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Don’t Panic Our Organic T-Shirts 4 Journalism Are Here!

October 13, 2019 in Sustainable Fashion

AJ wears the 'Don't panic, it's organic' tee from Ethical Hedonist's newest collection made in collaboration with Teemill.
AJ wears one of her favourite Ethical Hedonist lifestyle-inspired tees for a deliciously, organic September.

Meet the Softest, Chicest Organic T-Shirts 4 Journalism Collection

Sounds the bugles! Tell Prince Charles and Leonardo di Caprio too! Hot off the press, we have just launched our first collection of organic t-shirts 4 journalism to raise funds for our social enterprise organic magazine and we are very proud to tell you that they are also cooly circular economy and zero waste too in collaboration with @teemillstore the company remaking fashion fit for new organic age. So now you can live like an Ethical Hedonist and help fund #moregoodjournalism and paid internships for journalists, especially young journalists and journalists disadvantaged by the tech revolution.

AJ has been very busy over the summer perfecting the slogans and collaborating with our friends at Teemill to unveil our own line of inspiring Ethical Hedonist clothing and accessories. Each of our six organic t-shirts 4 journalism designs (£12-£35) come in a variety of styles and a rainbow assortment of colours for all of you to be proud to wear. We hope you love the result as much as we do. Which Ethical Hedonist organic t-shirt 4 journalism will you flaunt?

A model wears the fitted 'Don't Panic, It's Organic' t-shirt in white.
A model wears the fitted ‘Don’t Panic, It’s Organic’ t-shirt from Ethical Hedonist and Teemill

AJ comments, “This very precious slogan ‘Don’t Panic It’s Organic’ mantra was dreamt up for me by the love of my life – the late journalist, columnist and royal correspondent Garth Gibbs in our kitchen one day when I asked if dinner was organic. He said of course, don’t panic it’s organic, Ali.’ I am forever his organic girl!”

Why Organic and Circular?

Over 100 billion items of clothing are made every year. 3/5 of the t-shirts bought today will end up in landfill. That’s a truckload of unnecessary textile waste every second…

Being organic and ethical doesn’t mean life can’t be fun, alluring, tantalising or a bit naughty. Embracing a sustainable lifestyle can be fun, if not utterly life-enhancing in ways you never imagined. All the clothing in this Ethical Hedonist collection is made of certified organic cotton and printed using low waste technology in a solar-powered factory. Printed on-demand, all our T-shirts are designed to be sent back. This means when they’ve been totally loved we remanufacture the fibres and make new tees, again and again, and again. How exciting and revolutionary is that?

Support #moregoodjournalism and #media4good

As a organic arts, food and fashion magazine we exist to entertain, captivate, educate and inspire you with inspirational, well-crafted, thoughtful journalism, innovation and storytelling – from the interview you can’t put down to our sassy and engaging Spy columns on how to live well and make a difference simply by making better choices on organic and circular economy fashion, food, health, green tech, money, arts and entertainment, and slow travel.

A model wears the fitted 'I love Ethical Hedonism' top in Mustard.
A model wears the fitted ‘I love Ethical Hedonism’ top from Teemill and Ethical Hedonist.

Want to help support this ethical and organic food and fashion social enterprise magazine to create more inspiring, positive journalism for our earth and provide paid assignments and internships for journalists, undergraduates at journalism school and photographers and filmmakers? Then, what are you waiting for? Invest in our circular, organic t-shirts4journalism and change the world right now!

Teemill Circular Fashion Cotton Workers with Co-Founder

Craving more of our deliciously organic journalism? Interested in learning more about the potential solutions to fast fashion? What does it take to be at the helm of an eco-loving company when you still need to meet a bottom-line? Alison Jane, editor-in-chief and sustainable fashion expert, interviews Rob Drake-Knight, co-founder together with his brother Martin of Teemill – the company they started in their garden shed with just £200. Learn how the future of fashion is changing with innovators like this disruptive organic and circular economy t-shirt business!


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Don't Panic Our Organic T-Shirts 4 Journalism Are Here!

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