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Editor’s Diary: Goddess Heels, It Girls & Deliciously Organic September

September 6, 2019 in Organic & Biodynamic Food

My Don’t Panic, Deliciously Organic September

AJ at work on her Deliciously Organic September journal. Illustration by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.

Living a good, deliciously organic life as The Ethical Hedonist and The Organic Girl Reporter (TOGR) is a way of life! Since I was 17 and a half, I’ve been living a truly, madly, deeply organic and passionate real foodie life. Come along with me each month, as I personally share the highs and lows of my journalistic adventures, and the very best of organic and biodynamic and circular economy heritage brands, icons, national treasures, and slow travels to report on how to live like an Ethical Hedonist – and now you can get the organic -t-shirt!

Hot off the press, we have just launched the first collection of our magazine slogans as organic, circular economy t-shirts in collaboration with @teemill to help fund #moregoodjournalism and our first paid editorial assistant internship for the next year for Gwyneth Duesbery, my talented new editorial assistant and all-round magazine girl Friday. Gwynnie came to us as a budding undergraduate editorial intern whilst studying for her degree in journalism and communications at Kingston University. We hope you love the result. Which Ethical Hedonist T-shirt will you flaunt?

AJ wears the 'Don't panic, it's organic' tee from Ethical Hedonist's newest collection made in  collaboration with Teemill.
AJ wears one of her favourite Ethical Hedonist lifestyle-inspired tees for a deliciously, organic September.

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From a Sticky Chelsea Bun to a Cornucopia of Organic Possibilities

An illustration of Chelsea buns by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.

Once upon a time when I was an aspiring student, cub reporter, I fell madly in love with marvellously sticky, fat, wholemeal organic Chelsea buns. They were streaked with caramelised apple and swirls of aromatic cinnamon from a higgeldy piggedly Hogwarts bakery in my university town Bangor, in the foothills of Snowdonia-land. If I close my eyes I can still taste those sweet, remarkably filling masterpieces of the baker’s art!

Alison Jane with Flynn on a late summer Saturday afternoon, a basket of local and organic food treasures!

It is no exaggeration to say that organic buns changed my life. I reasoned that if the organic cake could taste this good, why not veg and everything else too? Although there was nothing glam about the wrinkly apples and carrots that seemed to be the staple offering in healthfood shops back in the noughties. My, how organic food has changed! Thank goodness for veg boxes and the endless cornucopia of store cupboard delights amid the lofty aisles at Whole Foods and Planet Organic– not to mention all the independent farm shops and proper grocers taking root across the land. Could we have more, please!

Let me open this month’s little green and Organic September little black book and tell you what I love, what has impressed and delighted me and what I truly can’t live without!

Getting A Taste for the Forbidden Fruit

The Silk Road
A birds-eye view of the fabled Silk Road, the great trading route between Asia and Europe.

Who loves reading about Ghenghis Khan and the fables of the Silk Road? If you do, you will love some authentic organic and fair-trade food treasures from this ancient and important trading route. My favourite no added sugar fruit, nut and berry mix is the Pearls of Samarkand Himalaya Mix (check out Amazon, Whole Foods Market or an independent health food store nearest you), an exciting treasure trove of sun-ripened tart berries, black beauty raisons, wild, dark, sticky apricots and almonds, teeny blueberries, goji berries and crunchy, raw cacao pods tasting like a fruity, chocolatey good Shiraz.

Mixed nuts.
Mixed nuts. Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán.
A bag of the editor's favourite trail mix, Pearls of Samarkand Himalaya Mix.
A mix of wild- harvested dried fruit, nuts and berries along with peeled Cacao nibs to satisfy any late-night cravings.

I stumbled across this vibrantly healthy trail mix on the top shelf of Whole Foods in Piccadilly Circus in London. When I stand on tiptoes to reach them, I feel as if I am foraging in the metropolis for some rare and exotic forbidden fruit of the gods! It’s rather fun. They are certainly worthy of such patronage. They are unsullied by added sugar or cheap oils and they are satisfying taste revelation. I love to add them to bircher muesli, healthy sundaes, and smoothies. I also take a packet on walks, trips, and hikes.

The Best Raw and Dark Organic Chocolate for Happiness!

Organic, vegan, and gluten-free raw chocolate-dipped mulberries from The Raw Chocolate Co.
These Turkish white mulberries are carefully dipped in delicious raw chocolate by The Raw Chocolate Co.

One of the best things about the organic food revolution is organic dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, with just a hint of sweetness and some interesting and curious flavours. Okay, I confess I am a certified organic chocolate addict, and only the very best chocolate will do. I have developed a sophisticated and adventurous palate. Who knew that love really is grazing on raw dark chocolate dusted squidgy, juicy mulberries by the Raw Chocolate Company ? It’s a chocolate high made in heaven. Or scoffing too many squares of Ombar’s 72% percent with a sinful perfection of silken dark and caramel creaminess all in one sublime gooey, decadent mouthful? I don’t feel too guilty, because the science is out.

Ombar Organic Chocolate
Ombar 72 % Raw Organic Cacao Chocolate Bar offers decadently satisfying, melt in the flavours of caramel and cream, the perfect deliciously organic September treat. Picture by our editor, on assignment in the Tyrol. Hotel Rasmuhof.

Deliciously Organic September Chocolate Stars

Dark chocolate has officially been declared a good way to make us feel happy so it’s just what the functional doctor ordered and the ideal way to celebrate organic September and support regenerative, sustainable farming. Of course, not the whole bar or bag all at once now! But I promise not to tell if you do.

