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October Conscious Horoscope By Stefanie James

October 3, 2019 in Conscious Astrology
Ethical Hedonist's Conscious Horoscope column cover image, illustrated by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
An illustration by Gwynnie Duesbery for Stefanie James’ October Conscious Horoscope column.

October Conscious Horoscope

Stefanie is a consulting astrologer, international lecturer, podcaster, and Reiki Master practitioner. She joined the London School of Astrology at her Saturn Return, where she learned the many facets of astrology, tarot, and palmistry. Since then, Stefanie’s work has appeared in a variety of publications including her monthly horoscope column for ELLE magazine. In September, Stephanie joined the Ethical Hedonist team as our contributing conscious and organic astrologer. Now with her second column for the October Conscious Horoscope, Stefanie uses organic principles and ethical approaches to guide our readers through issues of life, love, money, and more!

Ethical Hedonist + Stefanie James Conscious Horoscope
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Libra Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
Libra sign for Ethical Hedonist’s October Conscious Horoscope.

September 23-October 23

Home life has felt anything but easy for a while, so don’t deal with your problems alone. When times are hard, reach out to your friends for some good conversation and a little TLC! You’re never short people who enjoy your company Libra, so remember this when you need a little support.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 13th spotlights your relationship zone, and if you’re looking for a spot of romance you won’t have any issues attracting a partner – in fact you might still be trying to shake off your previous beau! 

You’re in need of some fuss at the moment so make sure you set some personal boundaries and build up your own self-confidence – Yes, relationships make you feel fuzzy and warm but ultimately they create the opportunity for you prioritise the needs of others above your own. Make time for you!

Scorpio Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
Scorpio sign for Ethical Hedonist’s October Conscious Horoscope.

October 23-November 22

Happy birthday Scorpio! You’ve got the pleasure of hosting Mercury for an extended period (he’s visiting until December 9th) as he sharpens your skills in tactical analysis – extremely useful when approaching tricky problems (and people) requiring extra sensitive care.

The added cerebral activity may cause a few sleepless nights, so avoid stimulating your brain in the evenings by limiting your phone use, and having a note-pad and pen nearby to jot down ideas and empty your head.

At some point you’ll have to decide whether your contribution to the team is really worth the commitment involved – it’s not about compromising your own happiness to keep other people happy. 

But there’s no rush – as you tie up loose ends and prepare to close the door on a chapter of your life, Mercury throws a curve-ball which could be a game changer…

Sagittarius Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
Sagittarius sign for Ethical Hedonist’s October Conscious Horoscope.

November 23-December 21

This is a month for closure in many senses, but with closure comes new beginnings. Life has a habit of taking us down unexpected roads, but you enjoy the adventure of the unknown. The difficulty with moving forward – both literally and figuratively – is having to leave the things you love behind you. 

Sometimes we outgrow people and situations. The true artform is knowing not how to prolong our connection to the things we love, but actually, when to let go.

All you have to do is ask: how many of your relationships actually support the new and improved you that’s emerging through the personal work you’ve been going doing? 

If you’re surrounded by people who constantly remind you of your limits, perhaps it’s time to limit their time with you! 

Capricorn Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
Capricorn sign for Ethical Hedonist’s October Conscious Horoscope.

December 22-January 20

There’s no place like home so getting your nest in order will be high on your list of priorities this month, as no place feels like home to you, Capricorn. 

In order to do so, you’ll have to exercise your diplomatic skills to the max when dealing with people who test your patience.

However, revealing your vulnerable side can endear you to others and help to break down that cool as a cucumber persona which gives off the impression that you’re all work and no play (or is that just your resting bitch face?).

A great way to channel some of your frustrations is through exercise, which could make all the difference between having a very public meltdown, or successfully negotiating a situation with a fair outcome for all involved.

So remember to grab those trainers, plug in your favourite Spotify playlist, and “Run Forrest, run!”

Aquarius Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
Aquarius sign for Ethical Hedonist’s October Conscious Horoscope.

January 21-February 19

When exactly did life get so serious, Aquarius? When you feel like this, it’s good to take a moment of reflection and assess how far you’ve come. For you, so much has changed and that’s largely because you’ve tuned in to your physical vessel. 

Aquarians tend to spend a lot of time intellectualising and you’ve been making the connection between the impact of your diet on your body-chemistry and how that’s affecting your relationship with yourself and the world around you – it’s not just about satisfying your hunger. 

Expect the unexpected on the 28th, as the New Moon in secretive Scorpio synchronises with loose-cannon Uranus (your ruling planet) enabling a clean break from bad habits and unhealthy relationships. This temperamental planetary combo might take you by surprise, but if you’re ready to roll with the punches you’ll be better prepared than most!

Pisces Sign from StelliumAstrology for Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
Pisces sign for Ethical Hedonist’s October Conscious Horoscope.

February 20-March 20

Something about this time of year stirs the poet deep within, and you feel compelled to share your inspiration with a wider audience. Whichever medium you decide to open up on – be it social media, an open mic night or sharing on your personal blog – you’ll find yourself mixing with people who bring a variety of opportunities your way.

The 15th is an important day for networking and a fortuitous meeting may leave a lasting impression. However, try not to get caught up with the romanticism of it all (remember those boundaries you were working on last month?). 

