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Dear Ethical Hedonists,

You will have noticed that we now have advertising on the magazine. Our first advert came from Charnwood, a family owned company based on the Isle of Wight making award winning, wood-burning stoves.
Charnwood really loved the way I articulated their story as a Great British Brand and they decided to become our first advertiser. I am thrilled, because it all helps The Ethical Hedonist magazine to flourish and develop and bring you wonderful, inspiring stories.

While advertising is important to our survival and success, We do are best to be very discerning in who we work with.  All advertising, sponsored content and advertorials are clearly stated. And our aim is to make them a vehicle for creativity.  No one can buy a favourable write-up on The Ethical Hedonist; we remain inspiringly independent in thought and spirit! (However, we’re open to ideas if you want to advertise your business to our readers! Contact us here)

The same criteria applies to our carefully chosen affiliates partnerships on the magazine. We have picked small, British companies with an outstanding track record on supporting certified organic production, fairtrade, and transparency in business. These include: Pinks Boutique certified organic beauty, and The Celtic Sheepskin Company – sustainable, organic and local British made clothing for men, women and children. Others will follow shortly including ethical fashion pioneers, certified organic beauty and supplements, artisan food producers, and all those things you need to look after your home in a green way.

As I hope you can see, I put a great deal of passion, thought and love for the written word into my features. As a successful journalist for more than twenty years, the web now offers extraordinary opportunities for writers like me to talk about the Sustainable Revolution with a strong, independent voice, free of the influence of big newspaper corporations and vested interests. So if you are thoroughly inspired by reading one of the features in the magazine, please help me to make The Ethical Hedonist thought provoking destination for carefully researched ideas on how to live sustainably and click through from our ads, affiliates boxes, pictures and links. In doing so, I hope you will discover wonderful, life-enhancing ways to support our vibrant local, organic and ethical pioneers.

Alison Jane Reid
Founder and Editor-in-Chief