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September Conscious Horoscope By Stefanie James

August 30, 2019 in Conscious Astrology
Ethical Hedonist's Conscious Horoscope column cover image, illustrated by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
An illustration for Stefanie James’ new monthly Conscious Horoscope column by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.

Meet Stefanie!

Stefanie is a consulting astrologer, international lecturer, podcaster, and Reiki Master practitioner. She joined the London School of Astrology at her Saturn Return, where she learned the many facets of astrology, tarot, and palmistry. Since then, Stefanie’s work has appeared in a variety of publications including her monthly horoscope column for ELLE magazine. Now, Stephanie joins us as our contributing conscious and organic astrologer with her first column for the September Conscious Horoscope.

Ethical Hedonist + Stefanie James Conscious Horoscope designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
September’s Conscious Horoscope icon for Ethical Hedonist designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.

Virgo Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.

 August 24-September 22

Feeling fired up for action and ready for hard work, trailblazer Mars sets the pace early this month, giving you confidence in a project close to your heart. 

So you’re under no illusion, the workload will make Everest seem like a bump in the road, and whenever you get a spare moment, you’ll be obsessively scouring the details.

In addition to this, you may have to manage other people’s expectations so they know your limits at this time – the deluge of paperwork won’t leave you with much room for anything else, but it’ll be worth all the blood, sweat and tears.

Before you get started, create a list detailing your reasons for getting involved and write a motivational message to your future-self – when your energy levels waver and you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’ll give you the strength to keep going. You’ve got this, Virgo! 

Libra Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.

September 23-October 23

Happy birthday Libra! If 2019’s taught you anything: communication is key – you need to be 100% clear on your message before relaying it to others. With optimistic Jupiter firmly nestled in your conversation sector, ensure you’re not promising more than you can deliver – particularly when it comes to work. Other people may forgive you for failing to deliver on your promises, but that won’t stop you from earning a reputation as the ‘deadline dodger’.

On the home front, you’re always more in-tune with yourself as the autumn equinox approaches so let ‘self-care be your September mantra. Switch nights out for evenings in, and trade your stilettos and prosecco for bubble baths by candlelight. 

It’s essential that you give yourself permission to de-stress from the challenging situations (and people) you’re currently navigating in your daily interactions – be selective about where you invest your energy. 

Scorpio Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.

October 23-November 22

Life feels exciting and daunting all in the same breath at the moment, as you’ve discovered something you’re really passionate about may actually have some earning potential.

But with so many big ideas about how you could turn doing what you love into a lucrative venture you need to figure out where’s the best place to start. And that’s your main problem: you can’t see the wood for the trees. 

But there’s no need to go it alone – two heads are better than one, and a community of like-minded people can transform your chances of progress from a drab maybe, to an enthusiastic hell yeah!

Have faith in yourself, speak to your friends and take their suggestions on board – Their input will help you discern the best place to start, and you may even attract some clients in the process.

Sagittarius Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.

November 23-December 21

Though it’s been difficult to see the silver-lining in certain aspects of your life for some time, live by the law of attraction – don’t stop believing and keep your focus firmly fixed on the goal (no matter how far in the distance it seems).

The Full Moon’s powerful brilliance enables you to look within and transmute your challenges into an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Having the confidence to reach out to a wider audience could mean the difference between preaching to the converted, or pitching your idea to influencers looking for your specific brand of genius.

Giving 110% to your valued connections will earn you some major kudos, boosting not only your reputation but also your financial situation. Stay open to opportunity – you could even be headhunted for your dream position.  

Capricorn Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.

December 22-January 20

Your ruling planet – Serious Saturn – is at home in conscientious Capricorn, turning direct on the 18th after 5 months of retrograde motion. From that point onward you’ll be ready to implement the planning and strategising you’ve been doing during his period of planetary down-time.

Prior to Saturn’s direct motion, spend time going through the details with a fine-tooth comb to figure out exactly how you want to take action when the time comes – with the Full Moon highlighting creative communication, sound things out with trusted advisors and brainstorm some contingency plans and long-term practical solutions.

Not only does talking help to bring these ideas to reality, it’ll also encourage you to commit to your vision; what motivates Capricorn more than having a strategy, is being held accountable for their actions.

Aquarius Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.

January 21-February 19

The sun has taken its annual deep-dive into the depths of your psyche making you ultra-analytical. During this time you’re naturally drawn to weird and wonderful subjects – nights in watching horror movies or delving into conspiracy theories may really capture your imagination, as fringe and mysterious subjects become a source of intrigue. However, you soon discover there’s nothing more fascinating than exploring the motivations of the human condition.

