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December’s Conscious Horoscopes by Stefanie James

November 21, 2019 in Conscious Astrology
Ethical Hedonist's Conscious Horoscope column cover image, illustrated by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
An illustration by Gwynnie Duesbery for December’s Conscious Horoscopes column by Stefanie James.

December’s Conscious Horoscopes: 2020 Jupiter in Capricorn

Not only is it the last month of the year – it’s the final month of the decade! In celebration, I decided to focus December’s conscious horoscopes on Jupiter’s grand entrance to Capricorn. 

Once a year, planetary gas-giant Jupiter moves into a new zodiac sign and today, on December 2nd, he will move from fun-loving Sagittarius (the sign he rules) into serious Capricorn. 

This is a combination for measured risks, social responsibility, sustainable living and serious political maneuvering – right on time for the UK to ‘Brexit’ the European Union!

Both progressive in their approach, Jupiter will complement the focus and productivity of Capricorn, and as long as our diligent mountain goat doesn’t get too distracted by Jupiter’s pleasure seeking behaviour, a lot can be accomplished!

Jupiter acts like a magnifier, expanding and enlarging everything he touches. During his time in Capricorn we’ll find a sense of meaning, a dash of luck, and a chance to reach new heights in the area of life he touches for each of us. 

Read on for December’s Conscious Horoscopes to find out how Jupiter in Capricorn will affect you!

December’s Conscious Horoscopes

Ethical Hedonist + Stefanie James Conscious Horoscope
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Sagittarius Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
Sagittarius sign from StelliumAstrology for Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope.

November 23-December 21

You’ve had the pleasure of hosting jovial Jupiter (your ruling planet) for the past 12 months and during this time he’s offered you a fantastic opportunity for personal growth and self-exploration. You’ve achieved a lot and by investing in yourself and refining your craft, you’ve inspired others faith in your ability to produce results. 

You may notice your personal values will take on a socially conscious and sustainable theme in 2020, influencing your spending habits and the possessions you choose to adorn your personal environment. If you have a project nearing completion, you can add your own personal touch which reflects the journey you’ve been on over the past year.

Generous Jupiter brings you confidence to claim your worth and handled correctly, your earning potential will be boosted allowing you to establish a solid foundation to build your future around.

Capricorn Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
Capricorn Sign from StelliumAstrology for December’s Conscious Horoscope.

December 22-January 20

Being the most responsible sign of the zodiac, you’ve been (capably) carrying some seriously heavy stuff for a while. The good news is that generous Jupiter is about to cut you some slack!  

Over the coming year your entire outlook will be blessed with positivity – even the most pessimistic goats will find themselves letting go of control and trusting in the unknown. 

Jupiter will bring a whole new perspective to your outlook by cutting you loose, lightening the mood and offering you a welcome sense of freedom. You may adopt a new philosophy or mantra, and any changes you experience internally will be reflected in your style and appearance. 

Associated with expansion, waistbands can also expand under this transit, so be mindful of this if you don’t want to take on a literal expansion under the gas-giant’s journey through your sign.

Aquarius Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
Aquarius sign from StelliumAstrology for Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope.

January 21-February 19

As Jupiter leaves your social zone, you’ll be drawn towards projects that feed the soul and reduce your carbon footprint as you wake up to ideas bigger than yourself. 

Involvement in charity, humanitarian or service-oriented work could enrich your life over the next year as a sense of social responsibility fuels you. 

Travel might feature in your life, and the urge to relocate will give you food for thought during 2020, as will connecting people from great distances. You may call in some help from the communities you’ve developed over the past few years and you may also be drawn to developing your skills and self-discipline through meditation retreats, workshops, or classes.

You’ll feel compelled to dedicate your time to healing work on a personal and global level, and to do your bit during these ecologically conscious and politically charged times approaching. 

Pisces Sign from StelliumAstrology for Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
Pisces sign from StelliumAstrology for Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope.

February 20-March 20

Your professional outlook has been through some major developments over the past year, as you’ve trawled the bottom of the ocean bringing your personal buried treasure to the surface. 

As your interests and life changes have taken you on your own unique journey, some friends didn’t join you for the ride. However, gregarious Jupiter brings true connections and meaningful associations through your community in 2020, teaching you about integrity when sharing your vision, ideas and goals. 

Being candid about your accomplishments (and shortcomings) you’ve earned the respect and support of your peers  – utilise this collaborative dynamic as it’s a great opportunity to complete a personal project or work towards a shared objective, materialising your creative ideas into a tangible product.

2019 was a year of serious adulting and now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Say “Yes!” to 2020 and the opportunities coming your way!

Aries Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
Aries Sign from StelliumAstrology for Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope.

March 21-April 20

Attracting career opportunities will come easily for you over the coming year as buoyant Jupiter’s flight path enters your public image zone. Over the next 12 months, your reputation and earning potential will be elevated, and a lot of opportunities will come your way. 

You’ve had a few rods in the fire over the past year, and you’re about to see some tangible results for your efforts. Travel, teaching and a touch of hard-work will be rewarded and if you’re not sure what you want from the future, follow your heart and make your 2020 the year of “Yes!”

You reputation will precede you as broadcaster Jupiter reaches out to your network, super-boosting your professional status. Believing in your potential, others will follow you with absolute faith, so dream big and enjoy the opportunity to shine!

Taurus Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
Taurus Sign from StelliumAstrology for Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope.

April 21-May 21

If the last year has taught you anything, you won’t enter into commitments lightly ever again. Now you’ve fulfilled your side of the bargain you’re ready to enjoy a new-found freedom, playing on your own terms.

