish Primary School.

Tickets are now on sale at Eventbrite – Soho Food Fest Sunday

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We’re Hooked! The Best Sustainable Fish and Chips of All Time! 

Hook New School Fish and Chips, Using Super Fresh, Sustainable Fish from the Cornish Fishing Fleet
Hook New School Fish and Chips, Using Super Fresh, Sustainable Fish from the Cornish Fishing Fleet. Picture Courtesy of Hook Camden.

Readers, clear your diaries, clear everything, and prepare to hotfoot it over to Camden Town in ship shape, orderly fashion. I have found the best sustainable fish and chips in London and the name to remember is Hook Camden a member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association and fish comes from certified MSC fisheries. Imagine the idea of ‘new school fish and chips’; a fish supper so delicate, so intoxicatingly delicious, and offered up without the usual guilt and tummy expanding ocean of unctuous batter, that seems like a good idea at the time, but leaves you wishing you really hadn’t by the time you are asked to pay the bill. Well, you don’t need to worry here. Yes, slow food nuts and Ethical Hedonist gourmets alike, you can rejoice – the slow, sustainable fish and chips revolution is here.

Forget Posh – Now it’s all about New School, Sustainable Fish and Chips

Crispy Squid cooked with real squid Ink. Picture By Intern Silvia ????
Crispy Squid Cooked with RealSsquid Ink and Potted Squid with Apple and Red Cabbage.  Picture By Intern Silvia Maresca.

When chef Simon Whiteside tells me in his soft Dublin burr that it has taken him five years to deconstruct and perfect his ‘new school fish and chips’, I can believe him. I can also see how all his Michelin star training, experience and passion for authentic local food ingredients has catapulted him from a market stall in Dublin to his very own bustling kitchen at Hook Camden Town.

Chef Simon Whiteside Reinvents Fish and Chips with a P hD in Food Alchemy

Chef Simon Whiteside has deconstructed the nation’s favourite dish like a boffin with a PhD in food alchemy and put it back together with flair, innovation, perfectionism and a huge helping of love and respect for the treasures of the land and sea. We start by grazing on the best crispy squid in town, enrobed with velvety squid ink, which is a perfect balance of salt, sea, crunch and a surprise, zingy after kick! And, there isn’t a hint of chewiness either. While a pot of spiced octopus salad with apple offers a myriad taste sensation from sweet to tart, to piquant. This is sustainable fish and chips elevated into a gourmet round the world adventure that wouldn’t be out of place in some of the most esteemed and far pricier establishments in town.

Four Types of Sustainable Fish on the Menu

 Seabream with Jewel Green Mushy, Minty Peas. Picture By Intern Silvia
Sustainable Fish and Chips with Jewel Green Mushy, Minty Peas. Picture By Intern Silvia Maresca

There are four types of sustainable fish to choose from on the menu – haddock, sea bream, pollack and coley. The fish comes up from the Cornish fleet daily, and then the alchemy seriously begins, with an exciting array of spices, herbs and sauces from the culinary hotspots around the globe. I choose luxurious sea bream fresh off the day boats that morning, in a pleasingly tangy crust of tempura infused with lime and basil, served with a creamy, truffle sauce.  

Tempura and Jewel Green Peas

The pillowy, light as air tempura is a flavour infused culinary work of art.  Inside, the fish is perfectly cooked, juicy, pearly, delicate and sweet in a way that only super fresh fish can be and it comes with a mound of bright, jewel green mushy peas which taste like minty, heaven on a plate. Food should please the eyes and the senses and Hook does that over and over again. So much so, that I have to linger over every delicious morsel, so  I can admire how pretty it all looks.

Hook is all about beautiful ingredients, executed with flair, confidence, playfulness and imagination.

Pollack and Chips with a Chimi Churi Sauce and a Feast of Side Dishes. Picture By Intern Silvia
Pollack and Chips with a Chimichurri Sauce and a Feast of Side Dishes. Picture By Intern Silvia Maresca.

My dining companion is the magazine’s new journalist intern, Silvia, who chooses the pollack, with chimichurri sauce, and even though I can’t stand the texture of this fish, I had to admit Simon had worked wonders, it is very tasty indeed. It is a bit like eating a posh, homemade fish finger. Sorry, Simon! I might add that Silvia completely clears her plate and when an Italian says the fish is good, that really is a compliment to the chef. Could it be made even better? ‘Only if we could choose the sauce to go with the fish of our choice,’ she suggests sagely.

Perfect Golden Chips

Now let me tell you about the chips. They are all of the following – melt in the mouth, golden, fluffy on the inside, and completely yummy, thanks to Simon’s top secret, seaweed infused salt. It is also worth pointing out that they are not in the least bit greasy. The sauces, ketchup and assorted little pots of perfectly cooked samphire and cucumber caviar add even more layers of flavour, surprise and interest too. The meal is a piscatorial banquet and offers incredible value for money, with classic fish and chips starting at £10.00.  Everything is made from scratch, right here in the kitchens before service starts.

Karma, Karma Cola – It’s Like Drinking an Organic Kitchen Garden

Our Editor, AJ, Enjoying Sustainable Seabream and Chips, Washed Down with Karma Kola.
Our Editor, AJ, Enjoying Sustainable Sea bream and Chips, Washed Down with Karma Kola. Picture By Intern Silvia Maresca.

Even the organic Karma Kola is a yummy ethical and organic taste sensation; the perfect balance of zingy, aromatic botanicals, proper fizz and lingering after finish, without the horrible, artificial sweetness of a certain, ridiculously over hyped drink. There are so many curious and exotic, fair-trade botanicals in this Kola, it’s like inbibing an organic kitchen garden. You will also want to steal the bottle and take it home. There are also some curious, very well-chosen organic, biodynamic and fair-trade wines, with Sixty Clicks ticking all the boxes on the night for taste and a lust-worthy, green is sexy, bottle design.

Prosecco, Harry’s Bar and Glamour to Rival the Ritz

Follow the Spice Trail! Hook London will Take You on a Fish and Chip Odyssey Around the World!
Follow the Spice Trail! Hook London will Take You on a Sustainable Fish and Chips Odyssey Around the World!

Eating at Hook is fun, and every element of the experience is a carefully considered delight, from the dinky, re-usable wooden serving crates to the floral, aromatic Prosecco, which is the same served in Harry’s Bar in Venice. Now, touches like this really do delight a well-travelled hackette about town. I do like a bit of glamour and allure with my sustainable fish and chips. Any moment, Cary Grant will turn up to whisk me off to Bermuda in a vintage Berdorf gown to admire the pink sands.