A Tweet That Taps Into Our Soul

A Manolo on display at 'An Enquiring Mind' Exhibition at The Wallace Collection.
A Manolo Blahnik heel from The Wallace Collection’s most recent exhibition, ‘An Enquiring Mind’.

After a sparkling Twitter tete a tete with the soignee fashion academic and charming style magpie @FashionNatascha, I soaked up Natascha’s advice and wafted over to The Wallace Collection with my friend D – to skip up the deliciously grand red carpet and spend a luxurious, carefree hour or two marvelling at the art of the shoe as an accessory of beauty, power, seduction and probable feminine torture! Manolos need no introduction, and Mr. Manolo Blahnik has been forever immortalised for his fleet of foot goddess wear. The exhibition is an intimate, ravishing spectacle with the shoes wittily juxtaposed in mid-air amid priceless works of art, furniture, and capacious amounts of gilding. A ravishing meditation for the fashion, luxury and history lover. An Enquiring Mind is at The Wallace Collection until October 27th, 2019. Admission is free. Donations are welcomed.

The exhibition features a hand-selected display of shoe designs from Blahník’s most personal and private archives, performed amongst the masterpieces of the Wallace Collection.

Manolos, Holly Golightly and a Lesson in Seduction

As I admired a particular pair of flower power fetish Manolos made of twining daisies, I recalled an interview I once did with a modern Holly Golightly turned squeeze of a billionaire who was famously rumoured to have been a birthday present to the said tycoon. As we parted on Sloane St, she stared coldly at my sensible correspondent brogues in horror and said, “You will never ensnare and keep a man in those, Alison Jane. They are so frumpy- ditch them right now!” Well, she did go on to marry a prince. So, do girls have more fun and success in heels? Answers @EthicalHedMag .

For Glamour + Comfort, Meet Chie Mihara

One of Chie Mihara's classic-inspired red heels.
A mix of style and comfort, Chie Mihara’s red Kuba heel continues to stun.

It’s all very well for Miss Golightly’s who travel in limousines or just have to whistle for the Bentley. I’m done with shoes I can’t walk in. For goddess heels, it has to be Chie Mihara– I can actually sashay in these sublime, artisan, handmade shoes redolent of old Hollywood. They offer the perfect marriage of glamour, comfort, fit and the all-important ‘look at those shoes!’ factor! So, these will do just swell – Kuba Red by Chie Mihara, €267 ($293). 

After sighing over Manolos, my friend D and I skipped up the stairs to the airy tearoom in anticipation of cakes to match the footwear. The Darjeeling 1st Flush was a delight, with flavours of white perfumed peaches. (For a similar tea at home try Hamstead Teas Biodynamic Darjeeling, with lovely bright, authentic peachy aromas). This is the organic and Biodynamic tea I stop and savour punctually at 4 pm each day. It lifts my heart and revives me for writing. I make it in the pot and take time to enjoy it, empty my mind and relax. All is well with the world when we make time for tea, daydreaming or doing absolutely nothing but drink proper biodynamic tea!

Beyond Chelsea Buns

Delicious cake on a wooden chopping board. Photo by Buenosia Carol.

Alas, the cakes looked underwhelming and far from homemade. So we left and mooched and rambled our way to organic cake heaven at Le Pain Quotidien, opposite Liberty, where I snapped up a magnificent snowy Mervieux – a gooey, Parisienne- inspired chocolate-flecked mountain of organic meringue and cream. I saved it in its bijou cake box to eat on the sofa at midnight, while binge-watching Poldark and Better Things.

Horray for Poldark and Better Things

Aidan Turner at Ross Poldark in the Hit BBC Series. Watch Series 5 on BBC iPlayer.

The latter is unmissable viewing. Poldark mirrors the dangerous times we are living through now, and I do admire a social hero in a frock coat, blame it on Jimmy Hendrix and Aidan Turner who has thrown off that celebrated agricultural moment to become a man of substance. This final series has really shown the evolution and making of Ross Poldark from the country squire and captain to erudite politician and reformist.

While Better Things is pure, free-wheeling escapism. It delights me with each gently meandering an often excruciatingly funny slice of life for a divorced mama of three, with assorted booby traps from her wicked, kooky mother played by Celia Imrie to her precocious, disaffected, yet adorable tribe. Just Glass of Organic Red!

A Glass of Zingy Organic Red!

The music is fabulous. Who doesn’t want to take a trip back with John Lennon circa 1971? I love the episode where Sam, our sassy heroine has a very sticky, sexy, “No! No! No! No! No! No!” moment on the way back from the DIY store. Who hasn’t had a sudden, dangerous moment like that and a narrow escape?

Watch it on BBC iPlayer if you want to scream and sigh with laughter over just the one glass of organic red or Prosecco – I love the organic miniature wine selections at Waitrose – perfect for one glass. The quality is surprisingly good. Try the Terre di Fiano, a delicious, gutsy, no-nonsense, intensely fruity organic red from Puglia, Italy. And here’s my tip. Drink it chilled on Indian summer nights. The flavours tingle on the palate.

Have a wonderfully Deliciously Organic September and October and do write and tell me what you think of the magazine and what you would love to more of on the pages of Ethical Hedonist Magazine – my goal is to create journalism that is useful, delightful, well-crafted and absolutely indispensable to you.

Until next time,

Love AJ xxx

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Written by Editor-in-Chief, Alison Jane Reid.

Layout, design, and illustrations by Gwynnie Duesbery. Gwynnie recently completed her joint BA(Hons) in Media + Communications and Sociology at Kingston University London after interning with Ethical Hedonist for the past year.

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