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Star Product of the Week: Bulb Renewable Energy Deal

November 8, 2018 in EH Spy

Star Ethical Product: Bulb 100% Renewable Electricity and 10% Green Gas



Get £50 credit towards your first bill when you switch with us to renewable energy with Bulb.  For each person that switches, the magazine earns £50 in referral revenue too. Help power more #goodjournalism and #journalimsmatters. Our magazine is powered by Bulb 100% renewable electricity.

The time is right for a fair, renewable energy revolution. Given this government’s complete failure to reign in the energy big six, who continue to offer a minefield of confusing, widely different tariffs, treating their customers with disdain, and charging the poorest in society, more to heat their homes, it’s time for some healthy, ethical, renewable energy competition. So, it is exciting to report that the ethical, low carbon energy revolution is very much underway.

Affordable, Fair, Renewable Energy for All

Do you treat your energy company like your bank, and want to switch, but never quite get around to it. Switching doesn’t have to be difficult, and the good news is that prices have come down, and are now very competitive with conventional energy, and even better.  Take a look at Bulb        renewable energy the new kids in sustainable, renewable energy. Bulb is the brainchild of two friends, Hayden and Amit, who met whilst working in the energy sector, and felt they could champion low carbon energy, and offer fair, affordable, renewable energy to all.

Switching is Easy

Switching is easy, Bulb does all the work.  When more of us make the switch, the lower renewable energy will cost us,  creating affordable, clean energy for all. As a result, this will lead to reduced carbon emissions into the atmosphere, which contributes to climate change. Fair energy prices will also do much to end fuel poverty which leads to misery during the winter.

We have a great offer for Ethical Hedonist readers. Switch to Bulb Renewable Energy, and get a fantastic rate, and £50 towards your first bill. (Ethical Hedonist receives £50.00 for every completed switch, which helps to fund this sustainable magazine and pay our editorial running costs. Please use our dedicated link).

Bulb Offers 100% renewable electricity, and a 10% green gas as a minimum if your home is duel fuel.

Bulb is currently one of a handful of 100% renewable energy suppliers in the UK.

Bulb  Renewable Energy Offer the Following 

. The lowest cost 100% renewable electricity tariff in the market

.10% green gas as a minimum if your home is duel fuel

. No Carbon emissions for your electricity consumption

. Bulb donate £2 per switch to Tree for Cities

We also like the look of Home Tree – a new start up for low carbon, energy saving products for your home from insulation to boilers and window – take a look

For more info on Bulb or to get a quote visit the website-  Bulb Renewable Energy or phone and speak to a nice human being here! Tel 0300 30 30 635 and quote Ethical Hedonist Magazine 

Let’s give the Big Six a wake-up call, and switch en masse, to show them that we won’t tolerate unfair prices or energy that doesn’t address one of the greatest challenges of our age- stopping and reversing climate change.

Energy Saving Tip  – Before you consider spending money on insulation for your home. Go round and check for any draughts from doors, windows and letterboxes.  Fix these first. 25% of energy loss happens through doors and windows that are not airtight. It’s amazing what a difference this can make to comfort and warmth levels in your home.



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