The Ice Cream Is Coming!

The only thing missing from the menu was a delicious pudding, as no fish and chip supper would be complete without some seriously good ice cream. This was a tad disappointing. I was almost tempted to dash over to Wholefoods and buy dessert. Alex, the very loquacious, hundred miles an hour maitre d tells me that this is in hand, and pudding will soon be on the menu. After all, it couldn’t just be any old ice cream; it will have a great deal to live up to.  So, that’s the only excuse I need to return to cool Camden Town very soon for the mother of all ice creams! – and a dash of London that is forever hip, always changing, always surprising – and now it can lay claim to offer the best, sustainable fish and chips in town, and that is something to get really, truly, deeply, madly get excited about.  Alison Jane Reid.

The Details – www.hookrestaurants.com 

Address – 63-65,  Camden Parkway, London, NW1 7PP

Tel  020 3808 5112

Opening Times

Monday – Thursday 12-3 5-10

Friday – Saturday 12-10:30

Sunday 12-9

 Meal for Two   –  from  £35.00, depending  On Side Dishes.

Takeaway Menu also available 

Sustainable Credentials

Hook Restaurants Only Use Fish from 100% MSC Certified Sustainable Small Fisheries and Day Boats in Cornwall.

Hook is accredited for its sustainability practices by the SRA – The Sustainable Restaurant Association – For More Info –  http://www.thesra.org/

Food is served on re-usable wooden crates and kilner jars for side dishes

All Takeaway Food comes with cutlery made from recyclable corn starch

All other ingredients are sourced from high quality organic, fair-trade and local and suppliers.

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BA Fashion Students
BA Fashion Swarovski Scholars at St Martins College of Art and Design

“ If you want to Change the Status Quo It Starts With Education.”

Swarovski, the 125-year-old heritage luxury crystal company celebrated for sprinkling Hollywood stardust over films such as the Great Gatsby and Bohemian Rhapsody and putting affordable (crystal) diamonds into the nation’s jewellery boxes has launched the Conscious Design Programme with St Martin’s School of Art and Design London to embed sustainable thinking into the heart of the school’s prestigious degree curriculum and create a new wave of sustainable fashion and design stars.

Swarovski Crystal Dress
Embellished Gown using Swarovski Sustainable Crystals

The goal is simple. To nurture the next generation of fashion designers, jewellery designers and design stars to create sustainable products that capture the imagination and eradicate fashion’s long and dirty history of pollution, exploitation and damage to the natural environment.

The Power of Education

While the task might appear daunting, given the scale of the problem, we think it it is the best way to bring about a profound culture change and to clean up the fashion industry from the inside out. As a spokesperson for Swarovski commented, “ The company believes in the transformational power of education and collaboration to make a positive impact, and that design can be a driving force of sustainable development and cultural change.”

It also makes sense to start at the top.

Central St Martin's London
Students at Central Saint Martins Campus

St Martin’s is one of the leading fashion schools in the world and attracts the brightest and most gifted students from across the globe to study at the school’s campus in the heart of regenerated Kings X.  Swarovski aims to inspire and challenge the fashion, design and jewellery stars of tomorrow to flex their creativity and create beautiful, compelling collections sustainably and responsibly with help from the brand which aspires to be a leader in the growing movement of conscious luxury –which stands for putting back more than you take from people, earth and the natural environment.

Swarovski certainly practices what it preaches. The company has a long history of environmental stewardship and it has reduced its water consumption across all its manufacturing plants by 20% and energy use by 30% since signing up the UN Sustainability Goals in 2016.

Positive Change in Fashion

Commenting on the launch, Nadia Swarovski said, “: “We are delighted to reaffirm our longstanding commitments to sustainability and to the outstanding creative education provided by Central Saint Martins with our new Conscious Design program and the Swarovski Foundation’s expanded support for student scholarships. The hugely dedicated and talented students and faculty at Central Saint Martins are creating much needed positive change in the fashion industry and beyond. As a company with a 125-year heritage of innovation, creative collaboration and responsible business it is a true pleasure to support them on their journey.”

Swarovski Crystal Collar
Fashion Meets Art- Swarovski Embellished Sustainable Crystal Collar

The new Conscious Design program will form part of the curriculum at Central Saint Martins, UAL for students on three courses: MA Material Futures, BA Jewellery Design, and BA Textile Design. During the summer term, each student will create work that takes Swarovski up cycled crystal as its starting point, embracing sustainable materials and concepts that have a positive social impact and addressing real business challenges.

Through this program, Swarovski aims to incubate the next generation of conscious designers who will contribute towards a more sustainable fashion industry.

Swarovski Student Scholars
BA Jewellery Swarovski Scholars St Martins School of Art and Design.

Material Futures (MA) students will explore the power of light through the medium of Swarovski crystal. As future thinkers, these students will develop innovations that harness the potential of light and may inform new technological or scientific processes.

Jewellery Design (BA) students will create jewelry pieces that combine up cycled Swarovski crystals with other materials, in particular ‘future materials’ that may be zero waste, environmentally friendly or materials from the circular economy.

Textile Design (BA) students will be challenged to develop new crystal applications in print and weave designs that celebrate cultural fusions in the city of London, working the concepts of sustainability and social purpose into their design story.

Swarovski Crystal Fashion
Viktor and Rolf Dress Embellished with Swarovski Sustainable Crystals

Conscious Design Hub

Following completion of the program in Autumn 2019, the Swarovski Conscious Design Hub, an online platform dedicated to the program will go live on the Central Saint Martins website. The open source hub will become a platform that offers insight into sustainability in design, featuring creative content from the projects, including research, drawings, experiments, videos and podcasts by students as well as leading figures in creative and sustainability fields.

More Swarovski Scholars

Swarovski is currently working on educational initiatives with 17 design schools globally including Parsons School of Design, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), and Bunka Fashion College, driving sustainability into the curriculum through the use of up cycled crystal and sustainable design challenges.

Diving deeper into the scope of the programme, the aim will be to challenge the students to develop new methods of producing textiles, jewellery and lighting that utilize closed-loop production, sustainable fibres, recycling and circular making to create an exciting new wave of low impact jewellery, fashion and lighting that captivates without harm.

Following completion of the program in Autumn 2019, the Swarovski Conscious Design Hub, an online platform dedicated to the program will go live on the Central Saint Martins website.