Mercury turns retrograde on Halloween so avoid announcing your plans until you’re sure you’re ready to share – no matter how excited you are about them, there’s no need to commit until you’re 100% sure you’re ready.

Aries Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
Aries sign for Ethical Hedonist’s October Conscious Horoscope.

March 21-April 20

As the Autumnal transition begins, the rescuer in you is prompted to to rush to the aid of someone you care about when you witness them helplessly struggle to defend themself.

It would be ill-advised to challenge figures of authority this month as warrior Mars squares up to Saturn – the stern-teacher of the zodiac. Choose your battles wisely as the harder you push against him, the sooner you’ll be driven to inertia with no productive way of utilising your energy reserves.  

Embrace the slower pace of life as a chance to read the rule book and refine your approach. A certain standard of behaviour is expected and you’ll have more chance of making progress if you can gain the respect of your adversary by doing things the right way, rather than going in with all guns blazing.

Taurus Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
Taurus sign for Ethical Hedonist’s October Conscious Horoscope.

April 21-May 21

Change is a word which strikes fear into Taurus – which is why you shouldn’t think of self-improvement as something that stops you from doing the things that you love, but rather as a process of becoming a stronger, healthier and happier version of you. 

Don’t be discouraged; new habits can be tricky to implement, so don’t feel as though you’ve failed if you don’t get off to a perfect start – Rome wasn’t built in a day! 

Having an accountability partner will help you commit to your goals, so enlist the assistance of someone you can’t bear to let down, who’ll help you put yourself first, guilt-free. 

Even the smallest steps towards improving your lifestyle will help you gain momentum. Make it easy on yourself by rewarding your efforts with a luxurious spa day (or a treat to that effect), because, you’re worth it!

Gemini Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
Gemini sign for Ethical Hedonist’s October Conscious Horoscope.

May 22-June 21

Mercury retrograde always seems to come around so quickly doesn’t it Gemini? Well at least you’ve got the entire month to prepare for it as your ruling planet enters thriller-style moon-walk mode on Halloween, travelling back through your routines, health and wellness zone. 

Trickster Mercury likes to create mischief so remain extra vigilant prior to his retrograde period as any mistakes you make now could mean having to start over again at a later date!

Stay alert on the 11th as events that unfold from that point onward will tie in to an  overarching theme over the coming weeks. Deep realisations connecting your mind, body and spirit, could lead to some radical changes in your daily life – for once, over-analyzing and obsessing over your thoughts might just pay off! 

Cancer Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
Cancer sign for Ethical Hedonist’s October Conscious Horoscope.

June 22-July 22

As summer winds down, you begin to settle into your seasonal nesting phase, making your home as cosy and welcoming as possible. You’re still feeling sociable but are more likely to opt for intimate gatherings like having friends and family over for dinner, rather than big nights out.

There’s a looming sense that you need to tie up loose ends so you feel prepared for the approaching months – particularly if you’re expecting company. But don’t stress too much over things being perfect; you’re the hostess with the mostess and everyone will remember the warm and welcoming ambience of your beautiful home.

Oh, and make sure you’re stocked up with plenty of treats for your Halloween visitors, as this month is definitely one for entertaining little people – or big people who encourage you to embrace your sillier side!

Leo Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
Leo sign for Ethical Hedonist’s October Conscious Horoscope.

July 23-August 23

It’s time to explore your emotional basement as the Sun shines his spotlight on the darkest aspects of your psyche. People – like plants – need nourishing soil, water and sunlight to grow and the deeper your roots reach, the higher your branches can spread.

Take a break from the social scene for a while and think about how you’ve dealt with your previous challenges – are there any repetitive patterns in your life which are connecting to your current situation, and do your knee-jerk reactions lead to you sabotaging your own happiness? 

In order to achieve great things, you’ll have to step outside your comfort zone. Be totally honest with yourself – a valuable lesson around the 14th may help you accept some of the more difficult aspects of your personality. Yes, Leo, even you have imperfections! 

Virgo Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
Virgo sign for Ethical Hedonist’s October Conscious Horoscope.

August 24-September 22

Your ruling planet – mischievous Mercury – turns retrograde on Halloween in your communication sector. If you find yourself taking a lackadaisical approach to your work, you’ll have to remember to honour your mistakes as hidden intentions.

Mercury retrograde and the weeks approaching it are important because it gives us a chance to review our thought processes, retrace our footsteps and understand the purpose in the mistakes that we make. 

The chance for crossed wires is heightened during this time and you may struggle to make your point without meeting confusion somewhere along the way. As you may be aware the devil’s in the detail, so be extra vigilant, do your best not to multitask, and minimise distractions. 

At the very least double check the recipient before pressing send, or that ranty SMS may wind-up landing in the inbox of the person you’re complaining about!  

The Stellium Astrology Logo from Stefanie James' website.
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Conscious Horoscopes written by Stefanie James of Stellium Astrology.
Introduction co-written by Editor-in-Chief, Alison Jane Reid and Stefanie James.
Layout, graphics, and illustrations by Gwynnie Duesbery. Gwynnie recently completed her joint BA(Hons) in Media + Communications and Sociology at Kingston University London after interning with Ethical Hedonist for the past year. Support Gwynnie as our very first paid editorial assistant by pledging to our @patreon campaign, buying our organic magazine t-shirts, donating to our Paypal or hiring us to put some stellar stardust into your ethical storytelling.

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