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All About Journalist Alison Jane Reid

Alison Jane Reid is a leading British Feature Writer, Fashion Editor and expert on sustainability from organic food, ethical fashion and natural health and wellbeing.  After a traineeship at The Photographer Magazine, Alison Jane joined Mirror Group Newspapers, and became a feature writer and fashion editor on People Magazine. From there, she left for a freelance career writing for You Magazine, Marie Claire, The Daily Express and Femail at The Daily Mail. In 1998 she joined The Times Magazine as contributing feature and fashion writer and for a decade, her thought provoking interviews with icons and national treasures became one of the star attractions in the magazine, leading to many scoops and cover stories. From 2007 to 2013, Alison Jane contributed to: The  Sunday Times,  The Independent, Red, Illustrated London News, Country Life and The Mail On Sunday before working at The Lady Magazine as a contributing feature writer and fashion editor between 2010 – 12.  In the summer of 2012 she left The Lady to take up a scholarship with former Dragon, Doug Richard, at School for Creative Startups, to learn entrepreneurship for her online magazine www.ethical-hedonist.com – a vibrant magazine on culture and sustainable luxury that puts the fun and aspiration into going – local, organic, fair-trade, artisan and sustainable with a special passion for Made in Britain.

Alison Jane has interviewed more than 500 icons and national treasures during her career including: Sir David Attenborough, Vanessa Redgrave, Naomi Watts, Kate Moss, Clive Owen, Kiera Knightley, Daryl Hannah, Ted Danson,  Glenn Close, Colin Morgan,  Hugh Bonneville,  Elizabeth McGovern, Ann Friel, Rose Byrne, Kim Cattrall, Karl Lagerfeld, Catherine Walker,  Terence Donovan, Lord Lichfield, Pierre Berge, Iman, Sienna Miller, Linda McCartney, Helena Christiansen, Jenny Agutter and Brian May, to name just a few of her interview highlights.

Alison Jane was one of the first journalists to champion ethical fashion, organic beauty and style in her features. She styled Sienna Miller, then on the cusp of stardom, in the little-known fair-trade label PeopleTree, which created huge interest and led to TopShop stocking the brand. Recent interviews with Colin Morgan, Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern, Honeysuckle Weeks and Gordon Buchanan have proved very popular on Ethical Hedonist Magazine. As interest in Ethical Hedonist and Alison Jane’s journalism goes global, our editor-in-chief is looking forward to mentoring more young journalists into the profession she loves with a passion and interviewing some stellar ethical icons!


Introducing The Ethical Hedonist

Let’s get one thing straight right from the beginning. I’m an ethical hedonist, not a green goody two shoes. I can’t bare preaching, or doom and gloom, it doesn’t engage hearts and minds. I prefer to inspire, inform and enchant, with first class journalism and storytelling. I’m here to tell you that you can embrace a sustainable life and that it can be fun, if not utterly life-enhancing in ways you never imagined.

I’ve been a emerald goddess (but not a perfect one) since I was seventeen – dressing up in second hand Hussar coats (a la Jimi Hendrix) and rare satin and lace evening gowns because they had stories to tell; I never did get the idea of Topshop and I could daydream that I was a femme fatale in a Chandler novel. Anyone for a slice of angel cake? Then I discovered a tiny little organic bakery in Wales where the cakes and bread tasted like manna, not glue and sawdust, and if four people were waiting to be served in the tiny jewel box shop, it felt crowded. This was my eureka moment. I can still taste the sweet, sticky cinnamon and burnt dark muscovado sugar in the wholemeal Chelsea bun. That’s when I became an Organic Girl; it just made perfect sense and, besides, I swoon at the prospect of a sublime piece of cake.

So why am I here? To talk and enchant you about being an sustainable and organic girl. It’s my life and I want to share it with you. I am going to show you gorgeous ethical and organic ways to live like a Princess and be kind to the planet. But I am not going to preach. I prefer to inspire by being a modern Sheherazade (no, not the one who married a Goldsmith). Being ethical doesn’t mean life can’t be fun, alluring, tantalising or a bit naughty. One day I might be talking to Sienna (Miller) about the importance of buying cute, green knickers. The next I might pick up the phone and talk to my absolute favourite eco-warrior, Ted Danson. He’s smart, knows how to make a girl laugh out loud and when he isn’t being deliciously wicked in the hit drama Damages, he is eloquently highlighting the need to take action to protect the worlds oceans through his charity – <a href=”http://www.oceana.org”>www.oceana.org</a> – sign up now! This is just a taste of what is to come. It’s going to be fun, intimate and action packed. Look out for my scoops on – the finest beauty alchemists, campaigning princes, luscious chocolate, (move over Green &amp; Black), wild fisherman, alluring style, great escapes, slow food and fast good food, farming heroes, biodynamic wine and champagne, green shoe smiths called Galahad (honestly), to rainforest revolutionaries; it will the best of everything – ethically.

I can thoroughly recommend the National Portrait Gallery on a Monday morning. Go and gaze at portraits of kings, heroes, adventurers, warriors, poets and romantics… people like Lord ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’ Byron.

Anyway, I hope I will inspire you with my escapades and ideas for living like a Princess on the budget of a church mouse – I am going to show you how to feed your imagination and learn to enjoy a new culture of ethical decadence, thrift, ingenuity and saving up for treats and maybe you would like to join me in the Emerald Revolution.