Central St Martin's
Central St Martins London

Open Source Sustainable Design

The open source hub will become a platform that offers insight into sustainability in design, featuring creative content from the projects, including research, drawings, experiments, videos and podcasts by students as well as leading figures in creative and sustainability fields.

Swarovski is currently working on educational initiatives with 17 design schools globally including Parsons School of Design, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), and Bunka Fashion College, driving sustainability into the curriculum through the use of up cycled crystal and sustainable design challenges.

Empowering Our Scholars

Till, Head of Central Saint Martins, UAL, commented: “As the world begins to recognise the full impact of the environmental crisis, it is beholden on all of us at a personal and individual level to focus our actions on the issues of climate emergency. I am therefore delighted that Central Saint Martins is partnering with Swarovski on this new initiative, which will empower our students to develop their work in a context that spotlights their wider responsibilities as designers.” 

Swarovski Sustainable Crystals
Swarovski Sustainable Crystals in every colour from the rainbow

Swarovski Scholars Programme

In addition to Swarovski’s support for the Conscious Design program, the Swarovski Foundation – the company’s charitable organization – is committed to promoting creative excellence and supporting education in the arts whilst helping remove barriers to access in the creative industries.

The Tools For Success

2019 sees the Swarovski Foundation widen its support by increasing the number of recipients to its prestigious Swarovski scholarship program from two to eight BA students in their final year, split equally across fashion and jewellery courses.

Steven (Hao-Yang) Lai, jewellery student and one of the eight lucky design Swarovski scholars, commented: “I was thrilled to learn of my selection for this honour and I am deeply appreciative of the support of the Swarovski Foundation. Receiving this scholarship has given me the confidence to push myself further in personal and professional growth.

The scholarship has lightened the financial burden of materials and maintenance costs, allowing me to focus on the more important aspects of creativity and learning.”




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Travel Life – Live like a native and experience slow luxury travel, authentic local Food and nature up close and personal – is there a better way to see the world? – Our editor Alison Jane Reid finds out.

The Pick of Slow Luxury

Welcome to the collection of Travelife Gold Certified, sustainable slow luxury travel hotels and resorts – from Montego Bay Jamaica – to serene Riad in Morocco – this is the pick of eco-conscious, considered luxury, where you will come away feeling you have truly lived and dined like a native on the very best local, artisan and kitchen garden organic produce.

Explore Local Food and Culture

Sit back and let us transport you on a far-flung gourmet trail, with irresistible stories of local food, chef alchemists and warm-hearted local people who can’t wait to share their culture, food, nature and wildlife and a better way to holiday in slow luxury travel style and protect endangered species, biodiversity and the environment.

How would you like to feast on the freshest organic vegetables, herbs and sustainable, local seafood from the hotel kitchen garden and local fisherman? Or learn to cook exquisite, authentic, regional cuisine, whilst admiring the wildlife on a pristine, verdant biosphere in Myanmar? Come with us, and we will show you how with my top five eco-conscious, sustainable slow luxury travel resorts to visit soon.

Costa Rica – Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge

Stay at the heart of a sequestered private nature reserve founded thirty-five years ago by an American naturalist, at the Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge and you can look forward to an eco wildlife adventure that is like falling down the rabbit hole in Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Mangrove Swamp
Slow travel through a mangrove swamp. Picture by Nico Carrera

Glide Through the Mangroves

If you are drawn by a sense of adventure and love the idea of responsible slow luxury travel tourism, truly off the beaten track, then this is your ideal sustainable, wildlife holiday adventure. The only access to the lodge is by boat. Your holiday adventure begins the moment you dock at the Hacienda, in the sleepy town of Sierpe. From there, it’s a 90 -minute boat ride gliding through the mangrove wetlands of Central America’s Pacific Coast. Along the way, you can expect to see monkeys, crocodile; a plethora of birds and there’s a very good chance of spotting dolphins and whales too.

Watch the Monkeys Play

Situated on the edge of the Corcovado National Park, the jewel in the crown of Costa Rica’s celebrated national park system, the Casa Corcovado is set on a commanding hilltop, and offers the ideal marriage of organic local design and all the authentic creature comforts you could wish for including four poster beds, hammocks and mosaics made my local craftsmen. Even better you can watch the monkeys play from your stylish, open air shower, and it will only take you a minute to walk to the perfect, palm-fringed beach, barefoot, of course.

Food is an haute cuisine tropical feast at the lodge, and the chef makes full use of sun, sea and forest for the freshest ingredients. Dine in the elegant Los Vitales restaurant on traditional Cost Rican dishes, prepared with local plantain, squashes, hearts of palm and giant local mangoes. Don’t forget to sample the local rum and Tico cheese, made on the slopes of the local volcano.

Bird Watching & Night Safaris

Casa Corcovado is about getting away from it all with a spirit of eco adventure. Activities revolve around the rainforest and ocean, and include: hiking tours, night safaris, scuba diving, and bird watching and kayaking. The hotel is noted for its use of solar and hydroelectric power. Recycling has been in place since the nineties, and the hotel funded a waste recycling centre, which benefits a local school in Sierpe.

Miramar – Villa Inle

Villa Inle, Miramar, is situated on the eastern shore of Lake Inle, in a Unesco biosphere nature reserve, in the land that time forgot – a place of floating villages, ancient monasteries and fishermen gliding serenely across Burma’s second largest freshwater lake.

Villa Inle is a boutique hotel that sets the benchmark for eco conscious luxury by truly embracing the idea of localism – from employing more local people to celebrating the heritage and customs of a remarkable water-bound eco system.

Handcrafted Wooden Villas

The hotel consists of 27, handcrafted lakeside wooden villas inspired by the architecture of a local monastery and traditional local houses. Expansive picture windows afford endless vistas of flocks of migratory birds and the water buffalo cooling off in the shallows. Local craft skills have been thoughtfully applied to the exquisite interior décor and the serene interiors are furnished with handcrafted furniture made by local carpenters, artisans and sculptors. There are day beds dreamily positioned to capture all the activity on the lake, covered in local kapok cloth and beautiful lamps are fashioned from bamboo and the famous local Shan paper, which is embedded with local flowers

Want to escape the madding crowd and live like a local? Then come to Villa Inle and you can look forward to intimate farmhouse kitchen suppers, trips to see the famous hanging tomato gardens by local boat, and the highlight? The not to be missed opportunity to participate in mindful, healthy, Burmese cookery classes with the chef, using produce from the hotel’s botanic and organic kitchen garden, while you sip a glass of local wine and admire the dreamy view. You can also discover the thriving artisan craft culture, with visits to see local handicrafts, including silk and lotus weaving and cheroot making. At the end of fascinating, carefree day, you can relax with cocktails at sunset and dream about your return visit.

