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EH Chat Show – Covid Sex Talk & Happy Hormone Taming!

April 30, 2020 in Arts & Entertainment
Girl in a red dress
Covid Sex Talk – Girl in a red dress. Picture by Sandie Clarke

A COVID sex talk? Well, why ever not? Our goal is always to be useful, inspiring and life-enhancing. So, ladies (and gentlemen) how is your sex life and sexual health during Covid-19?  

Have you had a Bridget Jones worthy moment trying to buy condoms (with very silly macho names) in a very long queue at the chemist or supermarket? Or no queue at all which makes you feel even more exposed?

Time for Some Sex Health Education

Or perhaps you want to come off the contraceptive pill or you are worried about getting to your GP to have a coil fitted during the Covid-19 lock-down.

Just Married
Covid Sex Talk – Couple on their wedding day. Picture by Everton Vila

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then I have the interview for you this Sunday at 2 pm on Zoom. Please leave a comment below with your email, so we can send you a personal invite to the live Ethical Hedonist Chat Show.

How to Balance Hormones Naturally

Hanx Lubricant
HANX water-based lubricant

The key topics are – women’s sexual health and how to balance hormones naturally and have a happy sex life whether you are single, married or dating. Yes, that’s right, looking after your sexual health when you are single is just as important.

This is a voluntary crowdfunding show for this ethical and organic social enterprise magazine. We would love your support via @patreon or @Ko-fi before, during or after the interview.

Hormone Balance Kit Giveaway

We will have two HANX Hormone Balance kits to giveaway with an RRP of £39.99 with an individual product value of approximately £80.00 during the chat show. Leave a comment to reserve your place. Places are limited to the first 90 people!

Farah and Sarah - Hanx
Farah Kabir and Dr Sarah Welsh – Best friends and Co-Founders of Sexual Wellness Brand Hanx

 I will be interviewing best friends and founders of Hanx the hormone harmony sexual health kit in a box – created by former NHS gynaecologist a Dr Sarah Welsh and Farah Kabir a finance officer and accountant.

Hanky Panky is Good for You!

Maybe it even feels wrong to be thinking about sex during a pandemic. But let’s face it, apart from binge-watching films and drama on Netflix, the BBC or Now TV and endless baking what else is there to get excited about that’s also good for your mental health in between trying to get used to working from home and maintaining a sense of normality.

Best Friends
Covid Sex Talk – Best Friends – Picture by Sam Manns

Perhaps you have a question you wanted to ask about the pill v hormone-free contraception? Or you are wondering if you are doing it right when it comes to masturbation? (Sorry if that still embarrasses you in 2020! Please watch Aimee in Sex Education for no-holds-barred practical advice).

A Vagina that Works

What about the story that constantly does the rounds amongst my girlfriends that the vagina closes up if we are single and not having sex, never to function again. Is it true? Do we need to add masturbation to the endless to-do list? It’s time to ask Dr Sarah!

Aimee Sex Eduxcation
Actress Aimee Lou Wood as Aimee in Sex Education the hit coming of age drama on Netflix

When Farah had a conversation with a friend who related trying to buy condoms in her lunch-hour with her boss sniggering behind her, that was the spark that led the creation of Hanx, which you might want to know is short for hanky panky!

Chic Ethical Condoms, at Last!

As you can imagine, as a doctor, Sarah has seen more than her fair share of every day, down below female issues and she refuses to be embarrassed about them. After a very productive drink in the pub, Sarah and Farah came away wanting to make condoms for women that are elegant and chic, and could easily be carried with pride in our handbags. Condoms that don’t come with names that appear to belong to another age, in lurid red packaging.

HANX Ethical Condoms
Covid Sex Talk – sexual health kit comes with ethical condoms and water-based lubricant

Fast forward to 2020, and Hanx are now the makers of ethical condoms, which are biodegradable and vegan-friendly. They are manufactured in Germany, together with water-based lubricant, and a hand-picked selection of feminine wellness products including hormone balancing vitamins and Pukka Herbs delicious, balancing Ayurvedic tea.

Ethical Hedonist Hormone Taming

Happy Woman
HANX Sex Talk – A smiling woman surrounded by flowers. Picture by Tiko Giorgadze

Of course, all this hormone taming does have unintended consequences! You will have to find something else other than your naughty hormones to blame for forgetting your best friend’s dog’s birthday or for opening the door to the postman at midday in a rather too gossamer pink vintage Janet Reger dressing gown and not much else. Guilty as charged.

A Cure for Night Owls

Oh and I wonder if Dr Sarah has a cure for being a night owl and for not being able to switch off? We look forward to meeting you all on Sunday.

For more info visit the HANX website.

Sex Education Series one and two is streaming on Netflix. Now Read AJ’s review of Sex Education for journalism that makes your day.


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