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Deliciously Organic Ravioli with Ricotta and Spinach

April 11, 2019 in Organic & Biodynamic Food

Readers, fancy making a plate of deliciously organic ravioli with spinach and ricotta? Here is a delightful, authentic regional Italian recipe for step by step, handmade, golden ricotta and spinach ravioli from chef Alessia, The Chef Clochard. Make it slowly, this weekend, with friends and family and sit down to an unhurried al fresco lunch this weekend with a good glass of biodynamic red.

An Architect Dreaming of Being a Chef!

An architect trapped in the heart and body of a passionate chef! Alessia experienced her eureka moment at a time of professional crisis back in 2008. She took a year off to train as a chef with Maestro Antonio Scullo at the Tavola School. Alessia has definitely found her purpose. She hasn’t stopped travelling, borrowing people’s kitchens or cooking to this day! Alessia teamed up with Palazzo Tronconi to showcase the regional cooking of Ciociaria in Italy’s secret organic land. An area of rolling hills, teeming with sustainable farms, biodynamic vineyards, small boutique hotels and marvellous artisanal cooking that hasn’t changed in centuries. To learn more about Alessia and her cookery classes and events visit her website here The Chef Clochard

Chef Clothard makes deliciously organic ravioli with ricotta and spinach for Palazzo Tronconi
Chef Clothard makes deliciously organic ravioli with ricotta and spinach for Palazzo Tronconi

Deliciously Organic Ravioli with Ricotta and Spinach

(6 ravioli/person for 4 persons)


Pasta 200g 00 Flour 2 Eggs 1 pinch of salt

Filling 250g Spinach 250g Ricotta cheese Pinch of Salt Nutmeg

Sauce 100g Butter 2 teaspoons of Poppy seeds Sage 50g Parmesan

Kitchen Equipment Pasta machine Circular pasta cutter

Perfect Deliciously Organic Ravioli

Take the fresh spinach cook for a few minutes in a pan with a pinch of salt. Allow to cool. (frozen spinach is fine but you have to squeeze it after cooking to eliminate all the water)

Deliciously organic handmade ravioli ready to cook
Deliciously organic handmade pasta ready to cook

Prepare in advance the ingredients for the sauce, cut the butter into small cubes and toss into sesame seeds so it’s covered. Place in the fridge.

Pour the flour into a bowl add a pinch of salt and stir the lightly beaten eggs in. Start to mix the flour with the egg, stirring around the bowl with a fork. Once the eggs are absorbed, mix with your hands into a ball and leave it in the bowl.

The Pleasures of Dough Kneading!

Sprinkle flour over the table top and using your hands knead the dough for few minutes. Once it’s ready cover with clingfilm and let it rest for 30min.

Put the ricotta cheese into a bowl, add the nutmeg and using a fork press it down so it will become creamy with no lumps. Chop the spinach up with a knife and stir it into the ricotta until it’s mixed in.

Chef Clothard makes pasta for handmade organic ravioli with ricotta and spinach
Chef Clothard makes pasta for handmade ravioli with ricotta and spinach

Take the dough, cut a small portion and pass into the pasta machine. To create the slices start from the bigger position of the roller and change it to the thinner one passing the slices inside the rollers. Fold each slice into two and pass it into the roller every time reducing the thickness so that you finally have a very thin rectangular sheet.

The Perfect Pasta Sheet

Same as you would use a rolling pin, use it from one edge to the other and rotate the sheet to make if thinner and uniform and then cut with the knife to obtain a rectangular sheet.

Create Your Organic Ravioli

Lay the sheet of pasta out onto a floured surface, take some filling (half a tablespoon) make small balls and place them one by one repeating this for all the length of the sheets. Distance has to be 10-15cm approx. Lay another slice above, push around the filling to eliminate the air and start to create the ravioli by using a circular cutter.

Cutting out organic ravioli shapes
Cutting out organic ravioli shapes

After cutting push towards the edges to avoid any air inside, sprinkle with rough flour and cover with a clean tea towel so they’ll not become humid or too dry (pasta doesn’t like humidity or dry weather)

Keep Your Pasta Moist

Place a pan over heat, once hot put in the poppy seeds, butter and sage then turn the flame down to a minimum.

Boil the water with salt (1 spoon/lt) add a drop of olive oil to stop the pasta from sticking, immerse gently the ravioli one by one and cook for a few minutes. They are ready when they float in the water. Drain with a skimmer and sauté in a pan for one minute adding the rest of the butter with seeds.

Serve with Golden Organic Parmesan

Serve your handmade organic ravioli hot with a grating of fresh parmesan if you like.

Dining Al Fresco at Palazzo Tronconi the Biodynamic Hotel and Vineyard, Ciociaria, Italy
Dining Al Fresco at Palazzo Tronconi

If you are looking for the thoroughly elusive, unhomogenized organic getaway holiday to Italy, then take a look at Palazzo Tronconi organic and biodynamic food and wine holidays and check out the Ethical Hedonist Magazine, Food, Wine and Friends weekend in late June 2019 – Palazzo Tronconi – you are invited.

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    I wonder whether I can make these ravioli without a pasta machine?

    • Alison Jane Reid says:

      Dear Petra, I think you could if you were happy to use a rolling pin? Let us know how you get on. Or perhaps you could look for a second-hand pasta machine? Let us know how you get on.

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