Villa Inle   

Jamaica – Secrets Wild Orchid and St James’s Bay

Set on its own secluded peninsula, stretching like a garland out into the celebrated ‘Mobay’ in the Caribbean, this super chic, adults only, holiday pleasure dome, offers every comfort, luxury and opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation, whilst treading lightly on the local environment.

There are eight restaurants, cafes and bars to feast in, serving local produce and foodie delights, including the jerk chicken cart and famous local Jamaican patties; all making use of jewel green, aromatic herbs from the resort’s kitchen garden.

There is a weekly, craft market, featuring the work of the local artists, or you could take a Jamaican cookery class or get up close with nature on a guided walk or bicycle ride. The resort employs 98% of its staff from the local community; runs beach clean ups, donates to local hospitals and schools and composts its waste.

Secrets Resorts   

Morocco – Riad Al Massarah

You only have to read the reviews for the Riad Al Massarah, to see that Michel and Michael, the attentive, French-British owners have created a refined oasis of sustainable luxury and calm, that utterly exceeds visitors expectations. Local food is a highlight at the Riad, which is furnished with exquisite taste and flair with handmade pieces by local artisans and treasures from Europe.

Feast on a Fragrant Tagine

Food ingredients are purchased daily from the local market and transformed into a colourful, scented and vibrant fusion of European and Moroccan cuisines with flair and imagination. Feast on authentic tagine and when you are tired of this rich, filling stew, your hosts will be delighted to prepare a dish which is light, healthy and delicious.

Riad Al Massarah

Madeira – Gala Resort, Hotel Alpino

Do you crave complete rest and mind and body rejuvenation? Then the Galo Atlantico Ayurvedic Resort is the place to kickstart your detox and healthy reboot.

Ayurveda is the ancient medicine system of India, focused on the art of living wisely and in harmony with all living things. During your stay, you will have a consultation with the in-house Ayurvedic chef, and discover your constitutional type – pitta, vata or kapha.

Graze On Organic Local Produce

Then you will graze on delicious, gourmet vegetarian and plant-based vegan food prepared according to your type and designed to promote optimum health and wellbeing. Sip organic tea made from herbs grown in the organic garden and eat vibrant, light, healthful local organic produce based on – herbs, shoots, roots, fruits, seeds and spices that follow the seasons and are designed to energise, strengthen and renew your mind and body.

Galo Resorts 

Feature Sponsored by Travelife – The sustainable Kitemark for Certifed Sustainable Slow Luxury Travel and Hotels Across the Globe. Please note that hotels certified by Travelife are subject to change at any time. Please check the website for up to date members of the scheme. Details correct at time of going to press.

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Ethical Hedonist June Conscious Horoscope

Visit Victor’s website for a list of astro-services and fees: www.victorolliver.co.uk

June 2019


March 21-April 20

Aries Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope
Aries Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope

You’ve probably heard lots of horror stories about the current Saturn-Pluto conjunction which affects us all in different ways. But the changes this aspect indicate are mainly for the good – and for you, this has to do with income and career. The best advice is not to be a stick-in-the-mud: where you know things must end (or begin) accept developments with good grace – ultimately you profit. Meantime, your ruler Mars still dominates your domestic area – use this energy to make home improvements or build emotional bridges.


April 21-May 21

Taurus Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope
Taurus Ethical Hedonist June Conscious Horoscope

This is an excellent month for major plans now that the Saturn-Pluto merger is getting tighter. Any initiative to break the mould in life will generate its own friction – don’t expect everyone to be on your page. You’re thinking very ambitiously – and so you should. As a Taurean, you’ll not struggle with the idea that what you’re contemplating does take time, and anything rushed will most probably trip up. Financial considerations are uppermost of course: but don’t get dragged into the nuts and bolts at this stage. Stay focused on your dream or ideal. Let that be your lodestar.


May 22-June 21

Gemini Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope

Your astrological ‘birthday’ is 3 June this year: this is when New Moon appears in your sign, heralding a new cycle. What the chart shows for this moment is that your social world is key to success, be this professional or simply personal. Your range of contacts is enlarging beyond current boundaries: keep a careful eye on newcomers because among them will be priceless contacts, opportunities and inspiration. Helping this trend is Venus’ move into Gemini from the 9th, adding sheen to your image, sweetening your aura and motivating you to think a lot more about the impression you make on people. In financial matters, there may be a need to reach a compromise.


June 22-July 22

Cancer Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope
Cancer Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope

There’s quite a divide between what you need and what life asks of you. Of the latter, it’s busy-busy. Mercury’s presence in Cancer from early this month presents more situations in which you are called on to explain or articulate matters. Of the former, you’d be quite happy to withdraw into your shell for a spell of mindfulness at a luxury spa. For peace! Whatever your life situation, certainly take time out to reconnect with spiritual energies – walks in the countryside, a weekend at a kids-free hotel or a stay at a retreat: these will do you a power of good. The Saturn-Pluto growing conjunction does present you with ‘difficult’ people to handle: but it’s often this sort that help bring about refreshing change in life, even if we don’t like the song they sing.


July 23-August 23

Leo Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope
Leo Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope

Changeable Uranus stays at the top of your chart, indicating readiness for a change of life direction in one respect or other – if not this month exactly, anytime! This doesn’t mean every Leo is about to uproot and climb a mountain. Many changes can take in life which do not alter the basic structure of our lives, such as career or family. Uranus is also the planet of inspiration, so listen to your hunches, your dreams or instincts. June’s New Moon provides extra impetus for ideals and business – and for advancing your cause through social networks. Joining a group of the like-minded is one way to push Brand Leo.


August 24-September 22

Virgo Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope
Virgo Ethical Hedonist June Conscious Horoscope

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction in your house of passions won’t leave you feeling ebullient, yet these two power planets together offer potential tremendous energy to get across anything that you hold dear, such as a natal creative talent. You’ll find though that to tap this cosmic source, you must stay open to the need for a major alteration in how you live or think – whatever is blocking the flow must be removed. Life direction is the theme of June’s New Moon for you which is usually has to do with career; but it can be any activity that performs a public good. One answer lies well outside your current orbit – perhaps overseas or in a higher education institution.