Able to read others with uncanny precision, it’s a great month to tap into your intuition as you’ll have a deeper understanding of the dynamics of your personal and professional relationships. Used correctly, this skill will be of huge benefit in team-working exercises and one-to-ones – your insight to the company you’re keeping posits you as a compelling companion, and helps you understand your own subconscious motivations.

Pisces Sign from StelliumAstrology for Ethical Hedonist Conscious Horoscope. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.

February 20-March 20

Relationships are highlighted for you this month, and your biggest takeaway is to stop over-compromising and establish some personal boundaries. If others expect a lot from you without returning the favour (especially when it comes to borrowing money) then it’s time you address the issue.

The Full Moon in your sign signifies the unveiling of a ‘new you’ – a culmination of the time and effort you’ve put into improving yourself. However, it will also reveal what’s holding you back, including the people who take you for granted. 

Sometimes our kindest qualities are the ones that let us down, so don’t forgive bad behaviour – especially when you’ve worked so hard to get where you are. Instead, decide what you deem acceptable and be transparent with your expectations. A conversation could change everything and if nothing else, will help clarify your future path.

Aries Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
March 21-April 20

A powerful meeting between trailblazer Mars (your ruling planet) and the Sun in Virgo gets you off to a dynamic start by propelling you effortlessly ahead of the competition. Though it feels great to be productive, avoid being too gung-ho as you may burn yourself out. 

Instead, steer your enthusiasm to refining your existing practices – not just at work but in the realms of self-care, too. If some bad habits have crept in recently, treat your body like the temple it is and prioritise your health and fitness!

The reflective New Moon in charming Libra on the 28th refreshes your perspective on relationships putting you in the mood to collaborate, share ideas and cooperate in the name of team-spirit. If you’re looking for romance, it’s a great time to put the feelers out – if you’re already coupled it may be time for a deeper commitment.

Taurus Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.

April 21-May 21

You’ve been handling the serious stuff like a pro, so take a break and make the most of the Sun’s parade through your enjoyment sector! Let your hair down and enjoy time with friends and loved ones as cosmic lovers Mars and Venus create the perfect storm for starry-eyed romance. Don’t be surprised if you turn a few heads, particularly around the 9th where a meeting sparks the fantasist in you, and a whole new world is suddenly within your grasp. 

This scenario may be helped along by a planetary alignment around the 14th – if you’ve been tangled up with financial commitments or contractually bound in some way, the forgiving Full Moon in Pisces could reveal a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, dissolving the figurative ball and chain which has long dictated your choices.

Gemini Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.

May 22-June 21

You’ve been experiencing a lot of upheaval recently and though you’re adept at dealing with change, the inconsistent elements in your life are really beginning to test your patience.

Fortunately, planetary lovers Venus and Mars are waltzing through the depths of your soul, softening your jagged edges and giving you the power to cruise through situations which normally get your back up. 

When your ruling planet – analytical Mercury – is in Virgo, you’re never short of ideas about how to create order in the chaos. The 22nd is a good day to establish some ground rules and set expectations with people who need to up their game if they plan to stick around.

You’re craving a familial connection, so in the absence of that, connect with members of your soul tribe who will be a great source of comfort when the going gets tough.

Cancer Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.

June 22-July 22

It hasn’t been easy, but your hard work has finally paid off – now it’s time to translate theory into practice and put your new skills to good use.  If making the transition feels daunting, then trust your cosmic super-power: intuition. You’re the most gut-driven sign of the zodiac so follow what feels right to you, and don’t take other people’s doubts and fears on as your own.

Adopting a meaningful practice in your daily life enhances your wellbeing, enabling you to contribute to causes close to your heart. The Full Moon in altruistic Pisces boosts your confidence by revealing just how much of a difference you’re making to the lives of those around you. People will seek your advice as your passion will inspire them to follow in your footsteps and make some positive changes of their own.

Leo Sign from StelliumAstrology. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.

July 23-August 23

There’s no doubt in the fact that Leo’s are very talented felines: they lead by example, inspiring confidence in those around them and encouraging people to do what they love. 

So what happens when big cats aren’t getting the satisfaction they crave in life? Simple: They follow the beat of their heart. 

When planetary rebel Uranus entered reliable Taurus back in May 2018, you began craving more freedom in your life – particularly in your career and relationships. If either area is feeling unstable, discuss the predicament with your trusted inner circle – they might suggest options that you haven’t yet considered and may even offer financial support towards your aspiring life-changes. 

At the very least, they’ll give you a reason to smile – after all Leo, what are friends for?

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