Your entire outlook and personal philosophy is complemented by Jupiter’s reign in Capricorn. Allowing you to see tangible results for your hard work you’ll have the opportunity to implement some of your hopes and dreams. You may discover a passion for travel, education, blogging, or broadcasting and publishing.

However it’s shared, your knowledge and experience will open up a world of possibilities, developing spiritual, cultural and philosophical connections in your life.

Follow your bliss and do something that feels meaningful to you – being the most grounded sign of the zodiac has its benefits, but this is the year to dream big!

Gemini Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
Gemini sign from StelliumAstrology for Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope.

May 22-June 21

Over the past year, lessons in your romantic and professional relationships may have augmented your idea of love. If your romantic entanglements have had a positive boost, the next year is an opportunity to take your commitment to the next level.

However, if you’ve been uttering prayers of “give me strength”, it may be time to dive below the surface and learn about your personal ticks on a deeper level. As teacher Jupiter moves into your psychology zone you may decide to book some talking therapy to uncover some of your own personal mysteries. 

Professional middle-men like bank managers and solicitors may also make an appearance – be mindful when borrowing and lending as Jupiter’s magnifying effect can blow things out of proportion. Embracing a healthy level of scepticism is advisable – if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Cancer Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
Cancer Sign from StelliumAstrology for Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope.

June 22-July 22

For the next year, bountiful Jupiter will boost your relationships (both romantic and professional) bringing exotic, inspiring and philosophical encounters which prompt you to explore some of the bigger questions in life. Cautious crabs may even feel inspired to take a leap of faith when it comes to romantic endeavours if the moment feels right. 

You’ve faced some heavy responsibilities over the past year tackling them head on every step of the way. Others have noticed and have a huge amount of respect and faith in your ability. Just make sure they know your limits or they’ll keep delegating!

During 2020 you’ll learn a lot about yourself through your interactions and opportunities will present themselves through your network. If you happen to be in the right place at the right time, don’t overlook these gifts – carpe diem!

Leo Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
Leo Sign from StelliumAstrology for December’s Conscious Horoscopes.

July 23-August 23

Expect to feel a shift in your routine as buoyant Jupiter brings a sense of purpose and a little bit of luck to your daily encounters, enriching the way you see the world.

Your connection to deeper-meaning comes directly through the body – activities like Yoga, meditation, Qi Gong and dance are types of ‘worship’ marry beauty, ritual and discipline – things you’ll find appealing during Jupiter’s playful visit to your work and wellness zone. Drawn to learning more about your physical constitution through health and diet, you’ll benefit from holistic systems which heal the mind, body and spirit.

If you’re dissatisfied with work, you’ll feel motivated to do something more purposeful with your time and if things aren’t all that bad, then you’ll enjoy some rewards for your efforts – you’re ready for hard work in 2020, so don’t forget to play hard too!

Virgo Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
Virgo Sign from StelliumAstrology for Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope.

August 24-September 22

Jupiter’s expansive presence has enriched the meaning of home and family for you Virgo, and now you’ve learnt about yourself on a core-level, it’s time to explore the things that nourish your soul. 

Jupiter will inspire a childlike joy de vivre in you bringing with him a desire to leave your individual mark upon the world through your personal creative talents.

And who better to teach us about creativity, but children? Seeing the world through innocence and simplicity, young people may have a profound impact on your life – whether they’re related to you or not. 

It’s also a great year for romance and passion, and if you’re in a relationship it’s a whole new honeymoon period to amp-up those date nights. If you’re happily self-partnered, then personal play-time will take the front seat as a personal project could bloom into a serious labour of love.

Libra Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
Libra Sign from StelliumAstrology for Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope.

September 23-October 23

The past year has posed many questions for you, and communication has been key during this time. Conversations around location, amenities, and a trusted network have taken a front seat for you as you’ve assessed your surroundings. Now you’ve reached a conclusion that feels right for your future, it’s time to lay some roots and build somewhere to call home. 

During this time you may decide to explore your history, your role within the family and who you are on a core level. However, this quest reaches so much farther than the general concept of home and family – this is a subconscious awakening offering freedom from deep-rooted habits, bonds and family indoctrination handed down through the generations. 

If you take time to investigate your past deeper than you ever have, you’ll stand taller with a confidence that comes from truly respecting yourself and your personal limits.

Scorpio Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
Scorpio sign from StelliumAstrology for Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope.

October 23-November 22

Adventurous Jupiter moves into your communication sector for the coming 12 months granting you the perfect opportunity to indulge in an exploration of the mind. This will allow you to express your inner world through creative concepts that you can share with others. 

You may get involved in activities which raise your profile in your neighborhood, whether that’s by running a group or workshop showcasing your skills, getting involved in local politics, or campaigning against the closure of the local library. 

Whatever you decide to dedicate your time to, you’ll have no problem convincing other people to believe in your ideas, as you’ll have the gift of articulate persuasion. 

The drawback to this transit is the propensity to verbosity. Jupiter is shameless exaggerator, so make sure you don’t stretch the truth too far, or make any promises you’ll find difficult to keep. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a sticky situation with nowhere to hide!

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Conscious Horoscopes written by Stefanie James of Stellium Astrology.
Editing, layout, graphics, and illustrations by Gwynnie Duesbery. Gwynnie recently completed her joint BA(Hons) in Media + Communications and Sociology at Kingston University London after interning with Ethical Hedonist for the past year. Support Gwynnie as our very first paid editorial assistant by pledging to our @patreon campaign, buying our organic magazine t-shirts, donating to our Paypal or hiring us to put some stellar stardust into your ethical storytelling.

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