September 23-October 23

Libra Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope

This is the month to step up. Whatever you’re up to in life, this is the time to reach to the next stage, to enlarge your world, to sample things you might not have considered in the past – yes, to exceed yourself, in a sense. The early June New Moon is a vision-enlarger: at a basic level, this may manifest as long-distance travel; in another way, it is a pointer to new ‘territory’ in your work, private life or anything else. Sometimes what looks like a natural life-boundary is just our reluctance to move on or to stretch ourselves. Pushy Mars occupies your career house all month so progress can be expected where you take the initiative. With ruler Venus in the house of June’s New Moon from the 9th, your taste in company (business or otherwise) takes a most unusual turn.


October 23-November 22

A favourable month is forecast since the cosmic energies play to your strengths of intuiting what others think, of making money from activities you intimately understand and of contemplating extraordinary transformation within yourself. All this may seem a tall order, yet the June New Moon early-month occurs in the solar 8thhouse – the house associated with Scorpio. If you wish to get a loan, to make a risky purchase, to deepen a relationship of any kind or engineer a volte face which will enrage people close to you – well, you have a lunar boost to your enterprise. Since you rarely do anything lightly, you’ll have already given great thought to the value of your decision. Intensity is your second name. June is intense – and rather invigorating.


November 23-December 21


Those financial worries are still niggling away at you; all thanks to the Saturn-Pluto fandango in your house of income. Is this bad news? Not essentially. What this conjunction denotes for you is the need to accept that there’s no going back on recent changes in how you get by materially. A whole revolution is slowly taking place in how you regard the things of value in your life. In June however, you’ll spot a way to help the financial process through work, old or new – thanks to a Venus trine. This should help restore your old bounce – and do remember, your ruler Jupiter remains in your sign, promising growth where you show a readiness to grow.


December 22-January 20


If I say that there’s a touch of conflict in your chart – don’t lose sleep. All the signs have quite stormy indicators; it’s more a matter of how you deal with opposition, either from others or within the self. Ruler Saturn is right next to transformative Pluto at this time which can only mean that at the very least you’re aware of various options that could take you in a whole new life direction. That thought may fill you with dread. But it ought not. Suspend your scepticism and watch how acceptance of change also opens the mind to a greater awareness of the deficiencies in the status quo. One day you’ll look back on this time and say: Thank God/Goddess/Empty Space. 


January 21-February 19


Think about what gives you joy – and then watch it come to life in June (provided it’s legal, of course). You really are back in business, telling the world what you really, really think, and leaving chaos wherever you go. It’s not that you mean to disrupt; you just can’t help yourself. Words emerge from your mouth and next thing, people look appalled. In June, you couldn’t care less about that. What really matters is filling that void between the world and what’s in your heart. Be this love, art, hobby, your kids, etc…your public awaits your next production. 


February 20-March 20

Pisces Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope
Pisces Ethical Hedonist June Conscious Horoscope

Career expansion is a wonderful thing. Yet what happens if one’s domestic world demands you pay greater attention to its bawling just as your boss is inviting you up the promotion ladder? This is what awaits in June – but the answer is quite simple: hello to the human race. This old struggle between one’s public and private duties is universal, even more so today when employers have taken up the superstition that employees must be ‘passionate’ about their work to excel and work all hours. Quite frankly, if your employer is asking you to neglect the family, tell them where to go. But be assured that won’t happen. Explain to family and boss how your life works and how each part needs attention. Most times out of ten, you’ll find people understand.   

Victor Olliver is editor of The Astrological Journal, flagship magazine of the Astrological Association. He can be contacted via: Volliver5@gmail.com.

Visit Victor’s Website for a list of Astro-services and Fees: www.victorolliver.co.uk

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Women in the Field of Impact Investing – Edited by Alison Jane Reid

Women in Business
Amy Domini Describes Her Journey from Saleswoman to Running Her Own Impact Investing Company

This is the first in a series of guest articles, on Women in Impact Investing and Ethical Finance first published in GreenMoney.com

by Amy Domini, Founder, Domini Impact Investments

The Woman Who Inspired Me

This will be my fifth year contributing to the GreenMoney issue dedicated to Women and impact investing and ethical and sustainable finance. In the past I have discussed studies showing that women are good, that is, above average, impact investors; I have discussed my discomfort with making gender the only lens through which people make investment decisions, but I have not discussed the process by which a firm, like the two I am involved with, makes the move from minority female to majority female. Nor have I discussed one woman who was particularly important to my own advancement.

Amy Domini, Impact Investments
Amy Domini – A Woman in a Man’s World, Founder of Impact Domini Investments

Domini Impact Investments has five employee equity-owning managers in leadership. Four of the five are female. The Sustainability Group has four partner-level members and three of the four are female. I feel pretty secure in stating that female leadership is possible, even within the financial asset management field.

A Seat at the Table

When I asked the CEO of Tucker Anthony & RL Day to allow me to try to pass the exam necessary to earn a license that would allow me to be involved with the sales of securities in 1974, it was not totally unheard of. After all, plenty of men had secretaries who held the license. That way business could be conducted on behalf of some guy while he enjoyed a game of golf. It was unusual, however, upon passing the exam, to have been given a seat selling.

Wall Street
Women Began to Try and Break Down Barriers to Working on Wall Street in the Sixties

Women on Wall Street

It took me a while to realize that I was the only female in the firm with a full-time sales job. But the times they were changing. I was the unknowing beneficiary of a movement that was powerful and sophisticated.[1] I’d like to say it was enlightened management, but it was the power of people being allowed to file a class action lawsuit. Dating back to the late 1960s women had been trying to break into real jobs on Wall Street. It wasn’t happening. But when a lawsuit was filed, disclosures were available to the press. One damning statistic made public was that as of May 1973 nearly 97 percent of Merrill Lynch’s 5,197 account executives were white males. Another was the fact that the hiring questionnaire asked, “When you meet a woman, what interests you most about her.”

Money, Gender and Diversity

Here, the most points were awarded if the candidate answered that it was her beauty, and the fewest if he answered that it was her intelligence. The company countered criticism and stated that the testing was fair, but eventually it settled and set in place gender diversity initiatives. My timing had been good; Tucker Anthony did not want the sort of headlines Merrill Lynch had suffered.

