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Deliciously Organic Goats Cheese Salad with Primroses

April 12, 2019 in Organic & Biodynamic Food
Deliciously Organic Goat's Cheese Salad with Primroses
AJ’s Deliciously Organic Goat’s Cheese Salad with Primroses and Luscombe Organic Damascene Rose Bubbly

Organic Goats Cheese Salad with Treasures from the Silk Road

Time for a deliciously organic goats cheese salad with foraged primroses, inspired by the proven health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet and a delightful twitter conversation with the Soil Association. I adore using edible flowers in salads – they add an Alice-in-Wonderland touch of whimsical beauty, but I have never used primroses before! ( Please only take what you need when you forage). My salad comes with a delightful cornucopia of salad leaves, artisan organic goat’s cheese, unsweetened Pearls of Samarkand wild berries, nuts, fruits and seeds from the fabled Silk Road and raw vegetables in season.

My Desert Island Supper Dish

Then, as a final flourish, I add a drizzle of raw organic honey. This classical Mediterranean staple could so easily be my desert island supper or last meal on earth! How about you reader?  It’s a whole organic food ecosystem on a plate! And it’s a brilliant way to ensure you are getting your recommended daily amount of fruits, vegetables, good fats, and fiber. And when you buy sustainable food, you are also helping to restore biodiversity to our agricultural lands.

The Classic Mediterranean Diet

I defy anyone not to enjoy assembling this classic Mediterranean staple dish and then making it one’s very own, with whatever organic and wild food ingredients you can find in season from your local farmers market, farm shop, artisan producer, allotment, hedgerow or vegetable and fruit patch. It’s a food lover’s meditation and perfect for a no fuss, relaxed Friday night or Saturday supper or lunch.

Organic Ingredients

100 grammes of goat’s, sheep’s or plant based soft cheese, this is sufficient for two people.

For the salad base, a mix of organic celery, carrot, avocado, beetroot.

For the fruit, nut and berry layer, add slivers of chopped apples, raspberries, blueberries, goji berries, raw cacao nibs, air dried pineapple. Walnuts partner well with cheese or you could add chopped brazil nuts or almonds. Feel free to experiment with flavours and textures.

For the croute – Two slices of organic sourdough bread, lightly toasted

For the dressing, mix the best extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, mustard, chopped garlic, and raw honey. For a fruity or tweet swansong, I add a drizzle of raw organic honey or a dollop of seriously good jam.

Method – Organic Goats Cheese Salad

Assembled the salad base, toast the croutes, pile on the goats’ cheese, drizzle the dressing and serve.

Wonderfully fluffy organic sheep's cheese from Bergerie, available at Able and Cole
Wonderfully Fluffy Organic Goat’s and Sheep’s Cheese from Bergerie, Available at Abel and Cole , Wholefoods and Independent Healthfood Shops

To make your organic goat’s cheese salad buy the very best organic, artisan or biodynamic goat’s, sheep’s cheese or plant-based cheese you can find and pile it onto freshly toasted thick, rustic slices of really good sourdough bread. I recently discovered the fluffiest organic goats cheese rounds from the organic Bergerie sustainable farm in Luxembourg.

I found the cheeses tucked away in the deli section of Wholefoods Piccadilly. You can also find them online at Able and Cole and they can also be ordered from your local, independent healthfood shop if they have a chilled refrigerator.

Let Your Imagination Run Free!

Let your imagination run riot, as I have with my pretty as a picture salad. My deliciously organic goats cheese salad includes – freshly picked rocket and local organic kale, chopped celery, raw beetroot slices, avocado, apple, blueberries. Then I add an assortment of Treasures of the Silk Road wild almonds and berries and cherries and the jewel in my culinary crown – a handful of freshly foraged primrose flowers, as recommended by the Soil Association to me on Twitter. Well, who could resist a dash of foraged flower power?

Perfect Summer Drink – Luscombe’s Exquisitely Delicate Damascene Rose Bubbly

Food Lovers Tip – Build your salad first, and make a simple dressing with good extra virgin organic olive oil, apple cider vinegar, garlic, mustard and a dash of raw honey. A glass of delicate pink Damascene Rose bubbly from Luscombe makes the perfect alcohol-free partner or you could muddle with some artisan organic or biodynamic gin.

Authentic Organic Himalaya Trailmix

Now, let me tell you about another organic store cupboard delight for you to try. I’m now couldn’t live without my authentic organic and wildcrafted Himalaya Trailmix by Treasures of the Silk Road.

I discovered this organic store cupboard essential whilst rummaging around on the top shelf of the superfruits section in Wholefoods.  There, almost obscured from view, is a culinary, delightfully organic treasure waiting for you to experience.

Fruits, Berries, and Nuts Just as Nature Intended

This is what a real trail mix should consist of. A precious packet of unadulterated wild organic nuts, fruits, berries, and superfruits and raw cacao pods just as nature intended, without added, unhealthy sugar syrups. I use these yummy jewels in my bircher muesli, salads, puddings and for a guilt-free energy snack after a walk or visit to the green gym.

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