All About Joan

I had been a professional for years before the backdrop of my promotion became known to me, but I was just starting to become fascinated with the concept that you might not need to buy companies that made awful products or behaved in nasty ways. I was just learning about the few other people who felt that way, too. The one who most certainly turned my life on its head was a woman named Joan Bavaria.

Times Are Changing
Amy Domini Talks About the Female Mentor Who Inspired Her to Work in Responsible Investing

A Mentor for Social Change

Joan ran a small investment advisory firm called Franklin Research & Development (now Trillium Asset Management). She’d gotten the job the old-fashioned way, by marrying the boss, but that didn’t for a moment make her less than a powerful force for good in the field. She mentored me and introduced me to everyone she knew who was remotely involved with the intersection of money and finance. Joan Bavaria pulled together a group of people who, each in their own way, used money to create social change. That group eventually became US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment.

Impact Investing for Social Good

Through Joan’s network many alliances grew. Investors met faith groups who worked with the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility. We wanted to support their work, which was to file shareholder resolutions with companies as a lever to bring the companies into solutions. The network also included participants in enterprises that were in the business of alleviating poverty. These were low-income credit unions, community development banks, and even non-profits created to make loans.

Piggy Bank
Pink Piggy Bank – From Little Acorns Ethical Investment Grow

Three Legs to the Stool

Eventually, the three legs to the stool, as Joan called it, became the core framework to the field of responsible and impact investing. Leg one, buy positively to create demand from Wall Street for responsible corporate behavior; companies that made ergonomic furniture, not bombs, for instance. Leg two, engage with companies, government, non-profits, and others to build coalitions that would engage to get something done; we joined together to keep the disgraceful governance of South Africa, which denied the Black majority a vote, in the headlines. Leg three, seek out and support non-traditional financial intermediaries with the mission of economic justice – because healthy economics include the least among us. We allocated investor dollars to debt instruments these grass-root defenders offered and shifted our corporate accounts to community development banks. Joan always pointed out that the removal of a leg would cause the stool to fall and that as a group we must commit to supporting all three equally.

A Powerful Advocate

Joan’s earliest clients were largely female. She was often sought out as a person who understood that just because you didn’t really make a study of investing, it didn’t mean that you were someone to talk down to or “take care of.” Like me, she had started with a conventional firm and had broken through the unstated barriers for women while there. I dedicated my first book, co-authored with Peter Kinder, Ethical Investing, to her. When she withdrew from the world to nurse her cancer, cancer that eventually killed her, the world lost a powerful advocate.

Business Man in an Elegant Suit

The ‘Gentleman’ Knows Best

Since then, I have found that professionally I do have a bit of an advantage in winning a female client or working with a female colleague. Perhaps it is as simple as the shared background. But there is an element of passing it on. Joan did it for me, and I want to do it for you. On the client side, there are clear messages. For instance, I once brought in a new client who resentfully told me that her former advisor treated her like a child. When I phoned him to make the friendly ‘no hard feelings’ call, he was a gentleman. He was a gentleman with advice. “In some ways she is really just a child. You have to guide her or she’ll make mistakes,” he told me. So many clients have such stories. It isn’t 1973 anymore, but attitudes take generations to truly subside.

Women at Work
Amy Domini Talks About the Female Mentor Who Inspired Her to Work in Responsible Investing

Assets for Women by Women

Much as I enjoy managing assets for women, it is the female work-partners that I feel the strongest connection with. We seem to have the same assumptions. While we sometimes make appointments to catch up, we generally catch up several times a week without appointments. We all volunteer to write the first draft, to take on the tough phone call, to dig through the files for the key data point. Yes, I chose my partners sensing that they had these qualities, but we re-enforce them with our interaction. And it has led to long-term relationships.

The Best and Worst of Times

Carole Liable, CEO at Domini Impact Investments has worked alongside me since before there was a Domini (she was originally with a vendor to the funds), and in the over twenty years we worked together we have gone through years when she worked four very long days so as to be home the fifth; we have built a workforce that largely reflects the population at large; we have gone through the worst of times and survived.

Woman at Work
Woman are Changing the World of Money and Investing for Social Good and Environmental Impact

Female Leaders in Impact Investing

Wendy Holding, my most senior partner in the Sustainability Group has held the group afloat for fifteen years and, for some years now, has surpassed me in client volume, firm growth, and outreach to the various communities in the field. As a division in a smaller firm, we have also built a team (partners and specialists) that reflects the population at large, but is majority female leadership.

Friends and Loyal Defenders

Over my career, I have reached out to women, many of whom are now my fiercest competitors, and most loyal defenders. Julie Goodrich, founder of NorthStar Asset Management, and I together taught Ethical and Impact Investing classes. Patricia Farrar-Rivas, CEO of Veris Wealth Partners and Kathy Leonard, founder of the Leonard-McDevitte Sustainable Investment Group at UBS went on retreats together with me (yes men were invited too) to address barriers to our field and to evaluate solutions. Julie Eades, past President of New Hampshire Community Development Loan Fund was in the room with me as we drafted guidelines to create the predecessor to what is today Opportunities Finance Network.

Do Something Great
Do Something Great – Change the Money System for Social Good

Listing names is not the point. The point is that it is clear to me that each of these women has tried to be deliberate in finding and promoting women in the field of finance, just as I was, and just as Joan was. What began as a slender silken thread has become a woven fabric. The African proverb reminds me of my female colleagues, “when spiderwebs unite, they can tie up the lion.”

Domini Impact Investments
Domini Impact Investments – Investing for Good

Article by Amy Domini, Founder and Chair of Domini Impact Investments (https://www.domini.com). She is widely recognized as the leading voice for socially responsible investing. In 2005, Time magazine named her to the Time 100 list of the world’s most influential people. In 2006, she was awarded an honorary Doctor of Business Administration degree from Northeastern University College of Law. Yale University’s Berkeley Divinity School presented Ms. Domini with an honorary doctorate in 2007. In 2008, Ms. Domini was named to Directorship magazine’s Directorship 100, the magazine’s listing of the most influential people on corporate governance and in the boardroom.

Ms. Domini is a past board member of the Church Pension Fund of the Episcopal Church in America; the National Association of Community Development Loan Funds, an organization whose members work to create funds for grassroots economic development loans; and the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, the major sponsor of shareholder actions. She is a member of the Boston Security Analysts Society. She has been a frequent guest commentator on CNBC’s Talking Stocks and various other radio and television shows.

Ms. Domini holds a B.A. in international and comparative studies from Boston University, and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Publications: Ms. Domini is the author of Socially Responsible Investing: Making a Difference and Making Money (Dearborn Trade, 2001) and The Challenges of Wealth (Dow Jones Irwin, 1988), and a coauthor of Investing for Good (Harper Collins, 1993), The Social Investment Almanac (Henry Holt, 1992), and Ethical Investing (Addison-Wesley, 1984).

Article Note:

[1] https://books.google.com/books?id=LPgb5DbeOs0C&pg=PA50&lpg=PA50&dq=%221973%22+merrill+lynch+suit+female+discrimination&source=bl&ots=Ci_SQHve8E&sig=ACfU3U0HeFOCRFB2kig8v0rRCWdmPdIJcg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiQ1fG_mungAhULMt8KHW6NCH0Q6AEwCnoECAYQAQ#v=onepage&q=%221973%22%20merrill%20lynch%20suit%20female%20discrimination&f=false

This article was first published in GreenMoney as part of a series of articles on Women in Finance.

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By Bohemia Head Chef Steve Smith

Who doesn’t love Jersey Royals potatoes? They are a great British seasonal food treasure. We love to celebrate and champion our great British seasonal food stars. May is the season for a potato like no other – Jersey Royal potatoes.

Now we could make the definitive potato salad with these creamy food icons. But we are in a mood for something more daring and surprising – how about savory ice cream made with Jersey Royal potatoes. Intrigued? Tantalised?

Something Different

Well,  read on to discover how to wow your guests at your next Ethical Hedonist dinner party or dinner a deux.

Head Chef Steve Smith of Michelin starred Bohemia Bar and Restaurant shares his unique recipe for Jersey Royals ice cream.

A Surprising Savoury Ice Cream from Michelin-Star Chef Steve Smith at Bohemia Jersey using Jersey Royals

A Delightful Savoury Ice Cream using Jersey Royals

Steve Smith endeavours to offer a variety of local, fresh produce in all of his dishes at Bohemia.  The majority of ingredients such as the famous Jersey Royals Potato are locally sourced from the island of Jersey.  Steve has created a truly outstanding dining experience with his ingredient and flavor-driven tasting menus at Bohemia.

What You Will Need to Make Steve Smith’s Jersey Royals Ice Cream


1 kg Finely sliced Jersey Royals

500g Borbier unsalted butter

500ml Skimmed milk

60g Pro crema

500ml whole milk

120ml Creme Fraiche/Fromage blanc

2 tbspn brown butter

2 tsp Salt

Jersey Royals Ice Cream
Jersey Royals are a seasonal and culinary jewel and partner well with asparagus – image by Toa Heftiba


  1. Caramelise the sliced Jersey Royals in the butter until completely golden brown.
  1. Drain from the butter.
  1. Add the milk to the pro crema and bring to the boil.
  1. Add the drained Jersey Royals potatoes and allow to steep for 45 minutes.
  1. Keep 500g of the potatoes. Blend the kept potatoes, milk mix, creme fraiche, brown butter, and salt.
  2. Blend until completely smooth then place into a Paco jet beaker and freeze.

About Steve Chef Steve Smith

Steve Smith is one of the world’s most distinguished chefs.  Steve Smith has won a Michelin Star five times and has held a Michelin star for over 20 years.  Bohemia is the only Michelin starred restaurant in the Channel Islands. The restaurant currently holds five AA rosettes and has been ranked as the 11th best restaurant in the whole of the UK by the Good Food Guide 2018.  

Bohemia is the only restaurant in the Channel Islands to be featured and outranks some of the most famous restaurants cementing Bohemia firmly on the international culinary, food lovers map.

About Chef Steve Smith

Bohemia Bar & Restaurant, Green Street, St. Helier, Jersey JE2 4UH, Channel Islands

Steve Smith is one of the world’s most distinguished chefs.  Steve Smith has won a Michelin Star five times and has held a Michelin star for over 20 years.  Bohemia is the only Michelin starred restaurant in the Channel Islands. The restaurant currently holds five AA rosettes and has been ranked as the 11th best restaurant in the whole of the UK by the Good Food Guide 2018.  

For reservations please call: 01534 880 588 or visit www.bohemiajersey.com

Love our seasonal local, organic and biodynamic recipes? Why not try making our Pukka Herbs and River Cottage HQ organic dark chocolate and ginger tart – Pukka Dark Chocolate and Ginger Tart

Meet Gung Ho Design readers! Do you feel for the Cinderella carrots, beetroots and potatoes languishing in your supermarket or local farmers market? Do you want to wear your ideals on your sleeve? If you do, you will be delighted to hear that it’s raining gloriously wonky and what’s in season vegetables on charismatic sustainable fashion label to fall in love with and make your tastebuds dance – Gung-Ho Design.

Gung Ho Protein Dress
Gung Ho Design Protein Dress

Fashion as Food for Thought

This is our, go-to slow, made in London fashion house for elegant, thought-provoking fashion as art with a dash of va, va voom. This season creative director Sophie provokes debate with her Food for Thought, made in Britain fashion collection featuring what’s in season vegetables and those imperfect vegetables which often go to waste.

Glamour, With and Eco-Chic Attitude

Irreverance is always in vogue, especially from a sustainable fashion house with the knack for pulling off stylish and ever so slightly cheeky fashion collection campaigns for social and environmental impact with a huge dose of glamour, wit, attitude and most importantly deliciously wearable, well-executed fashion.

Handmade in Silk and Tencel

We think veg, let alone wonky ones, and what’s in season beauties have never looked so delectable, charismatic and yummily edible! The dresses in tactile silk and sustainable Tencel (regenerated wood pulp) would light up any date, wedding or high summer picnic and we rather yearn to dress up as landgirls in the jumpsuits which mix practical utility with that all-important forties, can do chutzpah.

Gung Ho Wonky Jumpsuit
Gung Ho Wonky Jumpsuit

Wonky Veg, Lobsters and Big Cats!

For what is rebellion, if we don’t ache to dress up and join in as fashion rebels? Sophie Dunster, the designer behind this wear your passion on your sleeve slow fashion house has a wonderful talent for putting animals, vegetables, marine life, and charismatic big cats centre stage in her luscious, extrovert printed textiles.

Donations for Great Causes

Even better 10% of the profits from every garment Food for Thought garment sold goes to the featured campaign – Seed Share, a non-profit based in London which makes organic seeds available to farmers. We think that is very cool.

Whatever will Sophie dream up next to put conservation, sustainability and the circular economy on the world stage? We can’t wait to see it all stylishly unfold.

Gung Ho Wonky Top and Skirt
Gung Ho Wonky Top and Skirt

Thames Beach Clean-Up

Gung Ho Design also has the next beach clean up coming up in June. A great opportunity to meet the designer, help clean up the banks of the beautiful Thames and make new friends. 12-2pm Sunday 9th June – Gung Ho London beach clean up – meet on the banks by National Theatre at Waterloo

email sophie@gung-ho-design.com to say you’ll be there!

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Picture Research and Assistance – Fashion Intern Millicent Wellington

Gung Ho Broccoli Sweater
Broccoli Sweater
Gung Ho Wonky Blouse
Gung Ho Design Wonky Blouse
Gung Ho Protein Top and Skirt
Protein Top and Skirt
Lily Hirasawa
Lily Hirasawa founder of Yumchi
Lily Hirasawa
Lily Hirasawa founder of Yumchi
Lily Hirasawa
Lily Hirasawa founder of Yumchi

Fotolia_32665816_M feature image

Protect Incredible Marine Playgrounds with Aethic Sovee, eco-compatible sunscreen,  it’s sustainably made and sumptuously rich in the very best plant-based ingredients.

Written and Researched by Imogen Ramsden and Edited by Alison Jane Reid

Our bodies are fragile, and as a result, we take care to keep them from harm. It is no secret that sunscreen is essential in providing protection from the powerful, and potentially harmful UV rays emitted by the sun. But did you know that in seeking to preserve and protect our own health and beauty, we are harming the natural environment around us?

The harmful ingredients in conventional sunscreens are proving disastrous to the beauties of the natural world. National Geographic reported that chemical components are washing from people’s bodies into the seas and oceans and destroying the world’s most beautiful and iconic coral reefs. Viruses are induced which starve the coral of their only source of food, banishing them from their homes. The nonchalance of the health and beauty industry is increasingly taking its toll on one of the world’s greatest natural treasures, and it needs to be stopped.

Aethic Sôvée Eco Compatible Sunscreen

The Ethical-Hedonist has a luscious beauty solution. Aethic Sôvée is an eco-compatible sunscreen leading the way in skincare and eco-friendly beauty products. It smells like the skin of a newborn, with a light and refreshing fragrance, and has the colour and richness of freshly churned butter. The super nurturing sunscreen glides onto the skin as though it were the most luxuriant moisturiser. It goes beyond its role as a sunscreen as its three-star ingredients, olive oil, beeswax, and coconut extract perform wonders, beautifying your skin with luxurious nourishment. As well as protecting our own bodies, we want to see more eco-compatible sunscreen products like Aethic Sôvée that conserve nature and safeguard the vessels of the natural world.

Buy Aethic Sôvée here  

Prices: Factor 15-£39.69 Factor 25-£43.66 Factor 40-£53.19 – Note from the editor- yes it is expensive. I can tell you it is the most luxurious and effective sunscreen we have tried this summer at EH HQ.  Be warned – you will want to use it as your daily body moisturiser!


Exciting news from the Emerald Princess! Send us some ethical love for the chance to get your hands on this luxurious beauty gem. Two lucky eco-lovers will win a bottle of SPF 25 Aethic Sôvée sunscreen, worth £43.66! Simply tell us what you love about the Ethical-Hedonist and what you would like to see more of gracing the virtual pages, and you could be in with a chance! To enter, email www.ethicalhedonistmagazine@gmail.com. We love you to like our Facebook page too here –  https://www.facebook.com/ethicalhedonist

Soft coral close-up Indonesia Sulawesi

Read on for more information on the compelling arguments for eco compatible sunscreen

In depth scientific research has revealed that four key chemical components in conventional sunscreens can cause extensive damage to some of the world’s most exquisite and iconic coral reefs. National Geographic reports that as these chemicals are released into the water, they trigger dormant viruses in algae, replicating them until the vulnerable algae hosts explode, releasing the viruses into the seawater and surrounding marine communities. This subsequently kills the only food source available to the coral reefs, leaving them to starve until their vibrant, rich coral silhouettes disintegrate into skeletal shadows of their previous form. This shocking information poses very serious concerns over the future of some of the world’s most visited and cherished natural aquatic wonderlands. We need to act now to protect the reefs from further damage.

The Jury is out on Nanotechnology 

Fragrance, absorbability and ease of spreading are all considerations we take into account when selecting a sunscreen. However, our ultimate goal is to protect our skin from the UV rays that, at their most destructive, can cause the formation of skin cancer cells. It may, therefore, come as a shock to learn that as well as being hugely destructive to the natural environment, many conventional sunscreens are even failing to provide us with the basic protection values we expect. Many of these sunscreens provide only the minimum level of protection from UV rays, leaving the body still exposed to many others. They are also at risk of exhibiting low photo-stability, limiting the effectiveness of these creams once the skin is exposed to the sun. Worryingly, these sunscreens are devised to be invisible, so are produced using nanotechnology. However, these nanoparticles are able to penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream, causing potential health implications, that require more research. The jury is still out on whether nanotechnology is safe in skincare. Why would you want to expose your precious body to such risk or potential harm?

Indulge in the Luxury of an Exceptional Skin Nurturer and UV Protector

Well, you need not worry as Aethic Sôvée outperforms these conventional sunscreens in more ways than one. It contains three sun filters, to achieve maximum protection from the sun’s UV ray frequencies, and is free of all of the harmful chemical components that taint conventional sunscreens. It is also an utterly luxurious indulgence for your skin as it contains three organic moisturisers to keep your skin soft and dewy under the intensity of the summer sun; olive oil, beeswax, and coconut extract. Even more innovatory, is that food grade preservatives are included in the solution, offering a boost of Vitamin E to battle free radicals.

And if you are anything like the Emerald Princess herself, and appreciate a beautifully biodegradable packaged product, Aethic Sôvée is for you. Composed of corn plastic, the bottles are biodegradable and compostable; unlike conventional sunscreens, they are free from the risk of leaching plastic into the solution, so you can rest assured that you are treating your skin with a sublimely indulgent, 100% natural product. What are you waiting for? Feed, protect and nurture your skin with a revolutionary eco-compatible sunscreen destined for cult beauty status.

Buy Aethic Sovee Here

Happy young woman rest on the beach